Release History 2016

Development Timeline 2016

Release 27.7.6 is now live!

January 6

As some of you may know, the Cursed Amulet of Zombification has been involved in a number of recent exploits. In order to combat these exploits the item has been made unusable. It will still show up in your vault, but if you move it to your character inventory it will disappear when you leave your vault.

Release 27.7.7 is now live!

July 11

After a hard day’s work, the game is now live and you can jump right back in! Rejoice, Oryx is waiting for you! And sorry for the inconvenience.

We’d also like to use this time to remind everyone that exploiting, hacking, and buying/selling items or accounts from third party sites for real money (aka RWT) are bannable offenses.

One might think that duping or hacking isn’t really hurting anyone. But today was a good example where it can and does hurt the game. Some people decided they would crash servers on purpose in order to gain more items, this caused a horrible experience for everyone else playing. It also took our focus away from MotMG and getting the migration from Kabam completed. So, we would like to ask those who want to see Realm reach new heights to stop these activities and report exploits and hacks as soon as they find out about them.

Thanks The Deca Team

Bug Fixes:

A new duplication exploit was released rending all, if not most, realms to crash and making the game un-playable. Sil3x and the Deca Team were quick to the fix through hard working hours and no sleep. This update patched the issue that would give the server a null error causing it to kick and crash all players rolling back the players in the realm a couple seconds.

Payment Fixes:

During the downtime. the Deca Team had the chance to notice some unusual amounts of payment activity that was used to exploit into getting a mass amount of gold for a single $5 purchase. The Deca Team took their time into looking at it and effectively fixing it.

Release 27.7.DECA

July 19

  • UI tweak on Unbound Rings… and probably other stuff…
  • Inconsistent TP cooldowns depending on your server.

Note: This was an undocumented update. The changes listed are derived from player investigations and might be incomplete or inaccurate.

August 2

Besides battling dupers and exploiters, we’ve also been working on trying to improve the technical performance of the game. Part of this work includes upgrading some of the older technology that is used under the hood.

Today we upgraded the server images we were using. The previous version was many years old and we hope by upgrading we will see some stability improvements. The new server images have alot more memory so we should see less server crashes. It should also provide some operational efficiencies that won’t affect you as players so much but helps us get more done and maintain the game easier.

We also pushed an expansion to the vault. There are now 60 spaces. With all the free vaults we gave out today, a number of people had hit their limit.

And lastly, we also took a very small step forward to combat multiboxers. Unnamed accounts can no longer teleport. We know there are some normal players who prefer to be unnamed and they will be affected by this change. But we decided that the potential positives of the change outweighed the negatives.

Edit Along with the teleportation restriction. Unnamed accounts will no longer receive SB loot.

ROTMG Patch Notes 27.7.X1

August 3

20:14 UTC
Dear community,

Please find our latest patch notes below. Just a few fixes and cosmetic updates for now… but wait there is more.

  • Fixed the teleport feature for unnamed accounts. Unnamed players can no longer use the /command function to teleport to other players.
  • Updated the vault map visuals to fix the underwater grass tiles. While we were at it, we decided to rework the map and imprint it with our Deca X (Roman numeral for 10). You will find 4 vaults around the statues in the middle and the rest in the outer corners of the X.
  • We implemented the rare reskins of the Doom Bow and the Demon Blade to drop in the game. Some might remember the last time this drop event was around. We heard it was well liked so we are bringing it back :)
    • Doom Bow -> Bow of the Morning Star -> drops in Undead Lair
    • Demon Blade -> Sword of Illumination -> drops in Abyss of the Demons

Edit: The drop rates of those items have doubled

Update 22:36 UTC:

Vaults Reverted

Did you not know walking builds character? On a more serious note, after hearing complaints about the vaults being impractical in the way they are set up and most players preferring a simple and square setup, we decided to go back to the old layout for now. As you can see, we like experimenting. We think it’s the only way make things better. We’ll continue to make changes and who knows, maybe we’ll strike gold at some point :)

The Deca Team

ROTMG Patch Notes 27.7.X2

August 11

Dear community,

Please find our latest patch notes below. Tell us what you think in the comments!

