Wavecrest Concertina

Wavecrest Concertina

Shiny Wavecrest Concertina
Parrot Blast

Shiny Parrot Blast
A rather peculiar instrument played by the sailors of the seven seas. Its music has the unique property of attracting parrots that will obey the musician’s every command.


Tier UT
MP Cost 100
On Equip +4 ATT, +4 DEX
Effect(s) Party Effect: Within 4.5 squares Inspired Icon Inspired for 4 seconds.
Parrot Cannon: Throws a fighting parrot at your target.
Parrot Throw Time: 0.6s
Fighting Parrot: 450 damage within 2 squares every 1 second. (1800 maximum total)
  • Fighting Parrot Effect: Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
  • Reactive Proc(s) Feather Frenzy: 5% chance upon shooting for a fighting parrot to protect you for 3 seconds.
    Range Multiplier x1.25
    XP Bonus 7%
    Soulbound Soulbound
    Feed Power 800
    Forging Cost 90 Rare Material / 120 Common Material / 720 Forgefire / 1 Mark of Bilgewater
    Dismantling Value 30 Rare Material / 40 Common Material

    Blueprint Wavecrest Blueprint
    Drops From Oryx the Mad God 2
    Most exaltation dungeons
    Obtained Through Grand Bazaar ( Fame 8050 /  Realm Gold 700)

    A DPS-oriented item for an otherwise support-oriented class, the parrots that are spawned by either using the ability or through its proc will inflict large amounts of DEF-piercing damage to enemies. The proc is particularly effective if paired with a high rate-of-fire weapon such as the Thousand Shot, DEX-boosting equipment/consumables (ex. Effusions of Dexterity), or buffs such as Red Sword Berserk (from Warriors). The tradeoff of the massive DPS capabilities of this item is that it does not inflict DEF↑ DEF boost on the user, unlike tiered lutes.

    Note that the parrots from the proc will only circle around you while damaging anything in their path so this lute’s highest damage output is in close combat.

    Be warned that having a large swarm of parrots can cause significant lag both for the user and other players.

    Images of the two parrots this item and its shiny variant spawn:
    Concertina Big Parrot Concertina Small Parrot
    Shiny Concertina Big Parrot Shiny Concertina Small Parrot