Release History 2012

Build 121 is live!

January 10

  • Guilds
    • Can create a guild for 1000 Fame at Guild Register
    • Guilds can have up to 50 members
    • Guilds have 4 ranks: Leader, Officer, Member and Initiate
    • Guild Hall is a shared space for players in a guild
    • Guild Chronicle shows current players in the guild
    • Guild Board is a text shared by the Guild
    • Players in a guild can chat with each other via “/g hello”
  • Oryx’s Castle: You can not reach Oryx now without fighting through his castle
  • Teleportation disabled in Oryx’s Castle, Chamber and Wine Cellar
  • New encounter: Lord of the Lost Lands
  • New low lands monster: Sumo Master
  • Lots of new untiered weapons and specials
  • Trickster ability made more tricky
  • Warrior only boosts speed of self (still boosts dex of allies)
  • Tells now work across all servers
  • Tomb of the Ancients starting/boss room changed
  • Septavius’s minions a little stronger, do not give XP
  • Fix to Sandsman King conventions
  • Horrid Reapers always disappear after Grand Sphinx death
  • Name change now costs 1000 Gold
  • Fewer constructs
  • Only 1 Grand Sphinx per realm

Please post any comments/bugs/etc. below.


EDIT: Added a few things I forgot.

New Nexus: USWest2

February 12

Hey all,

To handle increased load, we’ve created a new nexus: USWest2 and modified the nexus configuration in an attempt to balance the load better.

You may be assigned to a new nexus than the one you have used previously. You can always pick your nexus using the “servers” link on the title screen.

Post below if you run into any problems.


Build 122 is live!

February 13

  • New high-level dungeon: Ocean Trench
  • New mid-level Dungeon: Forbidden Jungle
  • New structure in midlands
  • When a new guild is created, the creator will now be the “Founder”
    • Founders can demote/remove Leaders
    • Existing Guilds won’t get a Founder (sorry)
  • Guild Fame
    • When a player earns fame, his guild earns an equal amount of Guild Fame.
    • Guild Fame can be spent by the leaders of the Guild.
    • Currently Guild Fame can only be used to buy better Guild Halls, but it will be given more uses in future builds.
  • New status effect: Sick. Disables healing.
  • Armor Pierce shows up as purple numbers now, instead of a status effect
  • White Demon now “swipes” twice before cooldown, and all shots ignore defense
  • Leviathan and Red Demon now sound different from other godlands enemies
  • Djinn awards EXP
  • Warrior Helms have a cooldown equal to duration + 1 second to prevent stacking with Untiered’s Armored effect.
  • The chatbox notifies you when a guild member has signed on
  • Grey Blobs deal less damage
  • Some encounters create a structure when they spawn
  • The quest marker will always point to the quest closest to your level, aka No more Lich hunt
  • Drinking a Tincture from the ground produces a boost
  • Poison shows range, damage, and duration on tooltip
  • Lord of the Lost Lands awards kills properly and has a health buff
  • All dungeon exits drop from boss now
  • Lots of backend stuff to improve performance/avoid lag
  • Potions now trigger heal effects, mp heal is also now visible
  • New encounter: Hermit God (drops Ocean Trench)
  • Modified Castle and Castle minions to make rushing more difficult
  • Bridges in Castle are longer
  • White Demon has new projectile graphic
  • Tutorial/Kitchen polished
  • Items to be traded are more visible
  • Spider Den
    • Darker walls
    • Eggs and broken eggs litter the floor (aesthetic only)
    • Boss chamber has pillars surrounding it
  • Snake Pit
    • Grey stone floors at spawn and end
    • 4 walls surround Stheno for cover
    • Destructible paths darker on minimap
  • Undead Lair
    • Candles placed at spawn and end
    • Blood splattered on various floors
  • Abyss of Demons
    • Bones littered around paths
    • Malphas’ chamber is surrounded by a lava moat with two rings of bridges
  • Ocean Trench
    • Key is available for 390 gold at Rank 4
    • +5 Max MP (Mana) Pots drop from boss
    • When your oxygen is depleted, you rapidly lose health
  • Oryx Castle
    • Last wall is now three blocks thick
    • Last wall has quiet towers firing at you
  • Wine Cellar
    • New enemy that leaves a slime trail that Slows and Sickens.
    • New enemy that throws wine at you. Inflicts Drunk.
    • Destructible barrels
    • Wine pools flowing out of walls (aesthetic only)
    • Enemy animations added
  • New untiereds: Bow, Staff, Skull, Leather, Robe, Ring, Potion

Please post any comments/bugs/etc. below.


