Orb of Aether

Orb of Aether This Orb creates a concentrated area of energy. The energy is so dense at its core that foes are paralyzed.

Tier UT
MP Cost 90
Effect(s) Creates an Aether Trap at the target location
On enemy: Inflicts Red Down Arrow Slowed and Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed
Slowed Radius: 4.5 tiles
Slowed Duration: 3 seconds
Paralyze Radius: 2.5 tiles
Paralyze Duration: 1 second
Cooldown 5 second(s)
Fame Bonus 4%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 800

This is an incredibly unique orb. Rather than putting enemies into Stasis, it summons a stationary Aether Trap at the cursor location. The Aether Trap persists for about 5 seconds, and each second it will emit a pulse that slows enemies within 4.5 tiles and paralyzes enemies for within 2.5 tiles. The duration of the status effects is unknown, but they seem to last long enough to permanently affect anything in the trap’s radius until the trap vanishes.

This item is very useful for providing long-distance crowd control that does not remove players’ ability to damage the afflicted targets. Well-placed traps can cripple or even permanently lock any non-immune foes in place, allowing you and your teammates to hammer them freely. However, the Orb has a cooldown as long as its trap duration, so place the traps wisely - you can’t put another one down until the first has disappeared!

The Aether Trap rapidly scrolls back and forth between these 5 sprites:
Aether Trap
The Aether Trap is marked on the minimap as a light purple dot.

Before Patch X.33.1.0 (May 2020), this item had a Feed Power of 750.