Release History 2019

Patch X.31.2.3: Winter Continues

January 08

Hello, Realmers!

Oryxmas is coming to an end, but we hope you all have enjoyed the festivities!

End of Events

Oryxmas might be over, but winter continues!

  • Tokens no longer drop except from Santa’s Workshop
  • The Permafrost Lord remains in the Realms, but no longer drops Oryxmas consumables or Oryxmas T6 abilities
  • Oryx’s Castle remains frozen and so does the bonus chest, which will continue dropping Oryxmas consumables
  • Ent Ancients, the Rock Dragon, Frozen Ship and the Pentaract are back to normal, although the Cube God remains icy
  • The Crystal Prisoner continues to drop frosty versions of UTs
  • Oryxmas Gifts no longer spawn in lower level dungeons (Godlands)
  • Winter T11 weapons continue to have a chance to drop at standard T11 weapon drop locations
  • Oryxmas T6 abilities no longer have a chance to drop at standard T6 ability drop locations


  • Fixed an issue which resulted in much higher T6 ability and T5 ring drop rates from O2 than intended
  • Fixed scroll wheel not functioning on the options menu in case of a scroll bar
  • Fixed correct Realm name occasionally not showing in the goals UI

New Skins

Patch X.31.3.0

February 05

Happy Lunar New Year!

Winter is slowly coming to an end

  • Reindeer buffs have been deactivated
  • Ent Ancients finally got the memo that Oryxmas is over and no longer spawn Beer Gods
  • Cube Gods have thawed
  • Winter Tokens have been removed (Ice Shards, Primal Ice, Advent Tokens, Ornaments, Bells)
  • Nexus Crystals and campaign related items have been removed
  • Activated Lunar New Year Nexus

Quality of Life

  • Dungeon Opener Kicking Rights in Cloth Bazaars
    • Using keys grants the opener kicking rights inside the dungeon
    • Only works for dungeons opened in the cloth bazaars, which also excludes chained dungeons
    • /kick (player name is not case sensitive)
  • Swapping equipment now also works via inventory hotkeys


  • The Lair of Draconis always starts with Feargus the Obsidian Dragon (“black”) automatically
  • Wine Cellar Incantations now drop in cyan bags
  • All dyes and cloths now drop in purple bags


  • Greater Nature Sprite always becomes vulnerable instead of disappearing
  • Fixed Silex’s Hammer and Oryx’s Greatsword shoot sounds
  • Centered Symbiotic Ripper sprite
  • Fixed Kingdom Knight skin pixel offset


  • Increased exp gain for Realm encounters
Name Old Exp New Exp Fame Difference
Skull Shrine 195 2000 1 +1805
Cube God 195 2000 1 +1805
Pentaract 195 2000 1 +1805
Eye of the Dragon 195 4000 2 +3805
Grand Sphinx 58 4000 2 +3942
Hermit God 58 4000 2 +3942
Lord of the Lost Lands 58 4000 2 +3942
Ghost Ship 195 4000 2 +3805
Jade Statue 195 2000 1 +1805
Garnet Statue 195 2000 1 +1805
Yellow Beehemoth 1000 2000 1 +1000
Red Beehemoth 1000 2000 1 +1000
Blue Beehemoth 1000 2000 1 +1000
Avatar of the Forgotten King 1000 6000 3 +5000


Updated game page layout for the web!

New Skins and Fixes

Patch X.31.4.0

March 12

Hey everyone!

Winter finally comes to an end.

We’re happy to announce the addition of partial ST bonuses, which will give you a bunch of new interesting build choices! Ninja and Samurai also received some well-deserved stat increases. On top of that we have a bunch of other changes and additions, you’ll notice that Realms will finally pick from the full list of possible names, which has been around since 2011!

The End of Winter

  • The Permafrost Lord and his constructs no longer terrorize the realms
  • The Crystal Prisoner is no longer icy
  • Oryx’s castle finally thawed
  • Tier 11 winter themed weapons no longer drop
  • Beige’s Hanami Nexus is back in all its cherry blossom beauty!
  • Valentine’s Hearts and Love Letter Tokens have been removed


  • Tinkerer quests can now be re-rolled for gold up to 2 times per day, does not include event quests. The first reroll costs 100g and the second reroll 250g. Rerolling will replace all quests with new quests (open and completed quests alike)
  • ST Sets now have partial bonuses which unlock as more pieces of the set are equipped. The new bonuses will apply with 2, 3 and 4 pieces equipped



  • Maximum VIT increase from 40 to 60
  • Base VIT increase from 10 to 12
  • Average VIT per level increase from 0.5 to 1


  • Maximum DEF increase from 25 to 30
  • Maximum SPD increase from 50 to 55
  • Maximum VIT increase from 40 to 60
  • Base VIT increase from 10 to 12
  • Average VIT per level increase from 0.5 to 1


  • Sunny Side Bow: Fame Bonus increase from 6% to 7%
  • Eternal Graved Great Sword: Fame Bonus increase from 4% to 7%
  • Spriteful Shield: Fame Bonus increase from 6% to 7%
  • Eggre Battle Armor: Fame Bonus increase from 5% to 7%
  • Tiara of Eggscellent Sturdiness: Fame Bonus increase from 5% to 7%


  • Fixed an issue which resulted in certain shot patterns getting out of sync (stacked) when temporarily out of range of the enemy or if it was stunned
  • Fixed the Charge behavior of enemies not executing correctly (and adjusted all existing Charge behaviors to function like before, there should be little to no difference for existing enemies)
  • Fixed Realms not using the full range of randomized names when instantiated
  • Fixed redundant speedy condition effect icon on Ninja
  • Reduced waiting times (slow transitions) at Janus the Doorwarden and removed chest
  • The Ivory Wyvern’s chest has stasis immunity
  • Marble Colossus can no longer be dragged out of his room


  • Players must now pick a name during account registration to simplify the flow
  • Improved account email verification process
  • Shop packages and boxes now show limit per user quantity when applicable and are no longer visible when none are left
  • The Shield of Ogmur has new projectiles and particle colors


  • Improved event scheduling for tinkerer quests
  • Improved the campaign feature to allow us to run different types of campaigns and events in the - future
  • Fixed pesky floating white pixel on the website
  • Disabled “Beginner’s Package offer” which will be replaced in the future


Patch X.31.5.0

April 1

Happy April Fools’ Day everyone!

What’s new?

