Release History 2014

Development Timeline 2014

Hotfix is now live

January 9

Addressed a number of issues around fame farming, as well as several fixes and adjustments to the Avatar of Forgotten Kings (Shatters event), and a few bugs fixes - the most noteworthy being a fix for anyone having issues with redeeming skins from the Steam event.


  • Targets and Dummies no longer contribute to Accuracy bonus
  • Ocean Trench Deep Sea Beast no longer gives XP / Fame
  • Sea Horses no longer give Fame / XP
  • Jackal Warriors, Veterans, and Assassins no longer give Fame / XP
  • Jackal Lords now give increased Fame / XP
  • Avatar: Encounter bullets changed to larger bullets to better represent their collision boxes
  • Avatar: Defeating the Avatar is no longer required to close a Realm
  • Avatar: Resolved some stacked bullet issues in Avatar Encounter (Fireball Phase)
  • The Shatters: Increased Health on loot chests and increased size, lowered Threshold

Bug Fixes:

  • Claiming a Steam skin will now correctly redeem and unlock the skin.
  • “Trade has timed out” message will no longer incorrectly appear if the trade is still active.
  • Multiple loot bags will drop to support more than 8 item drops.
  • Typo in Guild Promotion Text updated to support all promotions correctly.

Hotfix (Release 19.1) is LIVE!

January 13

We removed the ability to link accounts between Kongregate / Web and Steam / Web. This was done to prevent issues for players getting accounts hacked / taken over via the linking. We are working on a solution to UNLINK accounts, more info on that tomorrow (1/14/14).


  • Linking for accounts to Steam and Kongregate will not be allowed as of this update. Current linked accounts are not changed in any way.
  • Starting Gold for new players is now 40 from 50.
  • Frostbite Sword and Bow of Eternal Frost are now UT and will no longer drop from enemies.

Official Community Update

February 10

Dear Realm,

As you have read by now, our servers detected a security breach on or about 2/6/14.

Please read this post for critical information on what was compromised, changing your password and other important items: Click here.

We’d like to share some additional information with you specifically about the game:

1) We do not yet have an ETA to bring the game back up. As soon as this status changes, we will update everyone.
2) We will be presenting a Player Appreciation program, the details of which will be introduced as soon as the game is back up. This is simply a thank you to the players and the community for all of your support and patience over the last several days.

Thank you all again, we’re looking forward to bringing Realm back to the players.

~ RotMG Team

Security Updates and Changes (Release 19.2)

February 20

Updated Security!

Hello everyone,

We are bringing Realm of the Mad God back up across all servers.

We urge you to please read the following info, since there are some extra steps that registered users will have to take before playing the game. Subsequent logins will behave normally.

All of these extra steps and precautions are required because of the recent security breach. In addition, we urge you to never use the same passwords in two different places (for example: for Realm of the Mad God and for your email account). Please follow basic “strong password” security practices.

These following notes are primarily for users playing from

  1. Upon opening the game, click “PLAY”
  2. You will be asked to login
    • In certain instances you will be required to login again, this is the correct behavior, and will only occur on your first login.
  3. You will be required to update your password.

We have also set new password requirements. They are as follows:

  1. Your new password must be between 10 and 20 characters.
  2. It must contain at least one number.
  3. It cannot contain the same symbol (letter or number) more that twice in a row (no aaa or 222.)
  4. It cannot be your previous password.

The other portals (Steam,, Kongregate, Google Play) have different login methods and authentication, so you can login normally.

NOTE: If your login info isn’t saved, you will have to login using the email attached to your account and the associated password.

Additional Game Changes:

  • Added US West 3 server
  • Increased memory capacity on servers to help performance.
  • Added Bella boss fight
  • Added New Items for Bella Battle
  • Added New Skins for Bella Battle
  • Added new Secret Content for Player Appreciation Event (click here for more details.)
  • New temp Support ticketing system
  • Security Login Modal and Password Reset modal. Not too exciting but necessary
    The bulk of the effort over the last two weeks was spent on a number of fixes that were required, and are not really visible on the surface. We will not be going into detail on any of these changes for obvious reasons.


If you are having issues with:

  • Password reset emails
  • Login problems
  • Accounts that have been vandalized
  • Problems on other portals (Steam,, Kongregate, Google Play)

Please contact support here

Update: Bellas Garden Patch Notes!

February 25

Hello Realm!

