Murderous Megamoth

Murderous Megamoth is the third and final form of the boss of the Woodland Labyrinth.

The Realm Eye says:
The Megamoth species is native only to dense lowlands forests. They are considered an invasive species to the highlands.
Their presence in the Woodland Labyrinth was a test by wildlife researchers to see how the species would perform in a similar ecosystem at a much higher altitude.
Megamoths did not just survive, they thrived. The species quickly dominated the woods, turned predators into prey, and grew to previously impossible sizes.



HP: 30,000 (+20% [6,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 25
EXP: 5,000
Location: Woodland Labyrinth

Counts towards God Kills
Quest Monster
Levitates off of Ground

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Fire Boomerang
Quiet for 3s
Yellow Energy Shot
Weak for 3s


The boss will aggressively charge at players while firing spreads of fire boomerangs that quiet and rapidly firing yellow weakening bullets, all of which deal high damage. It is always surrounded by a squad of Mini Larvae that block shots and unleash radial attacks. It will respawn them throughout the battle.


Mini LarvaMini Larva
Spawns from:
Mammoth MegamothMammoth Megamoth

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Tips and Strategies

Assassins are a good class to fight the Murderous Megamoth because of its poison. (It is possible to actually solo all three phases with an assassin, regardless of stats, as long as you can find a safe room to chuck poisons via off-centered screen. This will take a VERY long time, depending on the poison, but the boss will be very easy.) Do not focus on using your dagger because its range. The boss will be shooting a lot of damage, and it moves fast. Be careful and keep an eye out for the boss; it charges at you. If you want to get in enough damage for loot, use Baneserpent Poison or Nightwing Venom. Keep spamming them and have hp pots and mp pots: you’ll need them. Good Luck!

  • The most dangerous part of this fight is when the Mammoth Megamoth transforms to this form. Be sure to keep your distance when Mammoth Megamoth is flashing, because once it transforms, it will summon a swarm of Mini Larvae which can shoot stacked projectiles (especially if the boss is stunned/paralyzed when transforming), resulting in instant death to most characters. See this video for a clearer picture.
  • Be sure to kill any remaining Micro Megamoth Sentinels (small orange moths) from the previous phase when the boss transforms, as a stray confuse shot from them can easily send you into a hail of bullets from the boss/larvae.

  • A good strategy for dealing with the Murderous Megamoth is to remain in the corner of the rooms and slowly moving around the room backwards while always staying as close as possible to the wall. It will attempt to lunge at you which will lead to it being in front of the mini larva which allows you to land some hits in. However by moving slowly or stop moving you will be attacked by the mini larva which will hurt.

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