  • New Ninja ST set! -> 16x16 skin; Mini Raijin Ninja Skin; Credits: Aurum and Dappertron
    • Reikoku (Katana) - drops from Xolotl
    • Daybreak Chakram (Shuriken) - drops from El Dorado
    • Hirejou Tenne (Armor) - drops from Tezcacoatl
    • Heavenly Magatama (Ring) - drops from the Tribesmen
  • The Machine (special April Fool’s Day dungeon by Toastrz) - look out for glitches in the realms!
  • New Skins
  • April 2019 Login Calendar


  • Fixed tile changes causing disconnect (mostly due to switching from non-damaging to damaging and vice-versa)
  • Ninja shuriken channeling is no longer possible indefinitely while affected by Quiet
  • Jon Bilgewater waits slightly longer in invulnerability to ensure proper HP scaling
  • “Quest has expired” popup whenever an error occurs with handing in an outdated quest

April Fool’s

Everything is fine, nothing out of the ordinary, move along!

(Spheres do still count towards Cube kills).

Patch X.31.6.0

Apr 24

Hi everyone!

Spring is back and to celebrate it the Realms will be hosting Events during the coming weeks. Biff the Buffed Bunny is back and did not come alone: his offspring has been seen roaming in the Mountain areas, throwing eggs at the unsuspecting adventurers. The Tinkerer loves Easter and will be exchanging Magic and Golden Eggs for Rewards!

During the Events, you will also be able to access the Heroic Undead Lair by using Heroic Undead Lair Incantations on Undead Lair Portals, upgrading it to a more difficult and more rewarding version. The HUDL Incantations will be available in the Nexus for a limited time.

We also decided to introduce The Machine as a permanent addition. Steel Constructs in the Godlands will now have a chance to drop a portal and the key is now also available in the Nexus!

Happy Events!

Easter Events:

Start date: 04/18/2019

End Date: 05/09/2019

Event details:

  • Magic Egg Tokens now stack up to 25
  • Egg Baskets in Midlands and Highlands now drop a guaranteed Magic Egg x1
  • Mini Biff Enemies now spawn in the Godlands and have a chance to drop:
    • Magic Egg x1
    • Magic Egg x2
    • Mystery Stat Potions
  • Feed power on Biff’s vanity whites was lowered, but their drop rates were buffed
  • Pet Eggs drop from Biff was nerfed and removed from Easter Eggs
  • Easter Eggs (the one to activate Biff) now have a chance to drop Magic Egg x1
  • Biff himself drops a guaranteed Magic Egg x2 and has a chance to drop an additional Magic Egg x3
  • Oryx drops a guaranteed Magic Egg x2 and Oryx 2 drops a guaranteed Magic Egg x3

General guidelines:

  • Collect Magic Eggs from: Biff, Oryx & Oryx 2, Mini-Biff (in the Mountains), Easter Eggs and Egg Baskets
  • Turn in Magic Eggs for Golden Eggs at the Tinkerer
  • Turn in Golden Eggs for special Easter reskins at the Tinkerer

Event rewards:

  • Biff Drops:
    • Bunny Trickster Skin
    • Dagger of the Hasteful Rabbit
    • Helm of the Swift Bunny
    • Large Colored Egg Cloth
    • Magic Egg x2 (Guaranteed)
    • Magic Egg x3
    • Moon Bunny Pet Skin
    • Pet Eggs
    • Small Colored Egg Cloth
    • Vitamine Buster
    • Wand of Egg-cellence

Quest Rewards:

  • Easter Skin
  • Easter reskins, including a new reskin of Wakizashi Of Eastern Winds: the Sakura Wakizashi
  • New effect on Tiara of Eggscellent Sturdiness

  • Easter Mystery Gift Drops:

    • Backpack
    • Chocolate Accessory Dye
    • Chocolate Clothing Dye
    • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
    • Egg Monster Pet Skin
    • Epic Mystery Key
    • Large Green Weave Cloth
    • Large Spring Cloth
    • Legendary Mystery Key
    • Loot Drop Potion
    • Loot Tier Potion
    • Lucky Clover
    • Magic Egg x10
    • Magic Egg x5
    • Medium Spring Green Accessory Dye
    • Medium Spring Green Clothing Dye
    • Mystery ST Shard x1
    • Mystery ST Shard x3
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Potion of Max Level 1
    • Rare Mystery Key
    • Small Green Weave Cloth
    • Small Spring Cloth
    • The Machine Key


Quest Name Quest Requirements Quest Rewards Type of Quest
Golden Eggs Quest Magic Egg x25 Golden Egg x5;Easter Mystery Gift Repeatable
Easter Quest(Armor) Golden Egg x40 Eggre Battle Armor Once per account
Easter Quest(Tiara) Golden Egg x40 Tiara of Eggscellent Sturdiness Once per account
Easter Quest(Shield) Golden Egg x40 Spriteful Shield Once per account
Easter Quest(Waki) Golden Egg x40 Sakura Wakizashi Once per account
Easter Quest(Sword) Golden Egg x40 Eternal Graved Great Sword Once per account
Easter Quest(Bow) Golden Egg x40 Sunny Side Bow Once per account
Easter Quest(Skin) Golden Egg x80 Bunny Trickster Skin Once per account

Heroic UDL:

Delve into the Heroic Undead Lair and face a new and challenging Septavius. In this improved version of the classic UDL players will need to learn how to rush through hordes of deadlier than before undead.

This dungeon features new enemies stats, reworked behaviour and a new boss fight with 3 new attacks. As every epic fight deserves epic loot, we have improved the loot table of Septavius.

Heroic Undead Lair:

  • Monsters have more HP, inflict more damage and reward significantly more XP
  • Some monsters’ have new attack patterns and behaviors
  • Heroic Septavius is stronger and has new attack patterns
  • Heroic Septavius now drops Greater Wisdom Potions
  • Heroic Septavius drops tops
  • Heroic Septavius is more likely to drop Doom Bow
  • Heroic Undead Lair has a player limit of 15 To access the Heroic Undead Lair, use a new item called Heroic Undead Lair Incantation, which can be purchased directly in the Nexus. Using this item next to an existing Undead Lair Portal will transform it into its Heroic version.

Weekend Challenges

Also, we decide that from now on, the Chest Events we all know will be called Weekend Challenges from now on! Check out what our Weekend Challenges (thread coming soon) will be during this Easter Season. Note that this thread will be updated with each new Weekend Challenge, so don’t forget to stay updated!


  • Steel Constructs in the Godlands now have a chance to drop a portal to the Machine dungeon
  • The Machine’s boss, Null, now has a rare chance to drop Toaster Pet Skin
  • The Machine Keys can now be purchased in the Nexus

Update (18/04):

  • Septavius the Ghost God (UDL) now has a chance to drop Heroic Undead Lair Incantation x 1
  • Oryx the Mad God (2) now drops a guaranteed Heroic Undead Lair Portal at death (15 players max)

Update (24/04):

  • Easter Eggs required to summon the Mysterious Egg are now visible on the mini-map and have a slightly reduced chance to drop Magic Eggs
  • Added HP scaling to Easter Eggs
  • Increased base HP of Easter Baskets
  • Increased Magic Egg x1 drop chance from Mini Biff enemies
  • Updated the description of Sakura Wakizashi

Patch X.31.7.0 - The Cursed Library

May 9

The Cursed Library:

“In the golden age of the realm before Oryx’s reign, this great library hosted a wealth of literature, research, and historical documentation. Eager students studied, esteemed scholars taught, and the realm’s greatest philosophers helped advance their society. When Oryx began his tyranny, he recognized the threat posed by such a capital of learning and intellect. Enlisting the aid of Lord Ruthven’s proficiency in black magic, Oryx unleashed a vicious curse upon the library.
All was corrupted in an instant, transforming those inside into soulless husks of who they once were. Some were lucky enough to retain a humanoid form, while others morphed into eldritch horrors hopelessly beyond recognition. Once a great hub of knowledge, these forsaken archives now hold something far more sinister. Centuries of ancient wisdom, all lost in the blink of an eye. None have set foot on this decrepit site since.
Those who dare tread its cursed grounds may find themselves wiser for it, but at what cost?”

For additional information on the Cursed Library, check out this thread!

Portal & Key

End of Easter Events

  • Magic Eggs no longer drop
  • Egg baskets & Easter Eggs no longer spawn in the Realm
  • Mini-Biff Godland Enemies (Mini Easter God) no longer spawn in the Realm
  • Oryx the Mad God 2 no longer drops a Portal to Heroic Undead Lair
  • Septavius the Ghost God no longer drops the Heroic Undead Lair Incantation
  • Heroic Undead Lair Incantations remain usable but can no longer be purchased from the Nexus

Archer ST added to Davy Jones:


  • All skins worth 2000 FP have been removed from the Nexus/Bazaars
  • Cursed Library Key added to the Nexus Store (200g)
  • Cursed Library Key has not been added in any of the Mystery Key items yet and will be added in the coming months
  • Archer ST set has been added to the Mystery ST Chest when it was released (on May 7th)
  • New Skins
  • Updated the description of the Legendary Mystery Key to show that it can grant Secluded Thicket Keys
  • Fixed a typo in the Wraith’s Brigandine description
  • Fixed various issues related to server instability

Patch Notes X.31.8.0

July 10

Alien Invasion Event

Invading aliens have made the realm their next target and it’s up to you to send them back to outer space.
This brand new addition will spice up the realm cycle as any realms could become invaded however it is not a guaranteed occurrence, the more heroes you defeat in the realm, the higher the chance of the event triggering.

Once an invasion has started you will hear from Commander Calbrik and start seeing his army roaming in the mountains. To progress you will need to defeat more and more aliens until more powerful ones show up until finally Calbrik himself joins the fray in his ship for a final confrontation.

Defeating Calbrik’s UFO will allow you to obtain the following items:

  • Heavy Protective Matrix
    • Count as Alien Gear
    • +21 defense
    • On Taking damage below 75 hp: Become invulnerable for 2 seconds Become dazed for 5 seconds 240 seconds cooldown
  • Fitted Protective Matrix
    • Count as Alien Gear
    • +15 defense
    • On Taking damage below 75 hp: Become invulnerable for 2 seconds Become dazed for 5 seconds 240 seconds cooldown
  • Magic Protective Matrix
    • Count as Alien Gear
    • +10 defense
    • On Taking damage below 75 hp: Become invulnerable for 2 seconds Become dazed for 5 seconds 240 seconds cooldown
  • Locked Reactor
  • Metal Scrap

Once Calbrik is defeated wormholes will start appearing all around the realm.

Each of those wormholes is a gauntlet style dungeon where you have to fight off waves of enemies as they teleport in. If you are fast enough you will be able to progress further into the waves but if you happen to be too slow then the waves will stop and you will be allowed to return to the realm.

Malogia is behind the red wormhole and a planet with luscious forest, it is not that different from ours however the creatures there are rather aggressive so stay on your toes at all times! In this wormhole you will be able to acquire the following alien gear:

Untaris is behind the blue wormhole and a fractured planet where ice has consumed a majority of the areas. To navigate you will need to use smaller wormholes to teleport across platforms forcing you to keep track of your location. In this wormhole you will be able to acquire the following alien gear:

Forax is behind the green wormhole and a planet covered in acid water, the general environment is dangerous, especially the extremely fast tide you find there. You will need to decide when to cross through and whether or not you can handle the acid river without risking your life. In this wormhole you will be able to acquire the following alien gear:

Katalund is behind the yellow wormhole and a planet covered by unbreathable cloud gas, thankfully there is an air pocket for you to breath but it is constanting shifting. You will need to move alongside it to survive while also keeping track of enemy location as they get more resistant under the gas. In this wormhole you will be able to acquire the following alien gear:

You can also access the four wormholes by using the keys obtained via the First Encounter-campaign or later during the month via the Login Calendar, please note that the keys can only be used in your vault or in a guild hall and that the dungeons have a player limit of 25.

Alien Cores

The Alien Invasion offers Players a chance to get exotic loot. Through their adventure, Players will be able to obtain unique Alien gear as well as Alien Cores.

There are 4 Alien Cores that can be found in the different Wormholes and via the Tinkerer. Each of these unique items get stronger as you wear more Alien Gear.

In addition, Players will be able to open the mysterious Locked Reactor they obtained via the First Encounter-campaign. Doing so will grant them the Entropy Reactor.

