Acidic Armor

Acidic Armor A specially coated armor designed with the intent of nullifying illnesses. It is most beneficial when used in tandem with equipment of similar attributes.

Tier ST
On Equip +15 DEF, +5 VIT, +30 HP, +30 MP, -5 SPD
XP Bonus 6%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 700
Dismantling Value 20 Mythical Material

Part of the Acidified Assassin Set.

Offers the same amount of DEF as the T10 Roc Leather Armor, but there’s a speed reduction. The HP and MP boost makes up for it, but other leather armors have higher bonuses; either way it’s important if one wants to complete the Acidified Assassin Set.

Before Patch X.33.1.0 (May 2020), this item had a Feed Power of 850.