  • New Reskinned Item “Ring of Decades” is now dropping instead of Ring of Unbound Health. UBHP is flagged as UT but ARE still tradeable
    • it gives +190 health points
  • Added the Rosen Blade Skin. It can be found in special Event Chests. This skin has been created by Univoid for the contest Create a Deca Skin
  • New Event Chests: You will be able to find a special chest next to the last bosses of the following dungeon: NOTE: The Chests will only appear when the event is active
    1. Shatters
    2. Ocean Trench
    3. Davy’s Jones Locker
  • Email address is now removed from the HUD. Your username displays instead. Only on
  • We’ve added some experimental settings to the game client. These should help reduce lag in some cases. But it needs testing in a production environment before we broadly communicate the details to all. Use at your own risk.
  • Updates to our admin tools to allow for new events.

Undocumented changes in this update (derived from player observations - list might be incomplete):

  • /tutorial and /nexustutorial commands no longer function within a realm or dungeon.
  • Hit sounds added to enemies in Haunted Cemetery and Candyland Hunting Grounds that previously were missing sounds.
  • Spoiled Creampuff HP raised (Candyland).
  • New graphics option: UI Quality - High/Low
  • New Experimental graphics menu - can be accessed by typing decamenu in the chat box.
    Options are:
    • Disable enemy particles
    • Disable ally particles
    • Disable players hit particles

Patch Notes 27.7.X3

August 29

Dear community,

Now that MotMG is over, alot of the work we are doing is behind the scenes and will take a bit longer to develop. We are still making sure there is time taken to fix bugs. We are also still taking steps forward in fixing some of the long standing issues of the game AND developing our capacity to develop new content. We’ll be talking about our first month plus of RotMG in a developer letter soon.

Please find our latest patch notes below.

  • Fixed Star Filter for private messages when players were in different locations
  • Friend requests are now sorted by the most recent on top to the oldest
  • Changed maximum number of friend requests shown to 10
  • Friend list loading performance improved.
  • Issues with friend requests from unnamed players fixed
  • Updated several sprites submitted by the user Phophull (Note: The new 8x8 sprites based off of 16x16 versions are not yet available in the game. We are still evaluating how to best introduce them in the future).

Patch Notes 27.7.X4

September 8

Dear community,

Please find below the patch notes for version 27.7.X4. In addition to the following changes there were various backend changes that will help us further improve RotMG.


  • Added an account security feature: Read more the Security Questions and account security in general, HERE


  • Fixed a fame exploit with spawned monsters. Some players were abusing Monsters that spawn minions to get fame at an unfair rate. Only the two first waves of spawned Monsters will now grant XP/Fame as they used to. Any waves of monsters spawned after the two initial waves will no longer grant players any XP/Fame
  • Fixed a problem with the particle effect of the mystic orbs not displaying properly.


  • We changed the Event Chest logic. When active, the chests will now appear with a higher drop rate, but only after the whole dungeon is cleared of its monsters (including the boss). We are aware that there are special conditions for certain dungeons and we will work on adapting the system to them in the future.

Undocumented changes in this update (derived from player observations - list might be incomplete):

  • Sprites changed a second time for Sword of Illumination, Bow of the Morning Star, and Oryx Awesome Set items.

Patch Notes 27.7.X4.1

September 15

Dear Community,

Please find below the patch notes for version 27.7.X4.1 - This is a smaller but meaningful release. Some of the changes will not be as immediately visible as others. We fixed several potential duping methods - one of the more known ones involving the Oryx Castle teleportation phase.


