Destruction Sphere Spell

Destruction Sphere Spell Darkness Bolt An immensely powerful spell created by the wizard lords of the underworld to harness dark energies.

Tier: 4
MP Cost: 70
Shots: 20
Damage: 80-130 (average: 105)
Total Damage: 1600-2600 (average: 2100)
Projectile Speed: 16 tiles/second
Lifetime: 1 second
Range: 16 tiles
Fame Bonus: 2%
Feed Power: 90

Loot Bag:

Individual Chance of Tier Grouped Drops:
Oryx the Mad God
Archdemon Malphas
Skull Shrine
Cube God
Septavius the Ghost God
Realm Gods
Limon the Sprite Goddess
Cyclops God Chest
Ghost King
Red Demon Chest
Lair Grey Spectre
Lair Blue Spectre
Lair White Spectre