I hope you all have been enjoying the Player Appreciation event so far! There are a few changes to one of the dungeons, Bella’s Garden, which you’ll see with the upcoming patch. Specifically:

  • Damage has been slightly lowered for all of her damaging projectiles
  • Damage has been changed from a flat rate (same damage per shot) to a damage range
  • The projectile range on Flowers has been reduced
  • A short (3 sec) invulnerable period has been added to the Loot Chest
  • The Loot Chest health has been increased
  • Bug Fix: Bella now makes a sound when hit, and when killed
  • Bug Fix: Wand of Budding Romance description now displays
  • Bug Fix: Emaculate changed to the correct version of Immaculate
  • Bug Fix: Feed Power removed from Key

The changes above reflect a rebalancing effort on our end, that we hope will make the dungeon more enjoyable moving forward.

The keys will continue to be available for Bella’s Garden until March 2nd, at which point they will be removed from the shop. The keys will still be functional after they are removed, they will just no longer be purchasable.

We hope that you continue to enjoy the Player Appreciation event as well as Bella’s Garden. Happy hunting, and may the loot Gods give you luck!

Undocumented changes:

Release 19.4 is now LIVE!

March 6


  • The Bella’s Garden items are now listed as UT. (This includes: Diamond Bladed Katana, Staff of Adoration, Wand of Budding Romance, Heartfind Dagger, Vinesword, Cupid’s Bow)
  • Please keep in mind they are still tradable.
  • We have added a Support link to the main menu. Please use this to contact our support team!
  • Version changed to 19.4

Release 19.5 is now Live!

March 13


  • Some St. Patrick’s Day content (additional details coming soon!)
  • Nexus Spring update
    • Updated Nexus look
    • Increased timer to 2 minutes on Mystery Box shopkeeper dialog.
    • Updated Tables. We mean the furniture: the “Arena Spell Table.” (Find them all!)
    • Added bunnies. Because.. bunnies.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed lava true damage text to be purple.
  • Yellow Wire Cloth now displays correctly.
  • Fixed the Wardrobe to correctly display the currently selected class rather than displaying Wizard skin options.

A note from the Realm design team about changes to the Avatar of the Forgotten King:

This event has seen a re-work after some of the valuable feedback from the community. Overall, this fight should feel faster, but also push for a group dynamic. Solo may be possible, but only by skilled players.

  • The Avatar still retains the Quest Tag.
    • We realize this is contentious, but hopefully with the now simpler mechanics, the fight will run smoother.
  • The invulnerability periods have been removed from a large portion of the encounter.
    • When invulnerability is active, Avatar will not attack.
    • In order to terminate the invulnerability, players must survive or destroy key targets.
    • There are 4 phases in total.
  • The Avatar has significantly increased in HP
  • The Avatar is, at most times, armored.
  • There is a new Avatar minion added to the fight.
  • Eyes of the Avatar no longer immediately fire when spawned.
    • They will still fire predictive shots after 2 seconds. Be sure to dodge.
    • Eyes of the Avatar are now actually called “Eye of the Avatar”, not “Killer Pillar”
  • Killer Pillars have new shot patterns.
  • Blobombs now occur less frequently; overall you will be seeing less over the course of the fight.
  • The drop rates have been increased for most items in its drop table.

Release 19.5.1 is now Live!

March 20


  • Small server side changes for security.

Release 20.0 is now Live!

April 1


  • Oryx is feeling…Clucky.
  • Added support for Boss Dungeons.
  • Announcement Ticker for administrator messages.
  • News Icon added to the HUD (when there is news).
  • News Modal will open when the News Icon is clicked.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Bug Fix: Users can no longer /pause walk in the Shatters.
  • Bug Fix: Missing Belt Pixel fixed for Slime Archer Skin.
  • Bug Fix: Shades of the Avatar no longer spawn multiple times.
  • Improvement: All Loot chests in the Shatters now have a 3 sec invulnerability period.
  • Improvement: Stat pots cannot be consumed if the base stat is already maxed.

Release 20.0.1 is now Live!

April 3


  • Chicken Oryx has been angered. His rage fueled rampage makes him immune to Stun and Paralyze.
  • The Shaitan dungeon has been released to production through mystery boxes only.

Release 20.0.2 is now LIVE!

April 8

Bug Fixes:

The game will no longer crash as soon as the “Green Dragon God” spawns in the Battle for the Nexus dungeon.

Release 21.0 is now LIVE!

April 18

Steam Updates:

  • NEW players on Steam will immediately have the Rogue, Archer, Priest and Warrior Classes UNLOCKED!
  • NEW Trading Cards!

