Aegis Armor

Aegis Armor Onyx armor forged for use by Oryx’s famed champions, giving them a sample of Oryx’s furious strength.

Effect: Mad God’s Rage: Gain 5 Attack and Dexterity for 8 seconds when hit under 300 HP.

Tier UT (Limited)
On Equip +21 DEF, +4 ATT
Fame Bonus 5%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 750

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Obtained From 35x Shard of the Doorwarden

In comparison to the tiered Heavy Armors, Aegis Armor provides 3 less DEF than Acropolis Armor, but provides a boost of 4 ATT. This may be of use to classes such as the Knight, who could forfeit the 3 DEF, and benefit from the 4 ATT for some extra DPS. It also provides the effect of Mad God’s Rage which can be seen above.

If DPS is the main priority though, the Mercy’s Bane would be the most desired, as it gives 7 ATT and 7 DEX to balance out its mere 10 DEF.