Old Chest

Last updated: Exalt Version (Jan 2022)
Old Chest

The Old Chest is a “boss” found in the treasure room of the Mountain Temple.



Base HP: 26,250 (Enemy Adaptive Scaling Enemy Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 0
EXP: 2,000
Location: Mountain Temple

Immune to Stasis

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The Old Chest spawns in a small chamber located in a room that opens up when Daichi is killed. The chamber is initially locked, and must be unlocked by activating all the lanterns that are scattered throughout the dungeon (by attacking them). Once all of the lanterns are lit, a chat message will signify that the room is unlocked, and the Old Chest will become available.

The Old Chest does not move or attack.

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Tips and Strategies


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Before Exalt Version (Jan 2022), the Old Chest didn’t drop the UT items dropped by Daichi the Fallen. As of this update, all the UT items dropped by Daichi the Fallen actually drop from the treasure room in the Mountain Temple.

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