The Hive

Last updated: 27.7.X6
The Hive
Difficulty: 2Difficulty: 2

The Hive is a low level dungeon aimed at players level 8-16. This, along with the Toxic Sewers, are the first dungeons whose creation in its entirety was by players (The Shatters was only designed by a player). It is a source of Potions of Dexterity, Bottled Honey, and two untiered items, the Honey Scepter and the Orb of Sweet Demise. There is also a small chance to receive a wine cellar incantation from the boss. Entrances to The Hive are dropped from Warrior Bees at a guaranteed rate, and Wasp Queens (though not guaranteed). Both enemies are found in midlands.


The Hive Key The The Hive Key is available in the Nexus for 100 Realm Gold or the portal can drop from Warrior Bees.


See the The Hive Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.


  • The Hive formed the basis for the much harder dungeon: The Nest.
The Realm Eye says:
The legion of bees that dot the realms had at some point formed a pact with Oryx.
So long as they tirelessly work to produce honey and slake Oryx’s thirst for mead, he would spare them from his mad conquest.
Their artifacts reveal the rich legacy of their warrior culture, leaving historians uncertain of how willing they truly were to agree to the deal.



Hive Layout

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Screenshot Queen Bee



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Dungeon Boss:

Queen Bee

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Tips and Strategies

Note: These tips are general tips for all classes, and all players. Also, if you have lots of defense, some tips may not apply.

The hive is a low-level dungeon that is both easy, but can also pack quite a challenge to new players. Most enemies deal a little amount of damage, but can inflict painstaking debuffs.

Honey: Honey will not hurt you, however it acts like quick sand in a tomb - the longer you stay in this substance, the more it slows you down. If you stay long enough, you will stuck there, moving with extremely low speed, which might be very deadly with enemies are around you. Avoid staying in honey for a long time, and don’t step there during the boss fight! The dungeon has a number of circular rooms (It is possible that there are exactly 6 rooms will boss, but this cannot be confirmed yet), which are all packed into each other, making it actually possible for two rooms to fuse together, in one case the spawn room was fused to the boss room, eliminating the pain of clearing the dungeon.

An experienced player with high defense can efficiently farm this dungeon for dexterity potions and feed power (the UT items have 450).

- Small bees spawn from Mini Hives and a few storm out after a Mini Hive is destroyed. - Maggots become Fat Bees after precisely 10 seconds. - Sometimes Fat Bees turn into Angry Fat Bees upon death. - Maggot eggs spawn from the boss. - Once the dungeon is fully cleared, all enemies stop respawning.

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Drops of Interest

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