Stasis Orb

Stasis Orb A crystal orb that holds enemies in an ethereal prison.

Tier 0
MP Cost 60
Effect(s) On enemies: Stasis and Curse Curse
Stasis Radius: 3 tiles
Stasis Duration: 3 seconds
Curse Radius:   tiles
Curse Duration:   seconds
Feed Power 5

Obtained Through Creating a new Mystic character
Current offers on RealmEye’s trading pages

This is a starter ability for the Mystic class and does not drop from enemies.

Though it might seem completely useless, many maxed Mystics keep one in their inventory because the low MP cost and short Stasis duration lends themselves well in situations where Stasising more enemies briefly is more desirable, like rushing.

Before Patch X.32.7.0 (Feb 2020), this item had an MP cost of 65.

Before Exalt Version (Sep 2020), this item lacked Curse Curse. It has received new WisMod formulas.