Realm of the Steamy God @ 10am PT Monday!

February 18

Yeah, you read that right. On 10am Pacific Time, this Monday (that’s February the 20th) Realm of the God will be showing up on Steam!

We’re very proud of this achievement; we’re one of the first free-to-play games on the Steam platform, and definitely the first cooperative MMO bullet-hell shooter! (Of course, we’re the first one of those on ANY platform, but we’re glad to be claiming the title now on Steam as well. grin)

This launch is incredibly important to us. If it goes well, it will hopefully mean that RotMG will have the financial resources necessary to exist and thrive for many years to come. If it does not go well, it could be a painfully expensive and draining time-suck for all of us on the development team. So we’re asking for your help. You guys are the experts. You know better than anyone how to survive in the cruel, cruel world that is RotMG. When the newbies come flooding into the game, we would be extremely grateful if you would make a point of hanging out every so often in the Nexus to help answer their questions, lend a helping hand to folks who are struggling in the Realm, etc. Think of it as being an ambassador for RotMG. Or think of it as talent scouting for your next guild! Either way, it will be so very helpful to us; we’d really appreciate it!

PS. I’ll be popping in and out of the Realms throughout the day on Monday. Please don’t be offended if I don’t stop to chat… we’re going to have our hands full just making sure nothing is breaking. :)

Update: in answer to some of the questions below:

  • The Steam RotMG client is a stand-alone client, and yes, it includes achievements. If you want, you can link your existing account to your Steam account, or if you have no interest in Steam, you can just keep playing in your Web browser like you always have been.
  • We plan to add more nexuses to handle the additional load, of course. We’ll add as many as it takes.

New Nexuses: USNorthWest & USEast2

February 20

Hey guys,

We’ve added a couple more nexuses to make sure everything goes smoothly tomorrow. You might get auto-allocated to a different nexus now but you can always select whichever one you want from the “servers” link on the title screen.

As always, post comments/problems below.


Build 122.3 is live!

March 31

  • New Realm Quest: Kage Kami
  • New Dungeon: Manor of the Immortals
  • New untiered items: potion, dagger, wand, robe, trap, tome
  • Sword range increased, Stone Sword damage increased
  • Condition effects now have individual unique icons
  • Improved wall drawing a little
  • Dungeon exits spawn in a fixed location instead of where boss died
  • Thessal drops an air pocket where she died
  • Added new Oryx taunts for a couple encounters
  • Two-step password reset
  • “[H] for help” message replaced
  • White Demons nerfed a bit to make them melee-able
  • Sphinx now has a setting
  • Coral Venom Trap now does Paralyze instead of Slow

Please post any comments/bugs/etc. below.

Update: Kage Kami graphics glitch should be fixed if you reload your browser/restart your Steam client. Thanks for the quick report!


Build 123 is live!

April 22

  • New randomized set of attacks in Oryx’s Chamber
  • Lag/disconnect will no longer cause you to run out of breath in the Trench
  • Teleporting to invisible rogue never activates cooldown
  • Manor tweaks
  • Castle drop tweaks
  • Fix movement during options screen
  • Change Horrid Reaper sound
  • Fix target regeneration movement
  • Fix a few typos
  • Fix a few missing dye/textile pixels

Build 123.3 is live!

