Snake Pit

Last updated: X32.7.1
Snake Pit
Difficulty: 1

The Snake Pit is a low-medium level dungeon. Enemies found in this dungeon have moderate amounts of health and they are particularly strong and dangerous in groups. This dungeon is intended for medium level players (Suggested Level: 10-20).

Entrances to the Snake Pit are dropped commonly from the Medusa and certain Highland enemies.


Snake Pit KeyThe Snake Pit Key is available in the Nexus for 50 Realm Gold.


See the Snake Pit Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.


  • Before the boss battle there are always 5 rooms.
The Realm Eye says:
The Snake Pit was previously a temple used long ago by church leaders for communion with the gods.
Left to rot when Oryx took over, hundreds of serpents throughout the realm took refuge in the cracked stone walls.





Example 1:

Example 2:

S = Starting Room
F = Stheno’s Room
T = Treasure room

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Screenshots of Snake Pit:


Boss Room


The Treasure Room

Treasure Rooms of the Snake Pit have a shape that is easily recognizable from the circular rooms otherwise found throughout the dungeon. At the top of the room, a red button is found, and when stepped on, the otherwise peaceful room reveals itself as a trap. Upon stepping on the button, arrows begin firing from the walls that inflict Bleeding status, and the Snakepit Guard is released. The Snakepit Guard will follow the player(s) slowly and will not move out of the top of the treasure room until Phase 2. When it reaches its second phase, It fires 2 shots in a V pattern that only travel a short distance but inflict the debilitating Dazed status. It also shoots out bullets that do about 65 damage all around itself, but with very short range. The Snakepit Guard’s drops are the same as Stheno, the boss of the Snake Pit.

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Tips and Strategies: