Stheno the Snake Queen

Last updated: X.12

Stheno the Snake Queen is the boss of the Snake Pit.

The Realm Eye says:
Unlike her sister, Stheno took to a more reclusive life in the depths of a ruined temple.
She lacks the raw power of Medusa, but her skilled handling of dual blades lead Oryx to make her a general.



HP: 9,000 (+20% [1,800 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 19
EXP: 1,500
Location: Snake Pit

Counts toward God Kills
Immune to Stasis
Level 1 Quest

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
White Bullet
Blind for 1.4s
Red Bomb
Radius: 2.5
Cooldown: 1s


Stheno is found in the middle of the boss room of the Snake Pit. When players first enter the room, she will spawn several Stheno Pets that rapidly circle her while firing Slowing shots. Any pets that are killed will be respawned immediately.

She alternates between the following phases in order. Throughout all her phases she has frequent invulnerability periods. Note that if her target backs out of the center of the room, she will stop firing.

Phase 1

Stheno fires pairs of Blades in 4 directions, with 1 of them being aimed in the direction of the nearest player. After firing several times, she will switch to Phase 2.

Phase 2

Stheno spawns in a large group of Stheno Swarms that cluster around her, protecting her from shots while firing their own bullets at players. Stheno herself will be in the middle of the group, firing single Blades in 4 directions. The Swarms will despawn after a while, and after they despawn Stheno will switch to Phase 3.

Phase 3

Stheno fires a 6-directional spiral of Blinding White Bullets that rotate in one direction. Every second, she will also be firing bombs at players. The Bombs do heavy damage: beware!

After firing for a bit, she transitions back into Phase 1.


Stheno Pet
Stheno Swarm

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Tips and Strategies

The optimal place to be is inside the ring the fast-circling guardians make, constantly moving to avoid their shots and slow effect. Avoid the direct diagonals of Stheno, as that is where she will fire the heavy-damage bolts towards.

Don’t try to kill her little friends; they take longer to kill than Stheno, and respawn immediately.

She is most vulnerable during the blind and bomb spam phase, but this is also the most dangerous time to stay in range. To do this phase, shift a little bit in one direction when she attacks, but try to only move in one direction.

A note for knights, try to stun after her snakes in the second phase start to disappear.

A tip for archers, make sure to use your quiver as much as possible. If you do not own a Doom Bow and you are soloing this boss, make sure to stay in between her and her minions and wait for the correct time to fire your quiver, for extra damage. If you have a Doom Bow then the quiver’s additional damage may not be necessary.

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The Eternal Snowflake Wand has previously dropped from Stheno as a limited availability item, during winter 2016-17 only until Patch X.12.