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Stasis Orb

Stasis Orb
Stasis Orb: A crystal orb that holds enemies in an ethereal prison.

Tier: 0 (Starter)
MP Cost: 65
Effect: Stasis on enemies
Stasis Radius: 3 squares
Stasis Duration: 3 seconds
Feed Power: 5

The Stasis Orb does not inflict Curse.

Though it might seem completely useless, most maxed Mystics keep one around anyway, because the low MP cost and short stasis is perfect for when you don’t want to keep enemies stasised for longer periods of time.

A Tier 1 Orb would also serve the same purpose, as they both cost 65 MP, but the Tier 1 Orb curses enemies in addition to stasising them for half a second longer.