Candy-Coated Armor

Candy-Coated Armor Reinforced with magical hard candy from the candy forest. Sticky but strong.

Tier UT
On Equip +30 DEF, -10 DEX
Fame Bonus 4%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 1000

Candy-Coated Armor has a 4 Defense advantage over Dominion Armor, but in return reduces your Dexterity stat by 10, giving you more defense at the cost of your DPS output being reduced.

Candy-Coated Armor (commonly referred as CC) is best for Warriors, when paired up with a high-tiered helm. They can sacrifice a little bit of dexterity for a giant step forward on defense, which can be easily reimbursed with their helm, even more when also paired with a high-tiered dexterity ring, allowing them to easily boost their defense, yet while maintaining their high offense.

It is also handy for Paladins, when it comes to balance. As the paladin’s ability does not come with a defense boost, they would have a few less defense points than the warrior or the knight. If this is a big deal to the player, then the armor will come in handy on filling in the missing defense. They can also sacrifice a little dexterity as well, which can also be reimbursed with their seal. Unfortunately, as paladins have a max Dexterity of 45, the lowest of all classes, this will only reimburse in a higher damage per shot, therefore, a player who tends to miss their shots a lot will find it useless and is not recommended to players who are not experienced in aiming.

Candy-Coated Armor is not often worn by Knights, because they need their DPS, which is the lowest of the sword classes, and they cannot boost themselves. In addition, they already have the highest Defense of any class (including the other sword classes), so the extra 4 Defense won’t be nearly as beneficial to them, unless the player values any extra amount of defense over offense. But however, some low-level unpotted knights can be seen wearing this armor, mostly to fill in a part of the massive defense hole an unpotted knight has, in order to tank and soak damage a bit better than an unpotted knight that does not have this armor, until they have filled in enough defense to be able to do fine without the extra defense boost. However, this technique is not recommended to players who don’t have spare ones, due to the high risk of losing it and this armor being very hard to obtain due to both the rarity of Candylands and it being a white bag itself, unless you have loads of Candy Keys.

Its -10 Dexterity penalty can be mirrored by pairing it with UBDex ring.