Halloween Haunted Cemetery

Last updated: X.32.1.0
Halloween Haunted Cemetery
Difficulty: 3Difficulty: 3Difficulty: 3

The Halloween Haunted Cemetery was a high-level dungeon consisting only of a boss fight against The Pumpkin Master, a reskinned but somewhat more challenging version of The Puppet Master (Encore). It was released for Halloween 2016.

The dungeon was removed in Halloween 2019 and the content changed to become a bonus additional stage of the standard Haunted Cemetery, active only during special events.


Halloween Cemetery The Halloween Cemetery Key was available via packages and Mystery Boxes.
In update X.32.1.0 all pre-existing keys were replaced by Halloween Cemetery keys.

  • Despite being a more challenging version of the Puppet Master’s Encore, which has a difficulty of 5, the Halloween Haunted Cemetery only had a difficulty of 3.
The Realm Eye said:
In the years that the Haunted Cemetery was in operation, certain plots of land were never put to use.
After Skuld came to control the graveyard, she allowed the Pumpkin Master to use an undesirable part of the property for his own devices.



Hall Cem Layout

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The Pumpkin Master
The Pumpkin Master

The Pumpkin Master was the main boss of the Halloween Haunted Cemetery.
This was a reskinned version of The Puppet Master (Encore).

HP: 110,000
DEF: 60
EXP: 92290

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze

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Drops of Interest

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Tips and Strategies

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