Ring of Pagan Favor

Ring of Pagan Favor When the arduous path to anointment is complete, the priest is decorated with this symbolic ring of servitude, modeled after Oryx’s famed warriors.


Tier ST
On Equip +60 HP, +5 DEF, -5 VIT, +5 WIS
XP Bonus 4%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 500
Dismantling Value 10 Mythical Material

Part of the Mad God’s Messenger Set.

A balanced ring that combines a mix of health, defense, and wisdom at a negligible reduction of vitality. Can be used as a less powerful substitute for the Bloodshed Ring or a more defensive variant of Geb’s Ring of Wisdom.

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Ring of Pagan FavorST. Ring of Pagan Favor