Spring Release:

  • The Graveyard is now back in Realm!! A new tab has been added to the character select screen that will allow you to view your most recent character deaths.
  • Stanley the Spring Bunny will be hopping by to spread some Spring cheer (Note: Stanley is a new player Skin)
  • Stanley’s favorite weapon, the Wand of Egg-cellence, can be obtained for those who wish to distribute some hard boiled justice to the mobs of Realm
  • Two Spring theme cloths have been added!
  • Colored Egg Cloth
  • Spring Cloth

Loot Bag Refactor:

A lot of buzz has been built around the current way in which loot is dropped and distributed within bags. We agree that effort was necessary to clean up bag types, bringing an easier system to understand (progression) and alternative bags for items (additions). The new system, explained below, also has a series of new additions that design will be committed to.

First, as we add new tiers to the game this will invariably push the older tiers down into more accessible bags. Second, it has been made apparent that key UTs are not considered ‘white bag’ material – with that in mind specific UTs will be found in Cyan bags. These UTs are considered under investigation and may be refactored at a later date to make them more desirable. Finally, bag progression in terms of consolidation goes Brown Bag < Pink Bag < Purple Bag < Egg Basket < Cyan Bags < Blue Bags < White Bags. example: If you received a Tier 10 Armor, Egg, and Tier 3 Skill, everything would appear in a cyan bag.

A final note: Items and the bags they are in should not be considered final. We had a need as both a community and as designers to create more structure. Hot Fixes, Patches, and the like could see things move as necessary. What is needed is structure, and that needs a starting point.

  • Brown Bags - Miscellaneous healing items, dungeon items, drakes, etc.
    • Public bags, in which anyone can loot from.
    • Example list of miscellaneous items found in this bag type:
    • HP / MP Potions
    • Drake Eggs
    • Gumballs
    • Drink items from Wine Cellar
    • Flavor items from dungeons (Ghost Pirate Rum, Speed Sprout)
  • Pink Bags - Basic, ‘low end’ gear and misc items
    • Public bags, in which anyone can loot from.
    • Tiers 0 - 6, Armor and Weapons
    • Tiers 0 - 1, Rings and Accessories
    • Tiers 0 - 2, Skills and Abilities
  • Purple Bags - Mid Range, ‘mid tier’ gear
    • Soulbound Bag, seen only by the player who received the items
    • Tiers 7 - 9, Armor and Weapons
    • Tiers 2 - 4, Rings and Accessories
    • Tiers 3 - 4, Skills and Abilities
    • Misc Shop Items
    • Retired Holiday Weapons
  • Cyan Bags - High End, ‘high tier’ gear
    • Soulbound Bag, seen only by the player who received the items
    • Tiers 10+, Armor and Weapons
    • Tiers 5+, Rings and Accessories
    • Tiers 5+, Skills and Abilities
    • Treasures
    • Wine Cellar Incantation
    • Some basic, ‘lower end’ UTs:
      Crystal Bone Ring
      Staff of the Crystal Serpent
      Cracked crystal skull
      Sprite wand
      St. Abraham’s wand
      Poison Fang Dagger
      Snake skin shield
      Snake skin armor
      Snake eye ring
      Coral silk armor
      Coral ring
      Spectral cloth armor
      Experimental Ring
      Bone Dagger
      Chasuble of Holy Light
      Robe of the Tlatoani
      Spider’s eye ring
      Candy Ring
      Captain’s Ring
      Ring of Divine Faith
      Cursed Amulet of Zombification
  • White Bags - UTs of extreme interest
    • Soulbound Bag, seen only by the player who received the items.
    • Will contain UTs only.
  • Egg Basket - Contains babies
    • Soulbound Bag, seen only by the player who received the items.
    • Will contain eggs of all rarities exclusively.
  • Blue Bag - Stat Potions that make you 2stronk
    • Soulbound Bag, seen only by the player who received the items.
    • Will contain:
      Stat Potions

Item Fixes:

  • Bug Fix: Coral Venom Trap no longer applies Paralyzed to Paralyze Immune monsters
  • Bug Fix: Mystic and Trickster accessory dyes no longer apply to character hair
  • Bug Fix: Discolored pixel on Amazon Huntress Skin’s hand is now correct hue

Monster and Boss Fixes

  • Bug Fix: Resolved issue that was causing Protection Crystals and the Guardian’s Sword to have a black background

Release 21.0.1 is now Live!

April 18

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash in The Shatters.

Release 21.0.2 is now Live!

May 2

Adding this note on 5/9 just for completeness since it wasn’t published at the time of release (21.0.2 was published on 5/2):

  • Backend server maintenance.

Release 21.0.3 is now Live!

May 7

Adding this note on 5/9 just for completeness since it wasn’t published at the time of release (21.0.3 was published on 5/7/14):

  • Backend server maintenance.

