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Decoy Prism

Decoy Prism
Decoy Prism: A magical prism that creates a decoy.

Tier: 0 (Starter)
MP Cost: 60
Duration: 4 seconds
Feed Power: 5

Along with the Prism of Dancing Swords and the Ghostly Prism, the Decoy Prism is one of the most widely used prism by many Tricksters, probably because of the fact that it is the lowest MP costing prism. Some Tricksters may find the decoy useless, as it only lasts a few seconds and barely attracts monsters, and therefore, only rely on teleporting, making the Decoy Prism the cheapest teleporting ability. Another reason that this ability is the best starter is that, with the proper use of prisms, a skilled enough player may never be hit by an enemy.