June 12

  • God walls fixed. Gods will happily walk into landing zones now.
  • Small improvements to Oryx’s battle.
  • Oryx Slayer achievement has been fixed.
  • VIT overhaul!
  • Wizard nerfs!
  • Dagger buffs!
  • Sword tweaks!
  • New incentives to clear dungeons! Two existing dungeons have new treasure rooms now. Have fun exploring and experimenting!
  • Lord Ruthven’s bats no longer grant EXP.
  • /ignore can work on people hiding in private areas. (guild hall/vault)
  • Several bug fixes & back-end improvements.
  • Changed the way settings are dropped with monsters.


  • VIT caps reduced. Rogue, Archer, Wizard, Priest, Paladin, Assassin, Huntress, Mystic, Trickster now all cap at 40. Necromancer caps at 30. Warrior, Knight, and Sorcerer stay at 75.
  • VIT redesigned. Now essentially has double regen rate.
  • VIT growth per level scaled with new caps.


  • Reduced spell damage.
  • WIS cap reduced to 60.


  • Obsidian Dagger raised to 35-65 damage.
  • Assassin caps at 75 SPD with a mana cost reduction.
  • Trickster caps at 65 ATT, 75 SPD, 75 DEX.


  • Paladin caps at 75 WIS.
  • Helm of the Juggernaut decreased to 4.5 seconds of Armored.

4th of July Update! (Build 123.3.2)

July 3

We are planning to start making changes to the current shop layout, specifically removing items that just aren’t doing that well and replacing them with the things our community enjoys.

That said, we’re adding some limited edition items for 4th of July like Textiles and FIREWORKS! These items will be available until Monday, July 9th.

We’re also adding some new pets to the shop, so be sure to check it out!

PS: Willem is working on a very spooky and wet dungeon.
Super Awesome Extreme Bonus: InfoGraphic!

Build 123.3.2 is now live!

  • New 4th of July Content!
  • Audio Off Button on splash page now mutes all sound.
  • Removed announcement box from
  • General UI Optimization

This is a small update, expect a larger update soon.

123.4.0 Rollback

August 31

Hey Everyone!

Upon updating the game with the new patch, players were quick to inform us about some serious bugs. Due to these show-stopping issues we’ve performed a rollback and will be looking at the problems to ensure a smooth release.

Once we have a fixed version we’ll be pushing it live.

For any purchasing issues:

Please use the “Something Else” section. We can track all purchases made.


The Experimental ring was NEVER supposed to be released. It is a new item that hadn’t been balanced yet, and you will NOT be seeing it in the next release.


Update if you purchased the Beginner’s Package…

We’re currently working through an influx of support tickets regarding the purchasing of the Beginner’s Pack and then not receiving it due to the roll-back.

This process may take some time, so we thank you for your patience and understanding. Please know you will get your package once the new build is re-released within a few days.


Build 123.4.1 is now LIVE!

August 3

Build 123.4.0 is now LIVE!
Edit: now 123.4.1 with bugfixes!

  • New Dungeon (Davy Jones’s Locker!)
  • New Trickster Equipment Set
  • Tier number now displayed on applicable equipment
  • Equipment comparisons added
  • Unusable equipment now appears highlighted in red
  • Ring of Divine Faith Changed (5 Vitality, 5 Wisdom, 3% Fame Gain)
  • Beginner’s Package added to game
    • Limited time offer for all new and current players
    • Exclusive Pet included
    • 2 Free Character Slots
    • 3 Free Vaults
    • 2600 Gold
  • New Pet will be available TODAY! (Hint: It is dino-mite!)
  • Contextual Click added to Control Opetions; Double clicking now preforms set actions on items
    • Can be toggled on / off
    • Double Clicking on an item places it into your inventory
    • Double Clicking on consumable items will use that item
    • Double Clicking will equip equipment and spells/abilities that your class can use
  • Interact/Buy added to Control Options, default key is “0”
    • Set a key that enters you into realms, portals, etc
  • Double Click for Gold added to Control Options
    • Can be toggled on / off
    • Default OFF
    • Double Clicking on Gold/Fame information will allow user to buy Gold
  • Fame and Gold are now viewable in Realms
  • Added addition methods to prevent duping
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes

123.4.3 Hotfix

August 7

  • Fixes for, Steam, and Kongregate Users; these accounts should now be able to log in.
  • We’ve changed the orientation of the shop.