Release 21.1.0 is now Live!

May 20

Gear Updates:

  • Wand of Egg-cellence is now Untied and Soulbound. This is similar to all other limited / special weapons.

Chat Updates (Note: Consider this a V1 of Chat updates, we’ll continue to take feedback):

1) Added a menu when right clicking on names in the chat window to allow the following commands:

  • Teleport
  • Lock / Unlock
  • Trade
  • Ignore / Unignore
  • Invite (Guild Founder, Leader, and Officer Only)
  • Whisper

2) Added Chat Options to filter guild, whisper, player chat. The Player Chat option present governs how Whisper and Guild chat work. In addition, these options will also hide the appropriate in game text bubbles.

3) Added Trade Request toggle to block incoming trade requests.

4) Changed the name of “Hide Player Chat” to “Hide Chat Window”. Also changed the rollover text to better match the functionality of this option.

5) Added “/ lock ” and “/ unlock ” to the list of commands that can be entered in the chat window.


  • Added Number Toggle for XP / Fame, HP, and MP bars. This can be changed in Options / Graphics

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed Soulbound from Shoveguy Skin, Slime Ninja Skin, and Scarlett Skin. These were never intended to be Soulbound so we fixed that oversight.
  • Removed XP from Warrior of Oryx
  • Increased XP on Brute of Oryx
  • Fixed a possible exploit with some pet abilities.
  • NOTE: this was initially missed in the release note, added in for clarity 5/29/14

Spelling & Grammar Fixes:

  • Doom Circle
  • Jewel Eye Katana
  • Backpack
  • Candy Ring
  • Midnight Star
  • Golden Candelabra
  • Holy Cross
  • Coral Venom Trap
  • Dagger of Foul Malevolence
  • Coral Silk Armor
  • Dusky Rose Dagger
  • Purification Tome
  • Bloodsucker Skull
  • Drake Hide Armor
  • Arbiter’s Wrath
  • Tome of Holy Protection
  • Amulet of Zombification
  • Prism of Apparitions
  • Planefetter Orb
  • Timelock Orb
  • Admin Sword
  • Tomb of the Ancients Key
  • Forest Maze Key
  • Mad Lab Key
  • Candyland Hunting Grounds Key
  • Haunted Cemetery Key
  • Lair of Draconis Key
  • Changed all instances of Davy Jones’s to Davy Jones’

Release 21.2.0 is now Live!

May 22

  • Guest accounts are turned OFF. This change was made to help curb a possible exploit - Guest accounts will not be allowed to login to the game. Guest accounts can be registered via the normal in game steps.
  • We know that some people prefer the anonymity of a Guest account (no chat, no trade spam etc), but unfortunately that system was too open to exploits and griefing.
  • As a registered player there are still options for you to turn off in game chat, turn off trades, turn off chat bubbles, and other ways to customize your experience.
  • Email verification now requires a successful CAPTCHA test to be completed in order to play the game. Currently you’ll only have to do this once to register your account. If you have previously registered you will NOT have to go through any additional verification.

NOTE: We will continue to update and refine the login and registration process for the foreseeable future.

  • Addressed an issue with the Portal not appearing on the beach after defeating the Ghost Ship. It should now appear as it did prior to patch 21.1.
  • Addressed an issue with the Davy Jones keys showing up on the main game HUD after leaving the dungeon.
  • Additional backend maintenance.


  • We made a silent push (no server restart) to fix an issue with any emails being returned as “Invalid” during the registration process.

Release 21.2.1 is now Live!

May 23

  • Backend server maintenance for the long weekend.

Release 21.3.0 is now Live!

June 5


  • New skins added to the game. One is available for fame as part of our Month of the Mad God!
  • Detailed changes:

    • Drow (Trickster skin)
    • Nexus No Miko (Huntress skin)

Bug Fixes:

  • Cloths should now drop properly in soulbound bags.

Release 21.4.0 is now Live!

June 6


  • 2 new rare re-skinned tier 12 weapons added as part of Month of the Mad God! These will drop where any tier 12 weapon drops, and will be available in mystery boxes!

Release 21.5.0 is now Live!

June 12

Aww yiss, back with more of that Mad God Month Mayhem. Today we released two new skins into the game. These were made by community member RotMGBeige a while back, and we just fell in love with them.

Introducing Lil red (Mystic skin) and B.B. Wolf (Warrior skin) So we put them in the game. Bam. Oh yeah - and Lil Red is FREE! Just log in and purchase the Lil Red package for 0 gold! There is a limit of 1 per account, and the account has to be made before 6/11/14, but other than that.. have at it!