  • Alien Core: Power
    • Count as Alien Gear
    • On Taking Damage: 10% chance to paralyze surrounding enemies in a 3.5 radius for 4 seconds
    • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • +5 attack
      • +5 dexterity
    • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • 7 attack
      • +7 dexterity
  • Alien Core: Corrosion
    • Count as Alien Gear
    • On Taking Damage: 10% chance to poison surrounding enemies in a 3.5 radius for 4.5 seconds
      • 50 impact damage
      • 1500 damage over time
    • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • +45 HP
      • +9 speed
      • +4 dexterity
    • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • +45 HP
      • +4 attack
  • Alien Core: Warp
    • Count as Alien Gear
    • On Taking Damage: 10% chance to create a decoy
    • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • +45 MP
      • +5 dexterity
    • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • +45 MP
      • +10 defense
  • Alien Core: Dark Matter
    • Count as Alien Gear
    • On Taking Damage: 10% chance to Armor Break surrounding enemies in a 2.5 radius for 4.5 seconds
    • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • +65 HP
      • +5 defense
    • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • +65 HP
      • +10 defense
  • Loaded Core
    • Count as Alien Gear
    • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • +60 HP
      • +45 MP
      • +5 defense
      • +5 attack
      • +5 dexterity
      • +9 speed
    • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • +60 HP
      • +45 MP
      • +5 defense
      • +5 attack
      • +5 dexterity
  • Entropy Reactor
    • Count as Alien Gear
    • On Taking Damage: 5% chance to paralyze surrounding enemies in a 3.5 radius for 4 seconds
    • On Taking Damage: 5% chance to poison surrounding enemies in a 3.5 radius for 4.5 seconds
      • 50 impact damage
      • 1500 damage over time
    • On Taking Damage: 5% chance to create a decoy
    • On Taking Damage: 5% chance to Armor Break surrounding enemies in a 2.5 radius for 4.5 seconds
    • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • +60 HP
      • +45 MP
      • +5 defense
      • +5 attack
      • +5 dexterity
      • +9 speed
    • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
      • +60 HP
      • +45 MP
      • +5 defense
      • +5 attack
      • +5 dexterity
  • Gravestone reskins thanks to Trensient (Supporter Gravestones will remain)
  • The Nexus has been visited by Aliens

Lair of Draconis Rework

Dungeon Credits:

  • Lead: Kiddforce
  • Design: MMoas, Xaklor
  • Art: Trensient, Aurum, Piggby, Wunderwafe
  • Special Thanks to: Atrapper, Toastrz, Mrunibro

The Lair of Draconis is about to change in a drastic way, say goodbye to disorganized color calling with no impact and say hello to a brand new inheritance system where each dragon inherits an attribute from the last! Not only that but the distinction between Hard Mode and Normal Mode is completely gone so you will no longer be forced to do Feargus first to access the mighty Ivory Wyvern!

The dungeon has received a giant overhaul altering everything you know while keeping it similar at its core, from the artwork to the gameplay a lot of work was done to make the Lair of Draconis truly stand out from any other dungeon.

The Rock Dragon has also received several changes to accompany the dungeon rework:

  • Immune to Paralyze and Slow
  • Speed is now based on the amount of segments left
  • Phase transitions are now based on HP rather than time
  • Rock Dragon Bats now slow instead of confuse
  • And a brand new second phase!

The Dragon Tamer Warrior ST Set received several improvements as well:

  • Indomptable:
    • Damage: 566-650 -> 525-575
    • Range: 3.5 -> 4
    • Rate of Fire: 25% -> 33%
    • -10 DEF -> 0 DEF
  • Helm of Draconic Dominance:
    • No longer paralyzes nearby enemies
    • +250 Max HP for 10 sec -> +125 Max HP for 6 sec (is now stackable)
    • Shoots 3 fireballs at cursor
    • Damage: 500-650
    • Range: 5.6
    • Shots hit multiple targets
    • Cooldown: 10 sec -> 0.5 sec
    • MP Cost: 80 -> 95
  • Set Bonus:
    • 3 Pieces Bonus: +5 DEX +10 DEF -> +5 DEX +80 MP

Not only that but the Sullen Blade will be turned back into the mythical Celestial Blade, of course its stats have been modernized to fit the faster pace of the game:

  • Name and Descriptions updated to those of the Celestial Blade
  • Shots: 3 -> 1
  • Damage: 40-120 -> 200-220
  • Range: 3.75 -> 5.2
  • Amplitude: 0.5 -> 0.65
  • Frequency: 0.5 -> 0.2
  • Fame Bonus: 4% -> 6%

Lair of Shaitan Rework

Dungeon Credits:

  • Lead: Kingged
  • Special Thanks: Toastrz, Tuvior, Artauris

Just like the Lair of Draconis, the Lair of Shaitan has received a major overhaul, while the core elements of the fight remain, the entire fight has been remade from the ground up to make it much more engaging and of course dangerous. Shaitan has a lot of new tricks up his sleeve so don’t underestimate him!

Of course since the difficulty has been increased to be in line with other Court of Oryx dungeons, the rewards should as well. Shaitans drop table now includes Vitality potions in addition to the already existing Attack potions. Their drop rates are more in line with other court dungeons like Puppet Master’s Encore, this is also the case for the tiered drops.

The Skull of Endless Torment has also received an update with a quite unique effect:

  • Updated description
  • Base Damage: 280 -> 120
  • Ignores Def: 60 -> 20
  • Radius: 1.75 -> 2.75
  • Heal: 90 -> 80
  • Hit 2 enemies at once: Removes negative conditions on self
  • Hit 4 enemies at once: Removes negative conditions on group
  • +40 HP -> +50 HP

Paladin ST Rework

As part of our design goal to improve all STs we have created an improved version of the Paladin ST.

The current ST has been removed from dropping from Candyland and has been replaced with the newer version. Players will keep any piece of the legacy set that they have in their possession. In addition, all Legacy piece will still be tradeable.

To reflect this change, the current ST and its pieces have been renamed to:

  • Legacy Swoll Paladin Set
  • Legacy Pixie-Enchanted Sword
  • Legacy Seal of the Enchanted Forest
  • Legacy Fairy Plate
  • Legacy Ring of Pure Wishes

The Legacy Swoll Paladin Set doesn’t provide bonus stats but players can still transform to the 16x16 sprite when wearing the full legacy set. The pieces of the Legacy set do not work with the new Swoll Set.

The new Paladin set will drop from Candyland. It has an improved Seal, Ring and bonus stats.

  • Pixie-Enchanted Sword
    • New sprite
    • Same stats
  • Seal of the Enchanted Forest
    • Party effect:
      • Damaging for 4 seconds in a 4.5 range
      • Wismod
    • On Self:
      • +15 defense for 4 seconds
      • -15 speed for 4 seconds
    • On Equip:
      • +5 defense
      • +9 attack
      • +9 wisdom
      • 115 MP Cost
  • Fairy Plate
    • New sprite
    • Same stats
  • Ring of Pure Wishes
    • On Equip:
      • +45 HP
      • +45 MP
      • +8 defense
  • Set Bonus:
    • 2 pieces:
      • +25 HP
      • +25 MP
      • +2 defense
      • +2 attack
    • 3 pieces:
      • +25 HP
      • +25 MP
      • +2 defense
      • +2 attack
    • 4 pieces:
      • +25 HP
      • +25 MP
      • +2 defense
      • +2 attack
    • Overall bonuses:
      • +75 HP
      • +75 MP
      • +6 defense
      • +6 attack

Note:The Mystery ST Chest item will now contain the new Paladin ST set instead of the Legacy Paladin ST set, which has been removed from the mystery item.

