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The Forgotten King

Last updated: X12
The Forgotten King

The Forgotten King is the third and final boss of The Shatters.

The Realm Eye says:
The Forgotten King was once beloved by his people and widely respected by the other kingdoms of the realm. His leadership skills were second to none, earning him many accolades as a firm but fair ruler which other kings should aspire to match.
But behind the scenes in matters known only by the few closest to him, he desired much more. He considered his island kingdom just a fraction of what he could accomplish with total control.
The elite royal army he assembled was not just for protection, it was designed for conquest.
This lust for power led him down a dark road which ultimately brought his kingdom to ruin, its name forever forgotten.



HP: 75,000 (Boss HP scaling)
DEF: 65
EXP: 20,000
Location: The Shatters

Counts toward God Kills
Immune to Daze
Immune to Paralyze
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Level 1 Quest

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
White Bullet
Armor Pierce Bullet
Pierces Armor
Fire Bullet
Unstable for 2s
Quiet for 2s
Ice Bullet
Slowed for 3s


Phase 1: Crystals

After killing the 2 Royal Guardians (L Variant), the bridge to the arena will flood with Magma. The Cursed Crown will then say “…” ,move towards the top of the room and transform into the Boss. He will taunt:
“You have made a grave mistake coming here. I will destroy you, and reclaim my place in the Realm.”
“I will make quick work of you. Be gone.”

He will then spawn 4 Crystals, each one having different behaviour.
- The Red Crystal periodically spawns Fire Portals.
- The Blue Crystal periodically spawns Ice Portals.
- The Green Crystal heals itself and the other crystals for 1000 HP every 10 seconds.
- The Yellow Crystal fires shotguns of high-damage paralysing shots.

Phase 2: Royal Guardians

Taunt: “You would challenge me? I am the King of this place.”
When you destroy the 4 Crystals, the Forgotten King will fire a wide barrage of purple bullets along with bursts of Fire/Ice bullets to scare away players. During this phase, the Forgotten King is vulnerable and can be pushed into later stages earlier than normal, effectively buffing him, which can make the fight much harder. He will then move to the middle of the room and spawn a group of Royal Guardians (See behaviour for Royal Guardian J Variant) while performing one of the below taunts:
“You fools. Guards, surround me.”
“Guards, come to my aid!”
“Do not think, even for a moment, that you will best me.”

Once the Guardians have been destroyed, the Forgotten King will unleash an omnidirectional bombardment of purple bullets along with aimed streams of Fire and Ice shots. This is the only time he is vulnerable during this phase, and if not enough damage is dealt he will respawn the Guardians and the phase repeats.
- When he unleashes his attack, he will say one of the following:
“Be consumed, you wretched whelps.”
“Laughable attempt.”
“Do not mistake your success so far as progress.”

If sufficient damage has been dealt to him, he will move onto phase 3.

Phase 3: Tentacles of Wrath

Taunt: “So. You are still here. Adorable. Perhaps a nice dip in the LAVA!? “
After you defeat the Guardians, and if enough damage is dealt, The Forgotten King turns a portion of his arena into Magma. He will then yell “TENTACLES OF WRATH!” and will spawn 6 invisible entities, each firing a long beam of fireballs. Along with that, the King will also shoot a small aimed burst of fire and ice bullets, dealing high damage. The beams will then begin to slowly rotate clockwise, forcing you to move with it or take massive damage. The Boss will also start to spawn Helpless Souls from the lava around the arena (See behaviour for Helpless Souls)

After a while, the boss will stop firing for a moment before restarting the phase. He is only vulnerable for a short moment when he begins attacking. He will taunt “Fools…” when he becomes invulnerable again.

Phase 4:

Taunt: “Drown, and be swallowed by those who have failed before.”
The Forgotten King moves to the top of the room. He then fires a large wave of projectiles consisting of waves of armor-piercing bullets sweeping in front of him and bursts of fire and ice attacks aimed at the nearest player. He will occasionally pause and become vulnerable before firing again.

Phase 5:

The King will shout “DIE! DIE!! DIE!!!” and fire a massive bombardment of shots in a similar pattern from Phase 4 combined with the Phase 3 tentacles. After that the Boss will say “Ha….haa…..” and become vulnerable. If the group deals enough damage, the Forgotten King will die. Otherwise he will start flashing and shooting again.


Taunt: “Impossible…IMPOSSIBLE!!!”
The Forgotten King will flash red and explode into a nova of 200 damage white bullets, leaving a loot bag behind.


Royal GuardianRoyal Guardian
Blue CrystalBlue Crystal
Green CrystalGreen Crystal
Red CrystalRed Crystal
Yellow CrystalYellow Crystal
Helpless SoulsHelpless Souls

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Tips and Strategies

  • When destroying the Crystals once they spawn, destroying the yellow crystal should take priority, as it will paralyze players - extremely dangerous during this fight.
  • In small groups, it is very important to not deal too much damage when the king is vulnerable immediately after the Crystal phase, or else the boss will spawn Royal Guardians while also transitioning to its “Tentacles of Wrath” phase. This will make the boss harder and take longer to deal with.
  • However, in organized runs (such as the Shatters discord), players will aim to deal a huge amount of damage during this initial vulnerability phase, which will cause the king to skip immediately to its rage phase (Phase 5), shortening the fight. If the group posesses massive amount of DPS, it is possible to kill the boss wihin this window.
  • When the Forgotten Kings shouts: “YOU TEST THE PATIENCE OF A GOD” get as far away from the boss as you can, since you won’t see his shots, which are kind of hard to dodge.
  • The Helpless Souls coming from the sides will not be a heavy threat, and should generally be ignored, granted you dodge well.
  • During several phases of this fight, when the Forgotten King fires out large streams of various shots, you can stand at the bottom side of the room and you will not see the attacks. You should begin to run at the boss when the Helpless Soul at the bottom of the room is spawned.
  • Right before any phase where the Forgotten King spawns the Tentacle entities, it is possible to kill them by perfectly timing a Huntress’ trap. This will make the fight much easier, as you will not have to dodge the Tentacles. However, if the King is slowed while moving on to phase 4, he will be slightly further down than usual; this may result in his final phase’s shots reaching you, even at the end of the platform.

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Has previously dropped the reskin Ice Crown during winter 2016-17 only.

Until Release X32.4.1, the Forgotten King spawned a Test Chest which, when destroyed, provided a chance at loot. The chest has since been removed and any loot will drop directly from the boss upon its death.

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