Reinforced Root Armor

Reinforced Root Armor A breastplate crafted from sturdy plantlife and shards of iron. The plants seem to react when hit heavily.

Tier ST
On Equip +60 MP, +20 DEF
Reactive Proc With Traveler’s Trinket: VIT↑ VIT boost (+20 VIT) for 4 seconds when hit for at least 40 damage
Cooldown: 6 seconds
XP Bonus 6%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 750
Dismantling Value 20 Mythical Material

Part of the Daring Discoverer Samurai set.

This armor can be seen as a slightly more defensive Resurrected Warrior’s Armor, giving a less MP and no wisdom, but slightly more defense.
However, when combined with the Traveler’s Trinket, it gains an on-hit proc that grants a decent VIT boost. Though not high enough amount to compensate for the damage it requires, it can be used to decrease the In Combat duration by nearly a full second.

Additionally, it grants a notable +10 SPD and +100 MP, making it an effective choice for the ability-spamming Samurai and Knight. Paladin and Warrior may prefer less MP-focused items.
Some may opt to combine Zaarvox’s Heart with an Amulet of Drakefyre to achieve higher speed and HP, although at the cost of less defense, and no attack nor MP bonus.

First made available within the A STory of War III Campaign, Rank 17.

Prior to Exalt Version (May 2021), this item gave +60 MP, +20 DEF, and +4 SPD. Additionally, its proc reduced SPD by 15 when hit for more than 60 damage, and did not require the Traveler’s Trinket.

An old, unused sprite for this armor exists:
Reinforced Root Armor (unused)