Halloween Mystery Skin

Halloween Mystery Skin Grants a random Halloween Skin when used!

Consumed with use
Soulbound Soulbound


When used, the item transforms into a randomly chosen Halloween-themed skin.

Possible skins that can be spawned are:

Living Armor Warrior Living Armor Warrior
Zombie Gal Warrior Zombie Gal Warrior
Haunted Robe Haunted Robe
Spooky Roommate Wizard Spooky Roommate Wizard
Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper
Bruno the Rogue Steward Bruno the Rogue Steward
Cleopatra Priestess Cleopatra Priestess
Zombie Nurse Zombie Nurse
Raven Grandmaster Sorcerer Raven Grandmaster Sorcerer
Shadow Land Sorcerer Shadow Land Sorcerer
Dark Rider Ninja Dark Rider Ninja
Death Death
Demonhunter Huntress Demonhunter Huntress
Misery Ghost Bride Huntress Misery Ghost Bride Huntress
Cowboy Samurai Cowboy Samurai
Oni Demon Samurai Oni Demon Samurai
Frankenstein's Monster Frankenstein’s Monster
Clown Knight Clown Knight
Jack-o-mancer Jack-o-mancer
Heartless Necromancer Heartless Necromancer
Vampiress Vampiress
Haunted Doll Trickster Haunted Doll Trickster
Storm Archer Storm Archer
Underworld Archer Underworld Archer
Eyeball Mystic Eyeball Mystic
Grand Enchantress Mystic Grand Enchantress Mystic
Headless Rider Headless Rider
Grey Pal Paladin Grey Pal Paladin
Bedsheet Ghost Assassin Bedsheet Ghost Assassin
Plague Doctor Assassin Plague Doctor Assassin
Skeleton Trumpeter Bard Skeleton Trumpeter Bard
Wandering Spellcaster Bard Wandering Spellcaster Bard
Grey Gal Summoner Grey Gal Summoner
Night Elf Summoner Night Elf Summoner