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Mountain Temple

Last updated: Exalt Version (July 2023)
Mountain Temple
Difficulty: 6Difficulty: 6Difficulty: 6Difficulty: 6Difficulty: 6Difficulty: 6
Music: Daimyo

The Mountain Temple is a high-level dungeon that is a source of various stat increase potions (excluding Life and Mana). It is also the primary source of the four untiered items: the Wand of the Fallen, the Orb of Aether, the Jade Storm and the Kaiken. Along with the Akuma Slayer Samurai ST Set.

The dungeon is a guaranteed drop from the Jade and Garnet Statues.

This dungeon must be completed to earn ‘Travel of the Decade‘, ‘Conqueror of the Realm‘, ‘Hero of the Nexus’ and ‘Realm of the Mad Godfame bonuses.

The Mountain Temple was planned to be a multiple-area dungeon, but so far, only the first “wing” has been released, and there have been no announcements regarding future expansions.

The Realm Eye says:
An order of monks hide among the realm’s sheer cliffs to isolate themselves from Oryx’s tyranny far below.
The pray to a powerful demon lord for protection and guidance. In exchange, they slaughter any living beings on the mountain and offer them as sacrifices.


Mountain Temple Key The Mountain Temple Key is available in the Nexus for 100 Realm Gold.



The dungeon is a Japanese-style temple consisting of both smaller, indoor rooms and larger, outdoor areas. Each outdoor area has a lantern that can be lit by attacking it. Lighting up all the lanterns will unlock the treasure room, which is located to the right of the boss room. The dungeon boss must be defeated to access the treasure room.


Example Layout

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Daichi the Fallen Fight

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Boss Minions

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Treasure Room Boss

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Drops of Interest

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Daily Quests

The Mountain Temple is part of the Mighty Quest pool from the Tinkerer and has two associated quests.

Name Description Items Needed Reward
Demonhunter I don’t think Holy Water will cut it for these ones! Mark of MalphasMark of MalphasMark of MalphasMark of Malphas
Mark of DaichiMark of DaichiMark of Daichi
Quest Chest
The Fallen Defeat Daichi in the Mountain Temple. Mark of DaichiMark of DaichiMark of DaichiMark of Daichi Mighty Quest Chest

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Tips and Strategies

Make sure to go with a group in the beginning. A priest is recommended for the large, heavy hitting projectiles that are thrown as well as the Pet Stasis Pet Stasis. For a group, any high-tier tome or a Book of Geb is recommended.

You are able to hide behind corners to distract some of the enemies, making it easier for your team to clear the room.

Decoys are very useful when fighting the boss, especially on the final phase.

Lanterns only take ≈2-4 hits (not sure about actual damage) to be “activated” (lit with purple flame). All lanterns need to be lit to access the hidden room.

Daichi will always be completely still, making him a perfect target for abilities like the Wizard’s spell.

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  • The Mountain Temple was a planned dungeon by Kabam but was scrapped (some tile sprites have existed in the game files since the Kabam era).
  • In March 2017, it was announced that this dungeon had resumed development.
  • The “first wing” of the dungeon was released on Patch 27.7.X.13 (Apr 2017).
  • The dungeon was designed by Sil3x/Sileeeeex, a former DECA developer.
  • In Exalt Version (Mar 2022), the Mountain Template, along with the Lair of Draconis, was reworked for QOL changes, mainly the Daichi boss fight, along with some enemy changes. The boss also recieved a small loot buff, adding in a Greater Potion of Defense.

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