Resurrected Warrior's Armor

Resurrected Warrior's Armor A worn and battered suit of armor embedded with a mystic gem that flows with magical strength.

Tier UT
On Equip +150 MP, +17 DEF, +15 WIS
Reactive Proc Mystic Gem: Power depletes on taking damage
Upon taking damage: WIS↓ WIS decrease (-10 WIS) for 3 seconds.
XP Bonus 5%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 900

A rare armor that provides below-average defenses in exchange for providing a large boost to MP and WIS, essentially trading off defense for ability uses.

The Resurrected Warrior’s Armor is best used on Knights due to the fact that their Defense is higher than the other sword classes (allowing them to take the defense loss), and they can benefit greatly from the extra Mana as it will directly translate to at least one extra stun usage with their Shield.

It is not recommended for Paladins in most cases, as they normally have less Defense than the other Sword classes. Paladins need more Defense because Seals do not give a Defense bonus like Helms or Shields, so it is best to use either an Acropolis Armor armor or a Candy-Coated Armor. However, in situations where the enemies deal a lot of damage per hit or have armor piercing effects, such as in The Shatters, the extra Mana and Wisdom would be well worth it, and you can easily swap it out with a tiered Heavy Armor in the event of Stone Paladins/Mages, as these are the only Shatters enemies who shoot many low damage bullets.

Despite the name, this armor is not recommended for Warriors unless combined with the Helm of Draconic Dominance. The loss of DEF will hurt in the long run, and Warriors usually don’t need any extra mana to function well.

Side Note A: Resurrected Warrior’s Armor used with a Ring of Exalted Defense will grant better bonuses than an Acropolis Armor used with a Ring of Exalted Magic.

Side note B: This armor is notoriously bad with Warrior due to its ability having a cooldown (excluding the Helm of Draconic Dominance). Yes, the Helm of the Juggernaut is no exception.
Although it can be useful with Paladin in situations where you are not getting quieted and you need to spam your ability for heals, it is otherwise only useful on the Knight.