Cursed Library Update

The Cursed Library has received a small polish update to fix a few bugs, add some quality of life changes and add new prompts to the Realm Eye related to the Alien Invasion.

  • ATT no longer a guaranteed drop from the Corruption Phantom (the normal drop rate remains unchanged, however).
  • Slightly edited some room maps.
  • Portal of Cowardice replaces itself with a Realm Portal after the Corruption Phantom dies.
  • Golden Dagger prompt updated and fixed.
  • Avalon can no longer be insta-killed in his first phase.
  • A few typos in the Realm Eye’s speech were corrected.
  • Added 7 new prompts to the Realm Eye.

Special Events

Double Drop Chance for Event Whites

All event whites have their drop chance doubled from today until the next release on the 16th of July!

Discord Shoutout

You should join the Realm of the Mad God official Discord server so you can participate in various events with amazing prizes over the course of Month(s) of the Mad God.

They’re currently running a fan lore contest! Prizes include Realm Gold, Mystery ST Chests and more!

For more details:


  • The Alien Tech Fragments used in the First Contact Campaign will be removed
  • The Permafrost Lord will no longer appear in the Realm
  • Various bug fixes have been added
  • Updated Guill dialogue for Lair of Draconis
  • Added new Guill dialogue for the wormholes
  • Vault has been extended from 120 to 140 vaults
  • New character and pet skins!
  • New Mystery Summer Skin item, which includes the following skins:
    • Tennis Player Archer Skin
    • Beach Assassin Skin
    • Snorkeler Knight Skin
    • Beach Party Necromancer Skin
    • Banana Boat Paladin Skin
    • Buckethead Warrior Skin
    • Summer Vacation Wizard Skin
    • Hermit Wizard Skin
    • Baywatch Samurai Skin
    • Shark Hunter Ninja Skin
  • Don’t forget to claim your FREE MotMG Pack from the Mystery Store! (Once per account).
  • New Pet Food
  • New Cloths thanks to Aurum!
  • Reduced FP on Stone and Kingdom Skins from 1000 to 500
  • Content of MotMG Bags
Moss Bag Drops:
  • Lime Jungle Bay
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Oryx Stout
  • Quest Chest Item
  • Slime Archer Skin
  • Slime Assassin Skin
  • Slime Huntress Skin
  • Slime Knight Skin
  • Slime Mystic Skin
  • Slime Necromancer Skin
  • Slime Ninja Skin
  • Slime Paladin Skin
  • Slime Priest Skin
  • Slime Rogue Skin
  • Slime Samurai Skin
  • Slime Sorcerer Skin
  • Slime Trickster Skin
  • Slime Warrior Skin
  • Slime Wizard Skin
  • Stone Bag
Stone Bag Drops:
  • Backpack
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Lucky Clover
  • Mad God Bag
  • Potion of Max Level 1
  • Stone Archer Skin
  • Stone Assassin Skin
  • Stone Huntress Skin
  • Stone Knight Skin
  • Stone Mystic Skin
  • Stone Necromancer Skin
  • Stone Ninja Skin
  • Stone Paladin Skin
  • Stone Priest Skin
  • Stone Rogue Skin
  • Stone Samurai Skin
  • Stone Sorcerer Skin
  • Stone Trickster Skin
  • Stone Warrior Skin
  • Stone Wizard Skin
  • XP Booster
Mad God Bag Drops:
  • Blackguard Mercenary Assassin Skin
  • Carthusian Monk Priest Skin
  • Court Wizard Skin
  • Demon Summoner Necromancer Skin
  • Forax Key
  • Foreign General Samurai Skin
  • Forest Tracker Huntress Skin
  • Katalund Key
  • King of Thieves Rogue Skin
  • Kings Bowman Archer Skin
  • Kingsman Armorbearer Paladin Skin
  • Kingsman Cavalry Warrior Skin
  • Kingsman Guard Knight Skin
  • Malogia Key
  • Royal Sorcerer Skin
  • Sensei Ninja Skin
  • Untaris Key
  • Village Peasant Trickster Skin
  • Wandering Gypsy Mystic Skin

Patch Notes X.31.9.0

August 9

Fungal Cavern

Fungal Cavern is the first part of a brand new dungeon that will pit you against many mushrooms and other critters on your journey to incredible treasures. This cavern was once a mine, famous for its countless crystals of the highest quality, but it has since been taken over by mushroom tribes and there are few that would dare explore it. Steamhammer’s Mining Co. is willing to do so as long as they are protected by the finest adventurers.

And stay tuned for the second part of the dungeon Crystal Cavern coming in the next few weeks!

Community Event

Congratulations to all of you! You completed over 100,000 quests to help the dwarves fund their expedition! As a reward they give you:

  • 2x Event Whites Drop will be on for 5 days, starting now (affected: all Encounter White bags + Quiver of Thunder)
  • 2 free spins of the Free Fungal Cavern Box (you can find it in the Mystery Shop)
  • exchange Amethyst Shard x1 and obtain ST Shards x10, check at the Tinkerer
  • exchange Amethyst Shard x 10 and obtain one of the UFO Pet Skins, check at the Tinkerer
    Rewards will be available for collection until 08/12 - 12:00 PM UTC

We noticed that our wording in the patch-notes about keeping a Amethyst Shard x1 for the reward quest was not clear enough.
Of course we would never want you to miss out on your rewards - you deserve them! That’s why our team created additional quests so you can still get an Amethyst Shard x1 right now, even if you have a bigger stack than that. We are sorry for the inconvenience - Enjoy the spoils of your hard work!

Update 2 (08/09/2019):

The “Unstack Shards 10” quest is now available at the Tinkerer! We had some technical issue which are now fixed. We again apologize for the inconvenience!

Wizard ST Rework

As part of our design goal to improve all STs we have created an improved version of the Wizard ST.
The current ST has been removed from dropping from Shatters and has been replaced with the newer version. Players will keep any piece of the legacy set that they have in their possession. In addition, all Legacy pieces will still be tradeable.
To reflect this change, the current ST and its pieces have been renamed to:

The Legacy Twilight Archmage Set doesn’t provide bonus stats but players can still transform to the 16x16 sprite when wearing the full legacy set. The pieces of the Legacy set do not work with the new Twilight Archmage Set.
The new Wizard set will drop from Shatters. It has an improved Staff, Ring and bonus stats.