  • We disabled the /pause function in all dungeons Note: We understand that this may inconvenience some people in certain situations. At the same time we are confident it will help to prevent some of the leeching that is happening in public dungeons. Consider this a test phase and feedback is welcome.
  • We added several chest event spawn locations
    • Puppet Theatre (start zone & boss)
    • Crawling depth (boss)

Note: This is a change to prevent people from camping the exact same spot all the time. Help people clear the dungeon instead!

  • We updated the functionality of the “Chest Event”:
    • The chest will now send an announce to the dungeon upon spawning
    • The chest will now be invulnerable for 15 seconds after spawning
    • The hit points were upgraded from 120k to 180k
    • Upon being destroyed the chest will grant a small amount of fame

Note: This only applies when a Chest Event is active.

  • New Mini Skins
    • Mini Rosen Blade (Ninja)
    • Mini Geb (Priest)
    • Mini Skuld (Rogue)

Note: We are starting to introduce the 8x8 pixel skin versions of the 16x16 ST set skins. We decided to keep the legacy 16x16 versions the way they are (not replacing the set effect with the 8x8 skin or duplicating the same item sets and tying them to the new graphics.) We also wanted to create the opportunity for players to use the smaller skin if they prefer. The plan will be to use these new skins as drops in various locations to start and later to also use them in mystery boxes and events. (we will be disclosing drop locations as we add them).


  • Fixed a number of situations where duping could occur

Patch Notes 27.7.X5

September 29

Dear Community,

Please find below the patch notes for version 27.7.X5 - this is another small update with a small teaser for the brand new content we are about to beta test. Check out the details of this release below.

1) Pet Skins and Pet Stones:

For those people who always wished they could change the way their pets looked, we’ve developed a feature called pet skins.

You will be able to use new items, called pet stones, that apply pet skins for your pet. There are no restrictions on the pet family and level that you apply it to. In this release, the first pet skin is added to the game and is unlocked using a specific pet stone item. We’ll announce the details of the first pet skin soon, as it’s a bit of teaser for our upcoming content. Get it and find out more about what’s coming soon! You will be able to get this pet stone item from an upcoming dungeon. However, some lucky players will be be able to win an early access version in the event that will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more details!

Using a pet stone will change the appearance, family and name of the pet that is currently following you. The rarity level will stay the same and so will the skills your pet had (even if your rare pet gets the divine skin, your pet will not be of a divine level). The process is not reversible and the pet stone is consumed upon use. Also note, when upgrading a pet via fusing, the pet skin will be overwritten to the appropriate rarity level for the fuse. You would need to use another pet stone to apply the skin again. So choose when to apply the pet stone wisely!

2) We’ve also added a new divine humanoid skin. “Marid” - you will have a chance to get it, if you fuse two legendary humanoid pets.

3) ST items will continue to drop from the locations outlined during our last event. With this patch the drop rates will be reverted to normal but the items stay in! At the same time we added an additional drop location for the Phylactery Set. The parts will be dropping from Phylactery Bearers as rare drops.

4) All miniature versions of the ST-set skins have been added to the game. They will be dropping during events, from the alchemist or in certain mystery chests.


1) A bug was fixed where health bars of monsters would appear overly large when a HP modifier was applied during events.

2) Base Fame will now be displayed in the selection screen if the class quest is maxed out.

Patch Notes 27.7.X6

October 11

There are 2 new dungeons, 1 new encounter, 7 new pieces of gear, 1 new character skin, and 2 new consumables. A big thank you to the community contributors for your assistance in this update. We hope you enjoy!


The Hive
There is a new quest in the mid-plains which gives you entry to this low-mid tier dungeon!
Here you can rarely find Dexterity Potions and a new sweet consumable.
Rarely drops a new UT Orb and UT Scepter.

Toxic Sewers
This new mid-high tier dungeon can be found in the mountains, look for gods of the slime variety!
Here you will find guaranteed Defense Potions.
Rarely drops a new UT Katana and UT Poison. Now and then the very rare and new Slurp Knight Skin will creep up on you as well!

