Fame436997 (195th)
Most active onUSEast2 (18th)
This Guild is made for people Seeking Silence;
Our only requirement is having discord and joining our server. !! Chill Guild Alert !!
Discord Join Link : https://discord.gg/punity or https://discord.gg/hCd2z5SCEk
Early February the API to access graveyards has been restricted.
Until we regain access, graveyards and exaltations cannot be updated.

The most recent deaths from the past two weeks.

NameDied onBFTFEquipmentStatsKilled by
Mexicola2023-09-27T00:26:19Z217285/8Sprite God
dsylexia2023-09-23T15:49:56Z14701359888/8O3 Holy Beam Strike
Strasz2023-09-19T02:20:56Z7410065/8LH Void Entity S
dsylexia2023-09-18T15:23:54Z11868272098/8Oryx the Mad God 3
Supernotso2023-09-17T19:45:59Z127543242/8Oryx the Mad God 3
Supernotso2023-09-17T04:43:13Z2429720/8Syndicate Ranger
Strasz2023-09-17T01:21:05Z5943153138/8LH Void Entity N
Supernotso2023-09-15T00:13:40Z864610/8Slime God
Supernotso2023-09-14T23:22:08Z73329480/8Lightning Strike
dsylexia2023-09-14T14:00:19Z3217105308/8Xolotl the Lightning God