123.4.4 is now LIVE!

August 14

  • New “Loading…” screen when loading between areas
  • Can no-longer get exp and fame from respawning armors in castle
  • Can no-longer get exp and fame from respawning skulls on the Ghost Ship Battle
  • Chicken leg buff - now on par with obsidian dagger
  • New GM Tools
  • Backend Updates (for GM Tools)

Build 123.5.0 is now LIVE!

August 29

  • New Dungeon (Mad Lab!)
  • New Dungeon drops from Flying Brains in the Godlands!
  • New Items and Equipment added
  • New loading screen animation / fade
  • Mad Lab Key added to the shop (390 Gold)
  • XP Booster added to shop (100 Gold) - NOTE: Does not impact Fame

123.5.1 Hotfix is now Live!

September 6

After receiving player feedback, we’ve made changes to the Mad Lab dungeon

  • Changes to Back End to help prevent item duplication
  • Back end changes to help with duping issues
  • Mad Lab Changes
    • Increased the Difficulty of the Mad Lab
      • Monsters leading up to the Bosses are now more challenging
      • Bosses themselves are more dangerous
    • Increased the stats for the following items
      • Conducting Wand
      • Experimental Ring
      • Scepter of Fulmination
      • Robes of the Mad Scientist
  • Fixed a bug preventing melee classes from reaching a Tesla Coil
  • Fixed a bug of some blue pools not removing the Pet Transformation Effect
  • Fixed shooting animations while walking
  • Added the missing Portal of Cowardice to the beginning of the dungeon
  • Removed stasis immune from the following minions
    • Horrid Reapers
    • Crystal Prisoner Steeds
    • Crystal Prisoner Clones
    • Minions of Oryx
    • Tomb Artifacts
  • Oryx minions give a small amount of XP
  • Golem Satellites give a small amount of XP

For any bugs, please feel free to post here OR contact customer support HERE

Post your comments below, and we’ll try to respond when we can!

Build 124.0 is now LIVE!

October 4

  • Added Gift Chest in Vault - dedicated space for gifting items to players
  • Added Ninja Class - available on Kongregate first (will be everywhere after 60 days)
  • New weapon type: Katana
  • New ability item: Ninja Star / Shuriken
  • New pet: Ants in honor of Kongregate promotion (when you reach level 10 with a character)
  • New special dungeon: Treasure Dungeon - your reward for reaching level 20 with the ninja
  • New secret god in realm: Beer God - in honor of Octoberfest
  • New pet: Beer Slurp - helps you find the hidden Beer God
  • Updated ProTips
  • Cracked crystal skull mp cost lowered to: 120

Click HERE to read about how to get the Ninja class if your account isn’t on Kongregate.

Release 2 is now LIVE!

October 9

Feature additions:

  • Added TOS in compliance with government age requirements
  • Extended tutorial to give more info about the Nexus, shops, and guilds
  • Option for paid class unlocks!
  • Anti-spamming measures (better chat filter; character limit in chat; unregistered unnamed characters banned from Chat)
  • More weapons in the battle against spammers and RWT coming soon

Bug fixes

  • Zero defense on monsters bug + balancing
  • Katana fixes
  • Ninja gear drops in appropriate bags and has appropriate fame bonus
  • And many more – but still more left to be fixed

Other news

  • We’re working on opening up the testing server soon
  • Very cool Halloween content and features are coming
  • A subtle curse has been discovered on Amulets of Resurrection. So far no negative effects have been seen, but… beware.

Build 3.0 is now LIVE!