  • Sentient Staff
    • 2 Shots
    • 50 - 110 Damage
    • Range 8.3
    • Projectiles speed 200
    • Reduced Amplitude
  • Ancient Spell: Pierce
    • 20 Shots
    • Ignore defense of target
    • Cost 80 MP
    • Range 13
  • Robe of Twilight
    • +60 Hp
    • +60 MP
    • +10 Defense
    • +3 Speed
  • Forgotten Ring
    • +75 MP
    • +7 Dexterity
    • +6 Defense
  • Total ST Bonus
    • +45 HP
    • +45 MP
    • +9 Defense
  • Partial ST bonus when 2, 3 and 4 pieces are equipped:
    • +15 HP
    • +15 MP
    • +3 Defense

Note: The Mystery ST Chest item will now contain the new Wizard ST set instead of the Legacy Wizard ST set, which has been removed from the mystery item.


Patch Notes X.31.9.1

August 13

Hello Realmers!

As MotMG is slowly coming to an end, we have a few small updates for you:

Fungal Cavern

  • Crystals now have HP Scaling
  • Drill should always open the way to boss
  • Updated item tooltips to be more clear
  • Fixed a few typos on items

Other events:

  • Permafrost Lord Encounter
    • Event details: The Permafrost Lord will run from 08/13 - 12:00 PM UTC until 08/20 - upon end of MotMG release.
    • UFO now spawns guaranteed once per realm!
  • Event White Drop Chance x2 has been been deactivated.


We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that everything will work right after the currently undergoing server update!

Patch X.31.9.2 - Crystal Cavern

August 23

The expedition continues!

After vanquishing the crystalline creature embedded in the Fungal Cavern, the dwarf informs you of the unimaginable riches hidden even deeper within. Blinded by the pleasure of treasure (and perhaps against your better judgment), you throw yourself into the depths below and soon discover crystals… everywhere! But not all is as it seems, for upon closer inspection you notice that some of those gems are very much alive, ready to kill you and your crew for trespassing on their territory. What awaits at the heart of this cavernous labyrinth?

Crystal Cavern

Defeating the Crystal Worm Mother in the Fungal Cavern will allow you access to the Crystal Cavern. The dungeon is structured similarly to the Fungal Cavern. Defeat 25 Crystals to activate the drill and make your way to the Crystal Entity.

With the release of the second and final part of the Abandoned Mineshaft, we are also adding new entries to the Realm Eye in the Cursed Library, four to be exact! Guill also has new lines when a Fungal Cavern is opened next to him, giving you tips and other witty remarks on the deeper part of the dungeon.

Crystals of Fortune

With the introduction of our new Magic Box system, we release two types of crystals: Crystal of Extreme Fortune and Crystal of Fortune. The first will be exchangeable for new skins, while the second type for those already released in the past. If you are not willing to collect them in chase of new skin, you can serve them as pet food. For more information about them and the new Magic Box system read our Producer’s Letter.

The first new boxes will be available in the shop starting today, one of them being a farewell box for our dear friend r4ndomSXD who decided to chase new adventures. You can find his goodbye letter right here.


  • Added new Epic Quest for Crystal Cavern
  • Cursed Library Key is now purchasable for 100 gold. The Key was also added to the Epic Mystery Key Item
  • Deactivated Alien Gravestones
  • Returned Nexus back to normal
  • Deactivated Permafrost Lord
  • New Pet Skins

Double XP in Fungal & Crystal Cavern

To celebrate the release of the Crystal Cavern, we are activating a double XP event in both Fungal and Crystal Cavern.

The Event will run from 08/22 - 12:00 PM UTC until 08/26 - 12:00 PM UTC

UFO spawn

You fought back well and managed to push the alien forces out! Now that MotMG has come to an end, Commander Calbrik gathered his army and ordered them to get back on their ships. He left in pursuit of a new mission, but he plans to visit realms every once in a while to measure your power levels.

  • Aliens will still spawn in the realms, but at a way lower rate
  • MotMG Tokens will no longer drop
  • Wormholes’ Final Bosses can now drop their respective Wormhole Cloth and the UFO can drop the UFO cloth (both Small and Large)
  • UFO can now drop the Space Smuggler Rogue Skin

More information about upcoming changes can be found in our Producer’s Letter.

Patch X.31.9.3 - The Keyper

September 4

Great tremors have been taking place throughout the realms. At first, some assumed it was just Oryx getting overzealous with his earth-rattling quakes, but as heroes and monsters alike turned their faces to the sky, the real cause became clear. Five imposing towers of raw crystal have pierced the surface of the land. A beautiful sight, to be sure…

…well, for about five seconds before everyone realized what these towers brought with them. Gemstone abominations, creatures once limited to the depths of the Crystal Cavern, have breached the realm’s exterior! Only someone with the mining prowess of a dwarf would be able to achieve a feat like this, but why?

The Keyper

The Keyper is a brand new event that aims to provide engagement in the realms as well as greater accessibility to rarer dungeons. You can fight him up to two times per realm after you disable his 5 crystal towers. They will spawn in the highlands and mountains after you defeat all Cyclops Gods and activate once again later in the cycle after you defeat all Ent Ancients.

A victory over The Keyper will guarantee you 8 portal drops out of a pool that we will update over time. But be warned: He may be a coward, but like a cornered bear, he can strike back with great force. He has infinite keys, after all, and he isn’t afraid to weaponize them.

  • Loot from The Keyper:

  • Current Dungeon Drop Pool:

    • Lost Halls
    • The Nest
    • The Shatters
    • Secluded Thicket
    • Lair of Draconis

You can read more about him here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Tome of Purification removed the Pet Stasis icon
  • Added HP Scaling to Lord Ruthven
  • Fixed Library’s Realm Eye typo for the Crystal Entity


  • Added unlock text to the Vial of Pure Darkness
  • Made Loot Boosters not deplete in safe zones (Nexus, Vault, Guild Hall, Bazaar, Daily Quest Room, Pet Yard)
  • Polished Crystal Cavern
    • Fixed Red Crystals at boss having wrong Display Id
    • Fixed Red Crystals at boss doing damage when they shouldn’t
    • Fixed Crystallized Scorpion shooting as soon as it spawns
    • Tweaked Crystallized Crawler to retreat less often, with less range and less speed
    • Fixed a few rooms missing tiles
    • Drill Dwarf now announces 100% completion when no more Crystals exist


Encounter Dungeons

Seeing that you fancy the encounter dungeon guaranteeing, we have decided to keep it that way. More dungeons equals more fun!

