Mysterious Crystal

Last updated: 18.0.0

The Mysterious Crystal is a rare enemy that spawns once per realm in the mountains.



HP: 50,000
DEF: 0
EXP: 0
Location: Mountains

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
White Bullet
Quiet for 20s
Shots: 16


The Mysterious Crystal spawns randomly in the Mountains, usually a short while after the Realm is created. It has no quest marker, requiring players to manually find it. The Crystal will announce “Sweet treasure awaits for powerful adventurers!” to everyone in the Realm once initially attacked.

The Crystal itself has a whopping 1,000,000 HP, and possesses a healing effect that fully heals it every 5 seconds or so. However, one does not have to deal all that damage, as the Crystal will break once 50,000 damage is dealt within the time period.

It can occasionally fire an omnidirectinal wave of slow shots that inflict high damage and Quiet players. This comes without warning, so beware!

Once 50,000 damage has been dealt fast enough, the Crystal will turn invulnerable and shrink slowly before exploding into a nova of white bullets, leaving the Crystal Prisoner in its wake.


Spawns :
Crystal Prisoner

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Tips and Strategies

An extremely large amount of DPS is required to break the crystal, so calling it out in chat is highly recommended. Warriors and Wizards are considered to be the best classes for this due to their enormous damage output.

The Crystal can sometimes fire an omnidirectional wave of bullets that can take players off guard, so stand a fairly far distance from it. Similarly, be prepared to back off when the Crystal Prisoner appears.

Staff Classes can utilise the Staff of Extreme Prejudice to inflict massive damage to the crystal, usually allowing the group to kill it extremely quickly. However, the Crystal’s shotgun can happen without warning and will instantly kill nearly any robe character: attempt this tactic at your own risk.

Sometimes crystals will spawn on rocks or pillars, these are often referred to as “Rock Crystals”. When this happens, it will be extremely hard to crack, because of your bullets hitting the rock instead of the crystal. It is still possible to crack it with single shot weapons combined with perfect positioning. Alternatively, a large group of players using object piercing damage, such as quivers and shields can break a rock crystal.

As of update 27.7.X14, it will now spawn with their own tile to prevent this.
These tiles look like lightly colored gray circles that are slightly whiter on the edges.

BUG NOTICE: It is possible for the Mysterious Crystal to become blocked by the Jade & Garnet Statue Setpiece. Making it impossible to break.
This occurs because the dojo’s that come with the setpiece generate over the crystal causing it to become untouchable, as these are considered walls and cannot be bypassed by any projectile.
This bug has a very low chance of occuring but it CAN happen.


The Crystal has the highest HP of any normally-fightable enemy in the game, clocking in at a whopping 1,000,000 HP. This is presumably to stop players with enough DPS from killing it so fast that it cannot spawn the Crystal Prisoner.

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