Crystal Prisoner

Crystal Prisoner

The Crystal Prisoner is a unique enemy that spawns when the Mysterious Crystal, which spawns once per realm, is destroyed. The crystal has 50,000 HP and heals itself every 5 seconds. The prisoner will try to persuade a group of players to break the crystal but will attack them once it has been broken. Once killed, the prisoner has a guaranteed chance to drop a portal to the Deadwater Docks and a small chance to drop two untiered weapons: the Crystal Sword and Crystal Wand.

The Realm Eye says:
The Crystal Prisoner was once acclimated to a life of riches as the queen of the kingdom now known as the Shatters.
When the king was consumed by the Void Entity’s influence, the royal guards made a shady deal with Bilgewater’s crew to transport her to the mainland.
Her passage to the realm was safe, but she was soon captured by Oryx as she rode her steed further inland.
Although trapped inside a prison of her own queenly gemstones, some believe the void had already managed to taint her soul.



HP: 15,000 (+10% [1,500 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 25
EXP: 5,000
Location: Spawned by Mysterious Crystal

Stasis Immune
Counts Toward God Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
White Bullet
Weak for 3s
Purple Star
Confused for 1s
Blue Star
Slowed for 4s
Silver Shield


Technically, the Mysterious Crystal and the Crystal Prisoner are separate enemies, and, as such, each have their own set of states. The Mysterious Crystal’s various states primarily determine which taunt is used and when, so these won’t be mentioned in detail. The most important things to know about its states is that once 50,000 damage is done during its Evaluation state, it will transition through its breaking states, spawning the Crystal Prisoner and exploding.

State-wise, the Prisoner has a lot more going on behind-the-scenes than one might expect, so in the interest of simplicity, the following listed states will be the most apparent and will be listed in the order that they occur (unless stated otherwise). Before any of these states, the Prisoner will spawn 3 Crystal Prisoner Steeds, and will continue to spawn them as they are killed off until the Prisoner is defeated.

  • Daisy Attack:
    3.5 seconds after spawning, the Prisoner will enter this phase and begin moving, staying close to its spawn point, and firing White Bullets in a spiral-like pattern and Silver Shields at the nearest player. The Prisoner will be invulnerable for 0.6 seconds when this state begins, and then alternate between being vulnerable for 0.6 seconds and being invulnerable for 1 second. After 18 seconds, the Prisoner will transition to the Summon the Clones state. If the Prisoner’s HP goes below 8100 during this state, or if it enters this state with less than 8100 HP, it will instead transition to the Whoa Nelly state.
  • Summon the Clones:
    The Prisoner will flash and remain invulnerable for 3 seconds, and then spawn 4 clones on itself and spawn 4 more clones as thrown objects and begin firing singular White Bullet projectiles at the nearest player. Once the clones are spawned, the Prisoner will continue to spawn clones as they are defeated and alternate between invulnerability for 3 seconds and vulnerability for 1.2 seconds. The clones will decay after 17 seconds if not killed. After 16 seconds in this state, the Prisoner will transition to the Whoa Nelly state.
  • Whoa Nelly:
    After flashing and being invulnerable for 5 seconds, the Prisoner will then begin firing 2 sets of 3 Blue Stars every 1.6 seconds, each set offset 180° from each other at set angles with the “outer” stars in the sets offset 15° from the center star, as well as firing 3 Silver Shields that are offset 120° from each other and targeted at the nearest player. Once the Prisoner begins attacking, it will alternate between invulnerability for 2.6 seconds and vulnerability for 1.2 seconds. After 10 seconds, it will transition to the Absolutely Massive state.
  • Absolutely Massive:
    At this point, the Prisoner will begin growing and firing sets of 9 Purple Stars in a circular pattern radiating outwards along with a singular Silver Shield targeting the nearest player. Just as in the Whoa Nelly state, the prisoner alternates between invulnerability for 2.6 seconds and vulnerability for 1.2 seconds. After 14 seconds, the Prisoner will begin shrinking and go invulnerable for 3 seconds, at which point it will transition back to the Daisy Attack state. Note that if the Prisoner has less than 8100 HP when it transitions out of this state, it will quickly transition through the Daisy Attack state to move on to the Whoa Nelly state.


  • “I’m finally free! Yesss!!!”


Crystal Prisoner SteedCrystal Prisoner Steed
Crystal Prisoner CloneCrystal Prisoner Clone

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Note: Doing damage to the Mysterious Crystal will not count toward the loot thresholds for the Crystal Prisoner because they are two different enemies.


Warning: Do not stand on top of a crystal while it shoots, or is about to break. You can instantly die if you do not have a very high amount of DEF and HP.

To fight against the Crystal Prisoner effectively, one must learn its patterns – not only its behavioral patterns, but more importantly, its bullet patterns. Before attempting to take on the Crystal Prisoner as a melee class, it would behoove you to get comfortable fighting against the Prisoner as a ranged class first.

The fight against the Crystal Prisoner is a much less stressful fight if the surrounding area has been cleared of Gods. This will allow you and your fellow players to concentrate solely on the Prisoner and its minions. It will also make it easier to circle the Prisoner during his Daisy Attack state. Moving with the spiral, rather than trying to sidestep between the “arms” of the spiral, is one of the simplest ways to avoid the all-to-common Weak status that pervades in this fight.

Once the Prisoner begins summoning clones, the key to identify which is the real Prisoner is to watch for the invulnerability status indicator (Invulnerable). Only the real Prisoner will alternate between vulnerability and invulnerability.

In the Whoa Nelly state, the Prisoner will fire paired sets of slowing status stars at set angles (40° and 220°, followed by 130° and 310°, and repeat), as well as 3 Silver Shields offset by 120° each and are aimed at the nearest player. It is usually best to stand in between the angles that the stars are fired and then to sidestep any on-coming shield bullets.

The last state is one of the trickiest, as the Prisoner will flood the screen with confusing status stars. Sidestepping the stars can be effective, but, due to the confuse status, getting hit by one typically means you will misstep and get hit by more. On top of that, the Prisoner will shoot singular Silver Shields at the nearest player. If worst comes to worst, you can back off during this phase, recoup, and then charge back in after it finishes.

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In Release 16, the Deadwater Docks was released and dropped from the Crystal Prisoner at a guaranteed rate.

For Winter 2016-17 and Winter 2017-18, the Crystal Prisoner and its minions were recolored to fit an icy theme, and it dropped the Enchanted Ice Blade and Frozen Wand, which are reskinned versions of the Crystal Sword and Crystal Wand, respectively.

Winter Resprite


It is possible that the Crystal Prisoner is tied to the Void Entity in some way, as seen in the Void Entity’s dialogue near the end of his fight where he refers to an “imprisoned queen” that may be the Crystal Prisoner. If this is true, that confirms the Prisoner’s previously-ambiguous gender as female. With the Realm Eye’s dialogue on The Crystal Prisoner, this confirms that the Prisoner was once The Queen of the Shatters.

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