October 24

  • New Dungeon: Candyland Hunting Grounds!
  • New Dungeon drops from the elusive Candy Gnomes now found in the Realm
  • New candy Items and Equipment added
  • Big Nexus re-design. Way more shop space- more dyes, pets, everything!
  • All older pets get big price cut! (490 Gold)
  • New boost potions added:
    • Loot Drop Potion - increases the chance that you’ll get items! (all items dropped will be in soul-bound bags)
    • Loot Tier Potion - has a chance to increase the Tier level of items dropped. (+1-3 tiers)
    • XP Booster 1 hr - 2x EXP boost that lasts for 1 hour of gameplay time. (Both of these do not effect Fame)
    • XP Booster 20 min - 2x EXP boost that lasts for 20 min of gameplay time.
  • Big loading time fix
  • Big lag time fix

Halloween Nexus! (Release 3.3)

October 26

In celebration of one of the greatest holidays of all time, we’ve decorated the Nexus in this mini-build.
Here is the complete list of changes that have gone out in this build:

  • Temporary Nexus holiday design
  • Some small Candyland tweaks / balancing
  • Fixed some spelling / typos in the game
  • Candy Gnome has increased chance to spawn in the Realm


Release 4.0 now on Production

November 1

Big Inventory UI update:

  • Health and Magic Potions have a dedicated inventory slot
  • Health and Magic Potions will stack so you can hold up to 9 each
  • Health and Magic Potions are purchasable if you don’t have any
  • Health and Magic Potions slots have new hotkeys [mod edit: Check your hotkeys everyone!]

Amulet of Resurrection Changes:

  • The Amulet curse seems to have corrupted the amulet’s ability to prevent death. Amulet users beware!
  • The Amulet fame price is being lowered

Other additions:

  • New Pets available for Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts. See my other post here here for more info.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed profanity filter bug. It should now work how it was originally.
  • Resolved chatting issues between users on different maps (fixed earlier this week)
  • Fixed disconnected halls in the Candyland Hunting Grounds
  • Fixed various typos in the game
  • Servers/Legends are now in their correct place
  • Character names in the UI are now back in their correct place

Known Bugs: (a summary of bugs reported in this thread)

  • XP Booster graphic (“x2”) not showing up in the XP Bar when used. The XP Boost is functioning correctly, just not displaying on the UI as active. This will be fixed in the next hotfix.
  • It is possible to drop items from the inventory into a soulbound bag if you stand over it. All dropped items should appear in public bags.
  • The statistics on the stats tab are misaligned.
  • The tutorial arrows point to the where the inventory was on the old UI.
  • The nexus button and the new HP/MP slots appear to have hitboxes that do not match their appearance. This means they overflow onto other parts of the interface.
  • HP and MP pots cannot be put into the vault
  • HP and MP pots cannot be traded
  • HP/MP pots cannot be dragged into the inventory. HP/MP pots can be placed in your inventory by item swapping for a pot on the ground. One of these must be a bug.
  • Drinking HP or MP pots from the new slots does not prevent you from getting the Thirsty Achievement
  • Drinking HP or MP pots does not cause the potion drinking sound to play.
  • Shadow HP or MP pots can be dragged into the new slots, take up space, but cannot be consumed. A ‘shadow’ item can be created by switching two items quickly until it bugs out.
  • After Davy Jones’ Locker, the keys in the upper left hand corner stay.
  • The teleport menu can get stuck on screen. Second screenshot. Apparently this can be reproduced by nexusing while the menu is up on screen.
  • The gold purchasing menu can get stuck on screen.
  • Trying to purchase an item with insufficient gold causes a purchase menu to pop up. This menu can pop up during combat if you try to buy a potion while playing.
  • New Character creation can result in ART sprites replacing default gear.
  • Using the Cloak while going solo in the Candyland will cause the monsters to despawn or disappear.
  • The bat pet faces only one direction.
  • Cursed Amulets appear to be randomly disappearing.
  • The game does not announce when a player reaches level 20.
  • Unable to shoot weapon or use ability when the cursor is hovering over chat text.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Charity

November 1

Update: As a result of your efforts along with those of players across other Kabam games, our company has raised more than $250,000!