Lil Red will be available for approximately 24 hours, coming down around 4:00 pm PDT 6/13.

If you want to complete the set B.B.Wolf is available in a mystery box right now as well!

Release 21.6.0 is now Live!

June 16

Skins and Items:

  • Unlocked the “Holy Avenger” Paladin Skin
  • Unlocked the Solstice Set:
    • Staff of the Rising Sun (T12)
    • Thousand Suns Spell (T6)
    • Robe of the Summer Solstice (T13)
    • Ring of the Burning Sun (T5)

Release 21.7.0 is now Live!

June 18

Skins and Items:

  • Unlocked the “Sword of Illumination” (Replacing Demon Blade temporarily)
  • Unlocked the “Bow of the Morning Star” (Replacing Doom Bow temporarily)
  • Doubled the drop rate of those 2 New UT’s in Abyss and UDL

Release 22.0.0 is now Live!

June 20

New Dungeon: Lair of Draconis

Lair of Draconis notes:

  • Fighting the dragons in different orders triggers different abilities in subsequent dragons.
  • Depending on how the first 4 dragons are defeated you can unlock a fifth dragon and better loot.
  • Introducing Pet Effects! A new status effect that can turn your pet into a chicken and negate it’s abilities for a certain amount of time.
  • New UT loot for each of the 5 dragons, including new 5 new cloth (cloth by: Wunderwafe).

Thanks to everyone that helped on closed and open testing, and to the entire community for your feedback.

Read more about Lair of Draconis Here.

Specials thanks to these folks who contributed to the creation of this dungeon:

  • Diokles
  • Nmin
  • Skoad
  • Uomo
  • Wunderwafe

Please note the fact that in a following thread on their website, Kabam said that the lair of Draconis dungeon had been taken down due to unexpected bugs. You can read more here

Release 22.2.0 is now Live!

June 23

Items and skins:

  • 2 New skins added to be used for upcoming event.

Bug fixes:

  • The Lair of Draconis dungeon is still being worked on by the realm team. Some changes have been made to the dungeon but we advise players to avoid using keys to the dungeon until we announce its completion. For more info on Lair of Draconis, please go here.

Release 22.3.0 is now Live!

June 26

Bug fixes LoD:

  • Doors should now open correctly
  • Huntress traps should no longer prevent souls, mirrors, or orbs from spawning
  • Loot Chests are stasis immune
  • Loot Chests should spawn regardless of when the dragons are killed
  • Pet Effect Icon added

Release 22.4.0 is now Live!

July 2


  • Lair of Draconis now drops from the Rock Dragon Event
  • Rock Dragon now has its own loot table
  • This Includes a new UT item, The Ray Katana
  • Month of the Mad God Re-Skinned Items are now Soulbound and UT
  • Month of the mad God Re-Skinned Items will not longer drop from mobs
  • LoD UT and cloth drop rates have returned to normal after the early access event

Release 22.5.0 is now Live!

July 17


  • Tome of Purification now has a description
  • Traps no longer prevent objects from spawning
  • Added missing pixel in mask for Nexus no Miko Skin
  • Added two missing pixels in mask for Bandit Skin
  • Added missing pixel in mask for Bashing Bride Skin
  • Removed (3) extraneous pixels from mask for B.B. Wolf Skin
  • Corrected animation for Shoveguy Skin and Slime Wizard Skin
  • Removed delay on HP/MP Heal (and optimized display time)
  • Resolved memory leak in Hardware Acceleration
  • Resolved issue with overlapping event notifications (Class Quest, Quest Complete, Level Up, etc)
  • Players can no longer attempt to reply to Announcements
  • Trades can now be initiated from the right click menu in chat


  • Ivory Wyvern Loot Chest HP increased
  • Minor map update on LoD

Release 22.6.0 is now Live!

July 23

Bug Fixes:

  • Classic Wizard skin no longer loses left foot when dye is applied
  • Ray Katana now drops in a White Bag
  • Shoveguy Skin now moves the football with the arm when shooting
  • Tiny Rototo’s no longer give fame to prevent a client exploit, large Rototo’s now give more fame
  • Constructs no longer spam chat (Note: The exception to this is with cloaked rogues, a larger fix for that is being investigated)
  • Implemented a solution for Oryx Castle Crashes
  • Constructs no longer claim to be impervious to non-mystic attacks

Release 22.7.0 is now Live!

August 14

Bug Fixes:

  • Forgotten Souls now give 0 XP
  • Corrected the Forgotten King’s explosion mechanic at the end of the fight


  • Sword of the Mad God is no longer Soulbound
  • Sword of the Mad God is once again T12

Release 23.0.0 is now Live!