Puppet Master’s Encore
He his back and he is angry. Craig might know the way to this dangerous new boss encounter.
Here you will mainly find Attack Potions and… some kind of box.
Rarely drops a new UT Crossbow and UT Prism. There is also a very rare new Jaco Pet Skin!

Updated Drop Changes on Existing Enemies:
- Abyss of Demons
- Defense Potions are no longer guaranteed.
- Improved Vitality Potion drop distribution.
- Stone Guardians
- Defense Potion drop chances have been increased.

Janus the Doorwarden
- Now mainly drops Attack Potions, in addition occasional Defense Potions and there is also still a small chance to get Vitality Potions.
- Increased quality of tiered gear drops.
- Rarely drops a new UT Shield!

Craig will always open the Puppet Master’s Encore, but he will be able to bring back the Lair of Shaitan in the near future!

We have increased the number of realms per server to 3!

Hotfix 10/12/2016

October 12

After collecting feedback and analyzing player behavior (and having some additional goes at the new content ourselves!) after our big changes, we’ve decided to apply some small tweaks which should improve your experience!

  • Puppet Master’s Encore: moved player spawns further away from the wall to prevent players getting stuck
  • Increased player limit for the Court of Oryx and the Puppet Master’s Encore
  • Toxic Sewers: increased likelihood of dungeon drop
  • Toxic Sewers: improved Defense Potion drop distribution, slightly reduced EXP gain
  • Abyss of Demons: slightly increased Defense Potion drop chance
  • The Hive: increased quest spawn and likelihood of dungeon drop
  • Added feed power to soulbound skins and pet skins which were still missing it

Patch Notes 27.7.X6.3

October 25

We have pushed a fix that stops some occurrences of players using hacked clients to disconnect other players. Please make sure you have the latest client version.

If you were receiving the error message “You have been idle for X minutes… ” then you were likely affected by these players.

Patch Notes 27.7.X7 - Halloween in the Realm!

October 27

Halloween is nearly upon us and we have prepared a special themed event for it. There are also some new exclusive skins and items as well as some impactful fixes. We hope you enjoy the new content, have fun collecting the “candy” loot and are lucky enough to get the exclusive Headless Rider skin! Read on below for details.


Halloween Themed Content

  • The nexus is spookier than ever. Red Healing Fountains!
  • Oryx 2 has reached his final form (at least temporarily)
  • The Halloween Cemetery including new enemies
  • A new Halloween event Dungeon was created. Defeat the Pumpkin Master and his minions.

The Zombie Invasion

  • Zombie Hordes are back! But now they come with an old friend, so watch out. He will also drop candy!
  • Beware of Bonegrind this time around

Pumpkin Shrines

  • They will be spawning around the world
  • Be careful, reportedly the Headless Horseman is never far

2 new character skins

  • The Headless Rider (Paladin Skin)
  • The Vampire Lord (Necromancer Skin)

3 new pet skins

  • Pumpkin Head (Belongs to the Headless Rider)
  • Giant Vampire Bat
  • Sir Bagston

Collectible Halloween Candy Tokens

  • Special Candy Token items will drop in various Halloween themed locations / events. (Best chances are supposedly in the Halloween Cemetary)
  • Collect 50 Candy Tokens to achieve the new Headless Rider Skin
  • Note that any leftover tokens will be removed after the Halloween event is be over

Reskinned Halloween Items

  • The 6 T11 Halloween weapons now drop instead of the 6 T11 Winter weapons
  • Bow of Nightmares, Skull-splitter Sword, Staff of Horrific Knowledge, Dagger of the Terrible Talon, Wand of Ancient Terror, Corrupted Cleaver
  • A special trick item (in case somebody did not give you a nice treat)
  • A rare consumable and just the right thing for your trick or treat experience. You will have to find one to figure out what it exactly does though.