EDIT: The Charity drive is now over. The items have been taken out of the shop.

As a result of your efforts along with those of players across other Kabam games, our company has raised more than $250,000 for the Red Cross Relief Fund for Hurricane Sandy. All of this money is being donated to the relief fund. Thank you for your generosity in helping others in need.

As the East Coast of the United States reels from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, the Realm of the Mad God team would like to offer you an opportunity to help.

Starting today, we will have new limited-edition pets and new types of cloth available in the game for purchase. 100% of the net proceeds received from the sales of these pets and cloth will go to the Red Cross’s Hurricane Relief Charity.

The 4 new pets are State Birds from some of the states affected by Hurricane Sandy

  • Cardinal
  • Oriole
  • Goldfinch
  • Bluebird

The 2 new types of cloth are:

  • Relief Red Cross
  • American Flag

These items will be appearing in the Speciality Stall of the Market after the Release 4.0 push. Check them out and let’s help those in need!

Resolving the Weekend Hacking Incident (Release 4.3)

November 5

As many of you are aware, we had a dramatic hacking incident over the weekend. This resulted in a flood of unreleased, admin-only, or otherwise overpowered items coming into the game.

The development team acted fast and were able to close the security hole and stop the spreading effects of this quickly. As bad as this was, frankly it could have been much worse. Thankfully it hasn’t done permanent damage, and this should all be behind us shortly. However, some damage to the game and economy did occur. Some of you have seen the results of this damage in unusable inventory and vault slots (that say “ART”) where ill-gotten items used to be.

Over the next couple of days we’ll be resolving the remaining issues arising from this incident. One part of this is that effective immediately (with the hotfix that we just released - 4.3.0), all items in inventory and vaults are temporarily soulbound. This includes all Equip Items and Stat Potions (note: Strike Amulets have to be treated separately; these will be removed from the game as part of the upcoming fixes). Once we have completed our fixes, all items will return to their normal status (minus those ill-gotten items we will have disposed of).

We apologize for not providing advance notice on this change, but it was necessary to do it this way. You will also notice a new Nexus Crier shouting this message to all on each server. Please help inform other players who may not see this notice.

Finally, as part of our efforts we are permanently banning all accounts where the “hacked potion” method was used to purchase (not trade for) unreleased or overpowered items. This is also effective immediately. We are evaluating what action, if any, to take against those who used or traded unreleased or overpowered items. We don’t want to harm the play experience of people playing the game, but we have no problem banning those actively acting in ways (like using a hacked client or bots) that damage the game. As always, our decisions will be based on what is best for the game and for all of you as players.

The entire Realm of the Mad God Team would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to resolve this matter.


Release 4.4: Resolution of the Hacking Episode

November 7

We’re happy to announce today’s release (Release 4.4).

The major changes in this update are those that should resolve the recent effects of hacked items entering the game.

Most important of all: items are back to normal. If they were not soulbound before, they are once again not soulbound (those things that were soulbound before still are :) ).

Also, if you had “ART” icons in your vault or inventory, those should now be gone, and your vault and inventory slots will be fully functional.

Note: it may take a little while for all the servers to catch up, so if you see “ART” in your inventory or vaults don’t panic. If they’re still there tomorrow, send a support ticket in and we’ll investigate.

Given the potential magnitude of these events we unfortunately had to lock the accounts of many players, some of them ones who have been playing for a long time. This was done only when we had clear evidence that they had actively used a hacked client and purchased items with it. As has been discussed elsewhere in the forums, we had very clear data trails that enabled us to lock accounts that had been involved in hacking and delete the vast majority of the items created by this method.

For your information, we closed over 100,000 accounts as part of this effort. The large majority of these were mule accounts created this past weekend to be used for warehousing hacked items. Those accounts and all the items that were on them are gone. In addition, those players who participated in the hack had their accounts permanently locked (they can of course come back and start again, but not with the same account).

Very few (well below 0.5%) people whose accounts were locked as part of this turned out to have been locked erroneously (these occurred for a variety of reasons not related to the hacking or the data we used to resolve it). These accounts are being unlocked by the GMs based on support tickets, and most have already been resolved.

