Vial of Pure Darkness

Vial of Pure Darkness An oddly heavy vial found within the undergrounds of the Lost Halls. It is said to contain the embodiment of Evil itself.

Effect on use: Purple swirling particle effect
Opens a portal to The Void (if used on Marble Colossus’ death site)

Feed Power: 500

Loot Bag Assigned to Cyan Bag
Drops From Malus

When used, it triggers a purple swirling particle effect and opens a portal to The Void, where the Void Entity can be fought. This will occur if used anywhere in the Lost Halls after the Marble Colossus has been defeated.

Marble Colossus' death site

The Vial can only be used in the Lost Halls.

The Vial is a guaranteed drop from Malus, the boss of the Cultist Hideout, but will only drop for one person.

This item had the following sprite before patch X.26.0:
Vial of Pure Darkness