Mystery Box Shop

  • Purchase limit functionality added (this will not be applied to all boxes)



  • Various fixes for issues with the Steam overlay for purchases
  • Issues with various foreign currencies

Stacked shots

  • Stacked shots were fixed in various locations. Some encounters were rebalanced as a result but death shouldn’t come as such a surprise anymore :)
  • Djinn, Lucky Djinn, Grand Sphinx
  • Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King, Mini Larva, Armor Guard, Zombie Hulk, Mini Werewolf
  • All Artifacts in Tomb of the Ancients and Bes
  • All Spiders in Spider Den and The Crawling Depths
  • Several enemies in the Shatters: The Forgotten King, Royal Guardian J, The Forgotten Sentinel, Stone Paladin, Stone Mage, Fire Mage, Fire Adept, Glacier Archmage and everyone’s favorite, the Ice Adept!
  • Fixed/reduced stacked patterns occurring from stuns
  • All Killer Pillars at the Avatar of the Forgotten King are now Stun Immune
  • Ice Sphere, Archmage’s Ice Sphere, Ice Portal, Fire Portal, Inferno, White Dragon Orb

Fixed Horseman Anchors preventing players from pausing in the Godlands

Fixed several typos and language errors

Fixed The Cursed Crown animation

Fixed trade request panel breaking the locklist


  • Balance adjustments for Stone Mage, Fire Mage and to a smaller extent the Grand Sphinx, due to stacked shot fixes (see below)
  • The Cursed Amulet of Zombification is now known as the Amulet of Dispersion and no longer zombifies, revives or disappears upon leaving the area
  • Interact hotkey can now be used to reject trade requests and to open the guild board
  • Increased Court of Oryx portal duration (this was already part of a hotfix recently), reduced HP of Janus’ Chest
  • Significantly reduced damage threshold for untiered drops from Skuld
  • Slight change to Abyss of Demons DEF drops (small increase overall)
  • Adjusted projectile aesthetics for the Forgotten Sentinel
  • Craig will now randomly spawn Puppet Master Encore or Lair of Shaitan portals.


  • This event will last for about 2-3 weeks. After the time is up, everything will be reverted to it’s old state but of course you get to keep your items. The only exception are the Halloween Candy Tokens. They will disappear when the next patch is applied. So be sure to double click them when you have 50 to create the Headless Rider Skin.
  • Our continued thanks goes to our community for providing great assets via our draw tool that we sometimes just have to touch up slightly to get them into the game! A special thanks this time around goes out to Clickbait for creating the cool Vampire Lord.

Patch Notes 27.7.X7.1

November 3

In this release we have pushed some bug fixes and improvements.


  • Display issues with 16x16 characters in all Leaderboards, Death Screen, New Character Screen
  • The fall back news post (if no other news is present) no longer points to Wild Shadow forums
  • New Pets from pet stones have been put into their proper pet families - Note that while these pets can be obtained via fusing, they are extremely rare. The skins can also be obtained via using the appropriate pet stone:
    • Sir Bagston: ? ? ? ?
    • Goldy: ? ? ? ?
    • Giant Vampire Bat: Spooky
    • Pumpkin Head: Spooky
    • Jaco: Spooky
  • Putting the new pets into the proper pet families solves some issues players were encountering attempting to fuse.
  • Pet Stone descriptions updated to describe the change in family of the pet, also explicitly mentioning that the rarity does not get upgraded and the skin will be overwritten in case of fusing.

Patch Notes 27.7.X8

November 17

In this release we have pushed some bug fixes and improvements.


  • Halloween Season is over and the Autumn Nexus was introduced. Feel free to bask in it’s glory
  • Zombie Hordes and Halloween themed enemies are no longer spawning
  • Improvements to the mystery box shop - there will be a timer on most boxes to indicate when they will run out
  • Halloween Candy is no longer dropping and excess candies were removed from the inventories
  • Ent Behavior updated: In order to make Ent Sitting less likely, we made some small design tweaks.