August 22

New Features:

  • The Alchemist
  • The Tinkerer (Daily Quest)


  • Onyx Shield of the Mad God


  • Added Platinum Rogue


  • Gentleman Skin and King Knifeula Skin are now Soulbound

Release 23.0.1 is now Live!

August 26

This is just a small push for a couple of clean up things and support for upcoming changes to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  • Backend Maintenance
  • Backend support for new TOS / PP
  • New Options menu tab (MISC) for TOS / PP support

Release 23.1.0 is now Live!

August 28

1) Fixed the Daily Quest button to say “Check Back Later” if the Quests are not available. The “All Quests Completed” screen will still display until the browser is refreshed.

2) Added 8 new Tarot Card treasures, 1 each to the following dungeons:

  • The Devil: Abyss of Demons
  • Death: Manor of the Immortals
  • The Magician: Mad Lab
  • The Sun: Candyland
  • The World: Lair of Draconis
  • The Tower: The Shatters
  • The Chariot: Lair of Shaitan
  • The Moon: Ocean Trench
    The Tarot Cards will be usable in a future version of Daily Quests.

3) Additional TOS / PP pop up modal support.

Thank you to Dappertron and LabdaABeta for the wonderful Tarot Card artwork!

August 31

Hello everyone! A quick update: we made a soft push tonight to enable a pop up that will require you to “ACCEPT” the new Kabam Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. No official discussion thread, but please feel free to ask questions in the 23.1.0 thread.

Release 23.1.1 is now Live!

September 11


  • Minor change to Tarot Cards

In addition to the above, new skins and items have been added! Stay tuned for more details!

Release 23.2.0 is now Live!

September 18


  • Added Loot Table to Parrots in Deadwater Docks
  • Alchemist will now show the 2 remaining items available prior to the second spin

Bug Fixes:

  • Tokens now clear from accounts correctly when Alchemist is disabled
  • Fixed extraneous pixel in Slime Assassin mask


Bug Fixes:

  • Minor back-end bug fix

Release 24.0.0 is now Live!

September 25

New Features:

  • The Puppet Master’s Theatre
  • Mystery Keys


  • Prism of Dancing Swords
  • Harlequin Armor
  • Jester Argyle (Cloth)


  • Jester Skin
  • Puppet Master Skin


  • Onyx Shield of the Mad God is now un-soulbound
  • Almandine Armor of Anger now drops and is un-soulbound


  • Increased drop rates on Tarot Cards

Also big thanks to the following individuals for their art contributions to the Puppet Master’s Theatre!

  • Nmin - Boss and Puppet Sprites
  • ViciousTwo (Sues) - Theatre Key, Trickster Skin (coloring)
  • BoomerangBro - Portal
  • Pfiffel - Jester Argyle Cloth
  • Thq32df - Trickster Skin (original)

Release 24.0.1 is now Live!

October 1

  • Added the Harlequin Armor to the Puppet Master drop table

Release 24.0.2 is now Live!

October 3


  • Drop rates for the Devil (Abyss) and Death (Manor) Tarot Cards have been increased.
  • In addition, the Chariot Tarot Card (Shaitan) drop rate has been increased to 100%. This was done due to limited access to Shaitan.

Release 24.1.0 is now Live!

October 8


  • New Halloween Items added to the game, coming soon!

Release 25.0.0 is now Live!

