Snake Pit

Last updated: Exalt Version (Feb 2022)
Snake Pit
Difficulty: 2.5Difficulty: 2.5Difficulty: 2.5
Music: Viperidae

The Snake Pit is a low-medium level dungeon. Enemies found in this dungeon have moderate amounts of health and can be particularly strong and dangerous in groups. This dungeon is intended for medium level players.

This dungeon is an easy source of Potions of Speed. It also is the main source of the Snake Oil consumable, two fairly weak untiered items, the rare Wand of the Bulwark, Snake Chamer Pungi, two pieces of the Acidified Assassin ST set, and a unique assassin and pet skin.

Entrances to the Snake Pit are dropped commonly from the Medusa and certain Highland enemies.

This dungeon must be completed to earn ‘Tunnel Rat‘, ‘King of the Mountains‘, ‘Hero of the Nexus’ and ‘Realm of the Mad Godfame bonuses.

The Realm Eye says:
The Snake Pit was previously a temple used long ago by church leaders for communion with the gods.
Left to rot when Oryx took over, hundreds of serpents throughout the realm took refuge in the cracked stone walls.


Snake Pit Key The Snake Pit Key is available in the Nexus for 50 Realm Gold.


The Snake Pit Guide is currently a work in progress.



The dungeon consists of a series of circular rooms linked by hallways that are filled in with easily destructible brown blocks. Each room has simple brown floor tiles, many of them cracked, and brown walls with red and blue drawings. Scattered throughout each room are indestructible Snake Grate tiles which will continually spawn Pit Snakes and Pit Vipers.

There are always 5 rooms between the starting room and boss room.

There is a chance that at least one treasure room (described below) will appear in a Snake Pit instance.

Example Layout

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Snake Pit Screenshot 1 Snake Pit Screenshot 2

Snake Pit Screenshot 3 Snake Pit Boss Room

Treasure Room

Unactivated Treasure Room Activated Treasure Room

Treasure Rooms of the Snake Pit have a shape that is easily recognizable from the circular rooms otherwise found throughout the dungeon. At the top of the room, a red button is found, and when stepped on, the otherwise peaceful room reveals itself as a trap.

Upon stepping on the button, arrows begin firing from the walls that inflict Bleeding status, and the Snakepit Guard is released. The Snakepit Guard will follow the player(s) slowly and will not move out of the top of the treasure room until Phase 2. When it reaches its second phase, it will start moving between the top and bottom of the treasure room, shooting Dazing stars near the button and exit, alongside shots and bombs to its sides. The Snakepit Guard’s drops are similar to those of Stheno, the boss of the Snake Pit, with some differences.

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Dungeon Boss

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Treasure Room Boss

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Drops of Interest

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Daily Quests

The Snake Pit is part of the Standard Quest pool from The Tinkerer and has two associated quests, including a scout quest.

Name Description Items Needed Reward
Scout the Pit Scout the Snake Pit and report back here! Mark of Stheno Potion of SpeedPotion of Speed
The Snake Queen Defeat Stheno in the Snake Pit. Mark of SthenoMark of SthenoMark of SthenoMark of Stheno
Mark of SthenoMark of SthenoMark of SthenoMark of Stheno
Standard Quest Chest

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Tips and Strategies

All enemies found in this dungeon cannot follow you through a one tile gap; so if you break only one tile in-between rooms, no enemies from the previous room will follow you.

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The Snake Pit was one of the first dungeons added in Build 74.

In Exalt Version (Sep 2020), this dungeon recieved a major overhaul, reworking most (if not all) of its content. For information on the original Snake Pit, see Snake Pit (Original).

Back in the Snake Pit (Original), pythons had some strange sprites that made them look like a shrimp, and it was therefor a common term among experienced players to refer to the Snake Pit as “Shrimp Pit”.

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