  • Occurrences of “Invalid Account Error” on Steam


  • Note that you will still be able to use the Halloween Cemetary Keys you already have and get the same loot from the boss as before. The only thing not dropping anymore is Halloween Candy.

Patch Notes 27.7.X8.1 Gobble Gobble. Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24

On Thanksgiving, we would like to thank the entire RotMG community for the support you’ve shown the game over the past few months. Stick around, the best is yet to come.

In this release we’ve brought back the Turkey God to help us celebrate Thanksgiving. This time around it’s a little tougher to kill and now known as the Gobble God! We’ve also fixed a bunch of issues, improved our admin tools, and have a few new character skins.

Important Change to Entering Monster Dropped Dungeons:

An exploit was recently discovered where players could enter a dungeon from any location using hacked clients. We have put in a fix that removes the capability to do this. But a byproduct of this fix is that dungeons dropped by monsters can only be entered by players within 24 tiles of the dying monster. We understand that this is a fairly impactful change, but we weighed the pros and cons and decided that this was better than leaving the exploit unpatched. We also thought it may have some other benefits and help reinforce cooperation, although it may take some time to get used to. But as with all changes we are open to hearing feedback and making further adjustments.

Note: This does not affect portals opened with keys.


  • Gobble God Encounter - Stuff your backpacks and mouths with some food
  • Pilgrim Father Skin - new skin for the Paladin class (credit to Phops for the design)
  • Pilgrim Mother Skin - new skin for the Mystic Class (credit to Phops for the design)
  • A skin for the wizard class to be announced later
  • Item to unlock Vault Chest and item to unlock Character Slot - not yet available in game.


  • Added improvements to our admin tools
  • Cube God is temporarily disabled


  • Occurrences of characters getting negative XP
  • Unnamed player teleporting using chat command
  • Exploit to enter dungeon from any location

Patch Notes 27.7.X9

December 6

Dungeon Exploit Fix Updated

Since the last release, we’ve continued to improve our fix for the dungeon exploit. We’ve come up something that no longer requires a radius of proximity. This new fix closes the exploit and still allows calling of guild members for dungeons.

Baby, it’s Cold outside!!

We have some winter themed updates to keep you busy during the holidays.

  • Oryx’s Castle has been transformed by the power of winter and ice! The Stone Guardians area is now slippery!
  • The Stone Guardians are now Paralyze and Stun Immune, the Sword is Stun Immune - if you like this change we might keep it permanent!
  • The Crystal Prisoner and his Steeds look frosty as well! He can drop the reskinned UT, the Frozen Wand.
  • We have two new collectable tokens that you can collect to achieve the new UT and the new Rudolph the Berzerk Skin
  • There are also a number of new seasonal character and pet skins (More info below)


  • Freezing Quiver - a new UT for Archers
  • Frozen Wand - a UT reskin of the Crystal Wand
  • Rudolph the Berzerk Skin, Miss Santa Skin, Snow Queen Skin - credit to Beige for the designs
  • Christmas Tree and Red Nose Pet Stones - credit to Beige for the designs
  • Snowflake Tokens - collectable tokens reserved to unlock the Freezing Quiver (not yet dropping, details to be announced later).
  • Candy Cane Tokens - collectable tokens drop in the Ice Cave, Crystal Prisoner, Oryx 2, Oryx’s winter castle until January 12th. Collect 50 to unlock the Rudolph the Berzerk Skin.


  • Removed the necessity to be in proximity to dying boss to enter dungeon
  • Oryx’s Castle is now frozen and Stone Guardians have new immunities
  • Removed Gobble God Encounter and reactivated Cube God
  • Nexus is now winter themed
  • Vault redesigned to include additional Vault Chests and Gift Boxes (there are now 80 Vault chests and 20 Gift Chests) Note: The order of chests is designed to be closest to spawn
  • A new payment system to replace Kabam’s - currently in limited testing.

Patch Notes 27.7.XMAS - New Ice Tomb Encounter and Minor Rebalancing

December 16

Santa Bagston is coming… to town! So be good for goodness sake

As we are approaching X-Mas and New Year’s Eve, this will be the second and last part of our winter update for this year. You will be able to face a new winter encounter and can finally start collecting those snowflake tokens!

Also included in this release is a set of minor rebalancing changes. These changes are just the beginning of our plans to make some of the outdated parts of the game a bit more relevant and challenging again. Details below.


  • The“Ice Tomb,” a new encounter dungeon & its key item were added. You will find the classic winter reskins there, as well as some new drops (including, the Winter Edition of the three Tomb of the Ancients UT rings). Ice Tomb can be entered via Craig the Intern
  • Dragon Tamer - a warrior ST set which you will be able to find it in the Lair of Draconis or in the rotation of ST mystery boxes - (note that this set currently does not support dyes or cloths and will be soulbound to safeguard against duping attempts). As with the other ST sets, there is also
  • Sword: ‘Indomptable’
    • Damage: 566 - 650
    • Range: 3.5
    • Rate of Fire: 25%
    • Range: 3.5
    • Shots hit multiple targets
    • On Equip: -10 DEF
    • Fame Bonus: 4%
  • Helm “Helm of Draconic Dominance”
    • Activate on Self: +250 HP for 10 secs
    • Paralyze enemies for 2 secs, range: 2.5
    • On Equip: +10 DEF, +5 SPD
    • Cost: 90 MP
    • Cooldown: 10 seconds
    • Fame Bonus: 4%
  • Armor: “Zaarvox’s Heart”
    • On Equip: +17 DEF, +5 SPD
    • Fame Bonus: 4%
  • Ring: “Amulet of Drakefyre”
    • On Equip +115 HP, +5 SPD
    • Fame Bonus: 4%

Here is a picture of the full set on a level 1 warrior:

  • Sir Bagston is dressing up exclusively for the winter season and you will have a chance to get your hands on three separate pet stones - each will give you a distinctive Bagston holiday look
  • Common humanoid pet - Muddy Tidechaser (available as pet stone or via hatching humanoid eggs)
  • Mystic ST set is now only dropping from the Lich encounter (no longer from LoD)
  • Snowflake Tokens - these collectable tokens reserved to unlock the Freezing Quiver will now have chance to drop with the best chances to find them in the Ice Tomb. Other than that, they drop pretty much anywhere where candy canes also drop. You will be able to collect these until the 2nd of February 2017, before they will vanish - so be sure to collect all 50!
  • Updated the Shatters to work with event chests - we will definitely give this a try soon :)
  • Updated the Ice Cave to work with event chests - also fixed stacked shots from Esben

Balancing Updates

  • Necromancer -> max attack increased to 75 (from 60)
  • Cube Gods and Skull Shrines -> increased HP (+5000), added new defense mechanics (i.e. stun immune at low hp)
  • Pentaract Eyes -> increased HP (+150), dmg (+30), shot frequency halved
  • Pentaract Towers -> increased HP (+3000), bomb dmg (+30) & slow, new defense mechanics

New Payments System

We are now introducing a new payment system from a vendor named Xsolla. The new system works similarly to the old one, but with additional payment methods and differences in the way it handles currency conversion . This system will replace Kabam’s payments system on our website only.

NOTE: The new system is not compatible with NoScript. You must turn off NoScript in order to see the paywall.

Announcement: account migration option will be removed by Dec 21st

  • The option to migrate any old accounts will be removed by Dec. 21st

We would like to thank Beige (Ice Tomb Bosses, Xmas skins), Phops (Reworked ST Gear art and created 8x8 Skin), Poshun (16x16 ST Warrior Skin) and everyone who helped us with this release.