Upcoming Events this Weekend

  • Keypers’ towers will start spawning in the realms, starting 09/05 - 12:00 PM UTC until 09/10 - 12:00 PM UTC.

    • Note: The towers and Keyper will only appear in realms generated after 12:00 PM UTC.
  • Increased Loot Drop and EXP in Lair of Draconis will be active, starting 09/06 - 12:00 PM UTC until 09/10 - 12:00 PM UTC.

The Keyper’s Challenge

September 10

Changes to The Keyper:

  • The second time the Keyper becomes available, the towers will alternatively respawn after killing all Liches if all of them die before the final Ent Ancient. This is to prevent the Keyper from spawning immediately upon a realm closing.
  • The Keyper will drop stackable Crystal Fragments. Collect 30 of them to exchange them for a unique new UT accessory, the Crystal Key. Just click on the Crystal Fragments x30 stack and it will automatically turn into the brand new UT item!

Additionally, the Keyper has received minor behavior tweaks in his first and third phases. He will circle players slightly slower and charge inward more frequently in his first phase, and his third phase is now more likely to run at slower speeds.

The Aliens are back!

September 17

Hello Realmers!

Calbrik is back, but this time not of his own volition. He was developing an army of Alien Biffs in a remote base, but an unexpected swarm of coordinated invaders stormed the compound and released the cyborg terrors. The extraterrestrial rabbits are now running wild in the realms and causing havoc. Calbrik had no choice but to get on his ship and come pay you a visit. Protect your territory again in this limited time invasion and use the opportunity to obtain alien gear!

The aliens are back for a second round. The UFO will be guaranteed once per realm and will drop 5 Universal Tokens made by Aurum for each player. Meanwhile, Alien Biff will spawn after all Cyclops Gods are defeated and will drop 3 guaranteed Universal Tokens, as well as a chance for Alien Armors and Locked Reactor. He will also drop a random wormhole when defeated! Additionally, the first and second bosses of wormholes will drop 1 Universal Token each.

One last thing, you might wanna check the Mystery Shop tomorrow once the event starts… maybe there will be some FAMEous rewards…Maybe…

Update 09/18:

  • Added Crystal Cobra Pet Skin in the Crystal Cavern’s loot table.
  • Some Challenger Mode preparations were released to production.

RIFT Season 1 over & Prismimic & Patch Notes 32.0.3

October 1

Hello Realmers,

We bring news!


Starting today, you will be faced with a new pop-up when you enter the game. In it, you can enter an email address of yours where we can contact you with news about the Unity Beta, and even more importantly, access to it! If you do not want to see this window anymore, you can turn it off in the game settings.

This is especially important for the Steam players among you, as we will have to send you additional login information to enable you to play the Unity Beta through Steam.


It was great to finally release this feature and we hope you had a blast! It was fantastic to see so many players, old and new, come into the RIFT and make Season 1 a special time for all. Based on the feedback and data we gathered from this first season we will continue to improve the mode and continue to bring new and exciting RIFTS your way!

Of course, not everything was perfect in this season, and a big part of our work right now is to address as many of those issues in time for the next season. Notable issues were:

  • Some of you that are playing through Kongregate were unable to join the season at all. We are looking at this from all angles and will find a solution until next season.
  • It turned out that the Tunnel Rat quest was more challenging than we planned. Less than 30% of players logged into RIFTS were able to complete the quest - it was supposed to be a participation reward for the majority of participants. Being impressed with how many of you joined the first RIFT, we want to reward the whole community with the Tier 3 rewards (Mystery ST Chest x1, Chest Coupon x3.) in a free pack that will be available for three days starting tomorrow 10/02/2019 12:00PM UTC.
  • Besides those bigger ones, we had a number of other problems (e.g. star requirements for chat, pet skin change FP cost, Ice Cave spawning, etc.) that we are all working on fixing.

Rewards for completing Tunnel Rat and Last Call quest will be sent tomorrow (10/2/2019).

Once we have a new, better version of RIFTS, we will run another similar season with a few small changes. Stay tuned for more info!

New Event this week - PRISMIMIC!

The Prismimic is one of the Crystal Entity’s more promising creations, constructed to cause havoc among surface dwellers. As a skilled illusionist who uses deceptive light reflection to trick victims, its purpose is to study various foes so that it may learn and mimic them. These cunning creatures have started their evaluation with two especially curious dungeon bosses: The rapidly evolving Murderous Megamoth of the Woodland Labyrinth, and the enigmatic hermit Esben residing in the Ice Cave.

What is a Prismimic?

Prismimic is a new Event Boss which will be activated in Dungeons occasionally. It spawns alongside dungeon bosses where the event is running. The fight only begins once players have defeated the real dungeon boss. Once the fight has started, Prismimic will split into two enemies - Attacker and Defender. Each of them will then undergo three transformations as the fight progresses, making it play out differently each time.

Prismimic Attacker Drops:

  • Candy-Coated Armor
  • Doku No Ken
  • Leaf Bow
  • Mimicry Trap [NEW]
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Pirate King’s Cutlass
  • Spirit Staff
  • Staff of Extreme Prejudice
  • Tezcacoatl’s Tail

Prismimic Defender Drops:

  • Demon Blade
  • Doom Bow
  • Murky Toxin
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Prism of Dancing Swords
  • Prismimic [NEW]
  • Skullish Remains of Esben
  • Tome of Purification
  • Wand of the Bulwark

Event details:

Woodland Labyrinth 10/03/2019 12:00PM UTC - 10/05/2019 12:00PM UTC

Ice Cave 10/05/2019 12:00PM UTC - 10/07/2019 12:00PM UTC


We prepared an additional event for you this weekend!

A few Godlands Gods will temporarily have a chance to drop their respective pet skins! Figure out which and try to get some!


  • This weekend we will be hosting a PT of a brand new system affecting health and mana regeneration alongside other balance changes related to it!
  • New Skins
  • A new group of experienced and trusted players was created which aims to cooperate with our CS team to catch cheaters with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Patch Notes 32.0.4 - RIFTs Season 2, upcoming events and more

October 8

Hello Realmers,

Here’s what we have for you:

RIFT Season 2 - Midweek Mayhem

We are happy to inform you that we’ve prepared another RIFT season for you. It is very similar to the previous one but with a few tweaks:

  • Shorter season - this time the season will only be for 2 days starting tomorrow 10/09/2019 at 11:00 AM UTC and ending on Friday 10/11/2019 at 11:00 AM UTC.
  • Rewards will be also distributed a little differently:
    • A participation reward - complete the Power of Pixie quest to get your rewards - an Egg Omelette on RIFTS + a Mystery ST Chest x1, which will be sent to you on Original Mode after the season is over.
    • RIFTS Veteran reward - complete the Wine and Die quest at the Tinkerer’s to get your rewards - a Superburger on RIFTS + the unique Red Turtle Shell Pet Skin on Original Mode after the season is over.
    • A Season Winners reward - a special background for your star level on Original. Different placements will get different backgrounds.
  • Because the season is shorter you will also be limited with less lives! This time just 3!
  • To make it a little harder pets will be limited to common.
  • We also made some changes to the Wine Cellar

Good luck!

Here are the events we prepared for you this week!

  1. A Chest Challenge will run in the Mountain Temple from 10/09 - 12:00 PM UTC until 10/12 -12:00 PM UTC The Chest can drop Shard of the Mad God x1, which can be stacked up to x25 and be used to obtain a random weapon from the Agents of Oryx series!

Loot : All Drops Infographic

Mountain Temple Drops:

  • Akuma’s Tear
  • Autumn Hedgehog Pet Skin
  • Backpack
  • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
  • Epic Mystery Skin
  • Kamishimo
  • Kazekiri
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Lucky Clover
  • Mountain Temple Key
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Orb of Aether
  • Potion of Dexterity (SB)
  • Potion of Max Level
  • Potion of Wisdom (SB)
  • Power Pizza
  • Ryu’s Blade
  • Shard of the Mad God x1
  • Wand of the Fallen
  • Wanderer Samurai Skin
  • Wine Cellar Incantation

    1. Starting 10/10 - 12:00 PM UTC until 10/14 - 12:00 PM UTC. a new group of Godlands Gods will drop their respective pet skins.

    2. Prismimic will run in the Lair of Draconis from 10/12 - 12:00 PM UTC until 10/15 - 12:00 PM UTC. The Prismimic Defender now has a chance of dropping a Shard of the Mad God x1.

Agents of Oryx Series

We created this series of weapons to connect all the events we are currently running in RotMG. To make this connection starting today (10/08) dungeon events will drop Shards of the Mad God. Once you collect 25 and right-click on the stack, you will be rewarded with 1 out of 6 weapons from Agents of Oryx Series. Tokens dropping from events and equipment to obtain will rotate throughout the year so that within 12 months, players will be able to obtain each part of equipment. Here are Oryx’s Weapons.

Dwarf Miner Event changes:

  • Waiting time between waves has been reduced significantly
  • Waves have been condensed from 7 to 4
  • Waves are as follows:
    • 3 Melee x2
    • 3 Mage x2
    • 2 Melee + 2 Mage x2
    • 1 Melee + 1 Mage + 1 Leader x2
  • Mushrooms no longer spawn instantly, but 1 by 1 with a small delay in-between
  • Crystal Worm Father now has more HP (50000 -> 75000) and some Invulnerability at the start of phases
  • Crystal Worm Father’s shots are now faster.
  • Crystal Worm Father now only spawns 1 Worm
  • Crystal Worm Father now shoot during the first Death Morel phase
  • Crystal Worm Father now spawn more Death Morel on his last phase
  • Crystal Worm Father now always grant XP
  • Death Morel now has less HP (20000 -> 10000)


We are very thankful for all feedback and testing you made. We registered almost 350 players on testing servers each day. Due to the mixed feedback we are not introducing these changes any time soon. We need to first review all the comments and make some adjustments. Once we do that we will run another PTs to gather feedback. These are big changes to the game and we need time to decide if and how we want to implement them.


  • New skins!
  • Purple name & glow should now appear only for Unity Supporters

* Our ticket system is currently down. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

Heroic Weekend, Kiddforce&Toastrz Stream and more!

October 16

Hello Realmers,

The season of spooks is approaching!


Our Halloween Event will start on 10/23/2019 and will last until 11/6/2019. We have prepared many scary attractions and free stuff will be on the menu so be sure to participate!

To get you in the mood, we will host a Heroic Weekend and tease some of the upcoming limited items! Starting today 10/16/2019, The Keyper will be back in the Realms with an updated dungeon pool featuring the Heroic Undead Lair and Heroic Abyss of Demons! His current pool is Heroic Abyss of Demons, Heroic Undead Lair, Lair of Draconis, Cnidarian Reef, and Secluded Thicket.

Furthermore, the Keyper event has received some light balance changes. HP scaling on all Emergent monsters has been removed, and all damage values have been approximately halved, making them overall much less lethal than their dungeon counterparts.

We will also have events for both heroic dungeons:

  • UDL - 10/17/2019 12:00 PM UTC - 10/20/2019 12:00 PM UTC
  • Abyss - 10/19/2019 12:00 PM UTC - 10/22/2019 12:00 PM UTC

During the time of the events, the Heroic Dungeon Portals will have a chance to spawn at the end of their respective normal dungeon. Heroic dungeons will be also dropping some extra stuff for the duration:

For Halloween, we prepared some scary reskins of existing ST sets. Each Mystery Item will transform into one out of 8 items from two sets:

You will be able to obtain these items via quests and as drops during the Halloween Event, but now we are giving you an opportunity to get some in advance! Furthermore, the top 50 openers of Heroic Keys (Heroic Abyss & Heroic UDL combined) will be rewarded with both Mystery Items for their altruism!

Additionally, we are deactivating the Beer God until the 21st of October, when he will make a special appearance. During our Octoberfest Event, he will be more common, have more HP, and have a few new tricks up his sleeves. He will spawn up to two times per realm and will also bring his signature items with him: The Mighty Stein and the Greaterhosen!


This Thursday (10/17/2019) we have also something special for you! At 3 PM UTC our two famous designers Kiddforce & Toastrz will host a stream. Testing servers will be open for public so you can either join them or watch them on Twitch channel. They will be running a new version of Cemetery prepared to be released for Halloween Event and answering your questions. Join them in realm or on Twitch chat!


  • Note that in an upcoming release, all Halloween Haunted Cemetery keys will be converted to standard Haunted Cemetery keys as a part of our Haunted Cemetery revisions. The Pumpkin Master will still be accessible in this dungeon during the Halloween season, but if you would like direct access, we suggest that you use your keys soon.
  • The number of disconnections should be decreased with this release and we are working on more improvements in terms of lag and disconnection.
  • Fungal Cavern Key has been added to the Legendary Mystery Key Item
  • Tesla Coils in Mad Lab and Lanterns in Mountain Temple will now become visible on the minimap when you defeat Dr. Terrible/Daichi.