October 17


  • Halloween Nexus implemented
  • Speedy tiles were added from the Nexus Spawn point to the Realm Portal location
  • Tarot Card drop rates buffed in this weeks dungeons
  • Scroll bars for Skin Selection
  • Puppet Master
  • Remaining classes added to Puppet Master
    • Puppet Master’s Boss Room now has Theatre Curtains
    • The Fool Tarot Card added to Puppet Master Loot Chest
    • Increased drop rate of Puppet Master Dungeons from Leviathans
    • Added ‘Thank you’ message to Jester Skin Object
  • New Cloth Added for Alchemist
    • Alchemist Cloth (Thanks to Manace)
    • Spooky Cloth (Thanks to Nexiik)
    • Mosaic Cloth (Thanks to Pfiffel)
  • Class Rebalance Changes:
    • Read a note from the developers about these changes here!
    • While these changes have been tested, we are always listening for feedback to make tweaks
    • Class Changes:
      Base Attack up to 12 from 10
      Max Speed up to 55 from 50
      Max Dexterity up to 55 from 50
      Base Speed up to 12 from 7
      Max Speed up to 55 from 50
      Max Defense up to 30 from 25
      Max Dexterity down to 45 from 50
      Max Dexterity up to 55 from 50
      New Effect: Curse
      Curse increases all incoming damage to a target by 20%
    • Wisdom Modifier
      Wisdom will now modify certain aspects of Tomes, Seals, and Orbs. More wisdom, more power! Currently, heal amounts, durations, ranges, etc are affected.
    • Weapon Changes
      Tiered wands:
      Projectile Speed Increased (Faster projectiles)
      Distance down to 9 from 10.01
      Reduced max damage by 5
      Added Piercing — projectiles now pass through enemies
      Sprite Wand
      Distance down to 9 from 10.01
      Max Damage increased to 210 up from 150
      Min Damage decreased to 5 from 50
      Added amplitude / frequency to shots
      Crystal Wand
      Distance down to 9 from 10.01
      Min Damage decreased to 75 down from 85
      Max Damage decreased to 95 down from 125
      Added Armor Pierce
      Wand of the Bulwark
      No Changes.
      Conducting Wand
      Distance down to 8 from 10.01
      Min Damage increased to 55 up from 50
      Max Damage decreased to 130 down from 200
      Added +4 Dexterity
      Added +3 Wisdom (from +1, now +4 total)
      Removed Defense
    • Equipment Changes:
      Healing Tome

      MP Cost: 50
      Heal Amount: 70
      Range: 3
      Remedy Tome
      MP Cost: 55
      Heal Amount: 90
      Range: 3.5
      Spirit Salve Tome
      MP Cost: 65
      Heal Amount: 140
      Range: 4
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Healing Duration: 3
      Healing Range: 4
      Tome of Rejuvenation
      MP Cost: 70
      Heal Amount: 160
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Healing Duration: 4
      Healing Range: 4.5
      Tome of Renewing
      MP Cost: 75
      Heal Amount: 180
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Healing Duration: 4.5
      Healing Range: 4.5
      Tome of Divine Favor
      MP Cost: 80
      Heal Amount: 200
      Range: 5
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Healing Duration: 5
      Healing Range: 5
      Tome of Holy Guidance
      MP Cost: 80
      Heal Amount: 200
      Range: 5
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Healing Duration: 6
      Healing Range: 5
      Self Effect: Speedy
      Speedy Duration: 1.5
      Removed Stats
      Tome of Holy Protection
      MP Cost: 120
      Heal Amount: 200
      Range: 6
      Self Effect: Armored
      Armored Duration: 4
      HP Stat +40
      Vitality Stat +4
      Tome of Purification
      MP Cost: 120
      Heal Amount: 200
      Range: 6
      Cleanses all players in range
      Cleanse Range: 6
      Wisdom Stat +7
      Vitality Stat +7
      Stasis Orb

      MP Cost: 65
      Stasis Range: 3 (is NOT affected by Wisdom Modifier)
      Stasis Duration: 3
      Suspension Orb
      MP Cost: 65
      Stasis Range: 3 (is NOT affected by Wisdom Modifier)
      Stasis Duration: 3.5
      Curse Added
      Curse Range: 5
      Curse Duration: 4.5
      Imprisonment Orb
      MP Cost: 70
      Stasis Range: 3 (is NOT affected by Wisdom Modifier)
      Stasis Duration: 4
      Curse Added
      Curse Range: 5
      Curse Duration: 5
      Neutralization Orb
      MP Cost: 75
      Stasis Range: 3 (is NOT affected by Wisdom Modifier)
      Stasis Duration: 4.5
      Curse Added
      Curse Range: 5
      Curse Duration: 5.5
      Timelock Orb
      MP Cost: 80
      Stasis Range: 3 (is NOT affected by Wisdom Modifier)
      Stasis Duration: 5
      Curse Added
      Curse Range: 5
      Curse Duration: 6
      Banishment Orb
      MP Cost: 80
      Stasis Range: 3 (is NOT affected by Wisdom Modifier)
      Stasis Duration: 5.5
      Curse Added
      Curse Range: 5
      Curse Duration: 6.5
      Self Effect: Berserk
      Berserk Duration: 1.5
      Planefetter Orb
      MP Cost: 90
      Stasis Range: 3 (is NOT affected by Wisdom Modifier)
      Stasis Duration: 6
      Curse Added
      Curse Range: 5
      Curse Duration: 7
      Self Effect: Berserk
      Berserk Duration: 2
      Stats Removed
      Orb of Conflict
      MP Cost: 100
      Stasis Range: 3 (is NOT affected by Wisdom Modifier)
      Stasis Duration: 7
      Self Effect: Speedy
      Speedy Duration: 2
      Self Effect: Damaging
      Damaging Duration: 2
      Attack Stat +2
      Dexterity Stat +2
      Seal of the Initiate

