Epic Mystery Skin

Epic Mystery Skin Grants a random Skin listed below when used!

*Wind Flower Skin
*Kabuki Ninja Skin
*Gnome Trickster Skin
*Soubrette Trickster Skin
*Mini Phylactery Skin
*Icicle Dial Mystic Skin
*Necro of Christmas Yet-to-Come Skin
*Hollow Prince Necromancer Skin
*Patriot Paladin Skin
*Mini Swoll Skin
*Misery Ghost Bride Huntress Skin
*Mini Queen Bee Huntress Skin
*Turkey Rogue Skin
*Ordinary Box Rogue Skin
*Dragon Tamer skin
*Explorer Skin
*Antique Diver Knight Skin
*Mini Oryx Skin
*Guerilla Archer Skin
*Elf Archer Skin
*Mini Twilight Skin
*Gentleman Skin
*Plague Doctor Assassin Skin
*Redcoat Assassin Skin
*Mini Geb Skin
*Shrine Priestess Skin
*Blizzard Sorcerer Skin
*Jester Skin

Soulbound Soulbound
Consumed with use

Loot Bag Assigned to Orange Bag
Obtained Through Often included in Mystery Boxes
Event Chests


When used, the item transforms into a randomly chosen skin from the list displayed in the item’s description.

Possible skins that can be spawned are: