Oryxmas Mystery Gift

Oryxmas Mystery Gift Merry Oryxmas! Open the box to get a random Oryxmas Gift!

Soulbound Soulbound
Consumed with use

Loot Bag Assigned to Orange Bag
Drops From None
Obtained Through Winter Tinkerer Quests (2018) & Oryxmas Miracle Tinkerer Quests (2019)


Currently obtained (in Winter 2020-21) in exchange for 20 Red Scarves and 20 Blue Scarves at The Tinkerer via the Oryxmas Mystery Gift event quest.

When used, the Oryxmas Mystery Gift is replaced in the player’s inventory by one of the following items. The list is as per a Deca announcement on Reddit and the order possibly indicates rarity of chance of each item (rarer loot first, more common loot last):


Added to the game in Patch X.32.0.0 (December 2018). The loot was slightly different in the 2018-19 event, which used different tokens, and the item was obtainable as a Tinkerer reward for completing the Ice Shard III quest.