In addition, you’ll notice that the giant pumpkin and the bats are gone from the Nexus. Harvest time is coming soon.

And finally, the Nexus Crier is on well-deserved vacation. Don’t worry, you’ll likely see him again as the need arises.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we worked through these issues. We have more things coming out soon too. Have fun!

Release 5: Onward to backpacks!

November 14

  • Backpacks! They are for sale in the Nexus market
  • Haunted Cemetery Dungeon

Notable changes:

  • Amulets will no longer resurrect you (well, not as a human)

Bug fixes:

  • Bonus attribute stats now stay within stat window boundaries
  • Sound icon is no longer covered on the screen
  • Beginner’s packages now show up on the screen when you start a new account
  • Potions with a time limit display this in their tool tip
  • Player’s Gold balance now refreshes properly when paying for a character class unlock
  • Double-clicking a potion outside of your inventory now behaves correctly (adds or drinks it)
  • Players are able to purchase potions correctly now

Release 6.0: Character Skins Ahoy!

November 21

  • Character skins! You can read more about character skins HERE
  • Updated News Display! We’ve redone the way news is displayed to highlight important stories.
  • Updated the Nexus with a new Fall theme
  • We’ve created a tool that will allow us to offer more Packages. The first package to use it will feature the new skins listed above.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Amulet of Resurrection’s name and description to reflect its new functionality.
  • If you switch weapons quickly you may disconnect from the game

Release 7: Now with Ninjas!

December 11

  • Ninjas are now available to players on any platform
  • New package containing: unlock the Ninja class (if you don’t already have it), new Ninja skin, new dragonfly pet, and a bonus item: wine cellar incantation
  • Character skins can now be worn by existing characters, (not just new ones)! You can change your character’s look by using the armoire in your vault (this will not take your character to Narnia, unfortunately).
  • Winter Nexus is here! (All “Winter is coming” jokes are now obsolete.)
  • New dreidel pet!
  • Ghostly Prism has been redesigned: more powerful, better tactical uses, less mp
  • The Mad Lab has been overhauled. This includes better drop rate of the dungeon, reduced boss turret’s health, Dr Terrible is no longer healed by his minions, and fewer minions can congregate in a room together.
  • We have updated our payments system, so we’re now integrated with Kabam payments

Other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Teleporting has changed: now you can teleport only to characters, not objects. This should change the behavior of certain teleporting bots in the Nexus, for example.
  • Removed internal error when two players attempt to loot the same item at the same time (note: this will not remove all instances of “phantom item” problems, but should resolve many of them)
  • Steam accounts linked to Kongregate can now get the Ninja
  • We added protective measures against un-pausing when monsters wander on the screen
  • Oryx 2 can now shoot through barrels (he’s been practicing).
  • Fixed some problems with Loot Tier Drop potions
  • Fixed problems with players not being directed back to the game after a purchase
  • Players now see a warning modal if they attempt to chat while muted
  • Enemies in stasis can no longer be healed by other enemies
  • Fixed a problem with Tomb of the Ancients switch
  • “Potion Purchased” text no longer appears over character
  • The “Accept” button on the Trade UI is no longer one pixel too high!
  • Miscellaneous other bugs (infrastructure, annoyance, overall experience)

Release 8: Happy Holidays!

December 20

  • Better Package linking and internal fixes
  • More flexible character skin functionality
  • Anti-spam bot measures
  • Connection bug fix (at least partial; we’ll be monitoring it as this may have nailed the whole thing)

And last but not least:

  • Special skins and pets that we’ll be releasing in packages during the holidays. Each will be purchasable for a limited time only (but once you’ve bought them you’ll keep them even after the holidays are over).

Edited to add: Since many have asked, no the new Fame redesign is not included in this release. We’ll have that out as soon as we can, but it’s not quite ready to go yet.

Happy Holidays from all of us on the Realm of the Mad God team at Kabam!