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The Arena

The Arena

To enter The Arena, you must pay 51 Gold or 250 Fame. You can find it at the top left portion of the Nexus as seen below. It puts you and your powerful pet against endless waves of foes. As you progress, you begin to face fiercer and mightier opponents. Compete for prizes and a chance to get on the prestigious leaderboard!

Arena Location


You are invited to challenge The Arena, the ultimate challenge. A large portal sits in the Nexus, and you see many entering the portal, paying a small amount of money to enter. The Arena welcomes you, in exchange for entertainment from you, you will be rewarded with great prizes. If.. you can survive long enough.
So what do you say? You in?

The arena can drop consumables.



Below is the layout of The Arena. It will always be 29 by 29 square (minus the corners)/ 825 blocks whenever you spawn, and does not contain any water or lava tiles seen in the reference picture. The two tiles mentioned spawn later on upon certain conditions;

Water Tiles will spawn if you take too long (2 tiles from all sides at 40 minutes, and another 2 tiles from all sides at minutes 45, 46, 47, 48, 52, 53, 54 and 55. At 55 minutes, the arena will be covered by water). It will slowly ‘flood’ the Arena, starting from the outer edges and working its way into the center as you can see below.
Lava Tiles are spawned by three enemies, the Bomb Devil, the Bomb Father and the Fire Blight. They do not go away at the end of each wave so making these three enemies your priority is quintessential to doing well!

As you can see below, this player is faced with being slowed in water as well having to avoid lava tiles. Kill those fire guys fast and keep a fine balance between taking too much time and taking too little time!
Example Layout


(see here for more information)


See The Arena Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon.

A life pot drop from The Arena.
a life potion found as a drop while completing the arena

An encounter of the Tomb Bosses in the water.
encountering the tomb bosses as a rogue when the arena is almost completely covered in water

An encounter of the Spider den boss in The Arena.
fighting arachna the spider queen alongside limon the sprite god

Tips and Strategies

Remember! You don’t die in The Arena!

It is always a good idea to be prepared. Pot up with 6 Health Potions and 6 Magic Potions.
If that is not enough for you, take some consumables with you. (See below)

Elixir of HealthElixir of MagicHealing IchorHoly WaterCoral JuiceFire Water

Drake eggs will also help you on your path.

White Drake EggBlue Drake EggOrange Drake EggGreen Drake EggYellow Drake EggPurple Drake Egg

But wait! How are you going to collect your earned loot and consumables with you?
Bring a backpack with you if you have one. No risk of dying and losing it since this is the arena.

BackpackSanta's Bag

Overwhelmed? Take out the foes that chase you FIRST. Then handle the ranged ones. The reason for this is that the chasing enemies are often the ones to deal the more damage.

Play around the edges at the start, and clear off the weaker minions. It might not seem like much, but it’s better to be safe than to back into a Flayer God’s quiet or an Undead Dwarf God (looks like a construct but is followed by smurf things) ‘s confuse (both of these monsters are easily dispatched) when you’re fighting off Oryx or Thessal!

For help with choosing your class and pet, please see The Arena guide.