      MP Cost: 65
      Main Effect: None
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Duration: 2.5 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Damaging
      Duration: 2.5
      Range: 4.5
      Seal of the Pilgrim
      MP Cost: 65
      Main Effect: None
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Duration: 3 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Damaging
      Duration: 3 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Seal of the Seeker
      MP Cost: 70
      Main Effect: HP Increase
      Amount: +10
      Duration: 3 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Duration: 3 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Damaging
      Duration: 3 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Seal of the Aspirant
      MP Cost: 75
      Main Effect: HP Increase
      Amount: +25
      Duration: 3.5 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Duration: 3.5 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Damaging
      Duration: 3.5 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Seal of the Divine
      MP Cost: 80
      Main Effect: HP Increase
      Amount: +45
      Duration: 3.5 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Duration: 3.5 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Damaging
      Duration: 3.5 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Seal of the Holy Warrior
      MP Cost: 85
      Main Effect: HP Increase
      Amount: +55
      Duration: 4 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Duration: 4 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Damaging
      Duration: 4 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Seal of the Blessed Champion
      MP Cost: 90
      Main Effect: HP Increase
      Amount: +75
      Duration: 4 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Healing
      Duration: 4 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Alternate Effect: Damaging
      Duration: 4 seconds
      Range: 4.5
      Vitality: 0
      Wisdom: 0
      Seal of Blasphemous Prayer
      Defense: -4
      Speed: +4

Bug fixes:

  • Players will no longer encounter a hallway leading to a Treasure Room with no entrance in the Theatre

Release 25.0.1 is now Live!

October 30

New Features:

  • Halloween Event: Zombie Horde


  • King Knifeula Skin is now un-soulbound


  • Fixed particle trail for Halloween weapons

Release 25.0.2 is now Live!

October 31

Improvements (Zombie Horde):

  • Lowered Drop rate of Infected Skin
  • Lowered the amount of XP per Event

Bug Fixes:

  • Quest icon for Zombie Horde now has a picture
  • Resolved an issue where sometimes the Zombie Horde would spawn without the corresponding set piece
  • Resolved offset masking on Demon Spawn Skin
  • Zombie Priests now correctly drop loot

Release 25.0.3 is now Live!

November 6


  • All set pieces now have the ST tag, indicating that it is not a part of tier progression.
  • All set pieces now have text explaining that it is apart of a set and which set it belongs to.


  • Halloween Nexus has been removed and replaced with Fall Nexus

Release 26.0 is now LIVE!

November 13


  • The Zombie Horde has been removed.
  • Paladin Set items now drop in game.
  • Halloween items are now soulbound.
  • Reduced particles from Halloween items to improve performance.
  • The Court of Oryx is now accessible, with the first dungeon (and long time release) Lair of Shaitan will be available.

From the Desk of Doctor Awesome J. Bearsworth

The Court of Oryx has (finally!) been added to the game. Janus, the doorwarden, must be killed in order to enter the waiting room. The dungeons are meant for 10 people and are capped.

From there, a random Court Member will be selected and you will be able to fight them for sweet, sweet loot.

More bosses are planned for the future, but we hope you enjoy the fight while we fill out some more bosses!

Release 26.0.1 is now Live!

December 4


  • Fixed back end related issues.

Release 27.0.0 is now Live!

December 11


  • We have added a brand new Dungeon, the Ice Cave! Read about the Ice Cave here!

Release 27.1.0 is now Live!

December 12

Bug Fixes:

  • Spawners for boss now invulnerable in all states
  • White Demon of the Abyss added to Abyss of Demons
  • White Demon Cap Raised on Realm (Many more will now spawn in the godlands)
  • White Demon ice cave drop rate decreased (to compensate for the increase of demons)


  • Unsoulbound Skull-Splitter Sword (and prevented it from dropping)
  • Unsoulbound Platinum Skins


  • Winter Nexus Added
  • Winter Nexus now has a nICE surprise

Release 27.2.0 is now Live!

December 18


  • Priest set items now drop
  • Revised Paladin set item drop rate (we did NOT decrease them at all!)
  • Added 4 new Winter Weapons: An Icicle, Present Dispensing Wand,Staff of Yuletide Carols, and Salju
  • Frostbite and Bow of Eternal Frost are now trade-able and drop once again


  • Added Santa, Little Helper, and Iceman skins

Release 27.2.1 is now Live!

December 18

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a small issues with items dropping