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Dagger of Foul Malevolence

Dagger of Foul Malevolence Purple Magic A crimson felsteel dagger saturated with evil deeds and the hatred of the gods.

Tier 12
Shots 1
Damage 95–175 (average: 135)
Projectile Speed 14 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.4 seconds
Range 5.6 tiles
Fame Bonus 4%
Feed Power 450

During April Fool’s 2019, the name, description and sprite changed to the Dagger of Malevolent Fool:

Dagger of Malevolent Fool Purple Magic Muha… muhaha… It’s just a reskin… you fool!

The Realm Eye says:
The Dagger of Foul Malevolence? I believe I know a few things about this…
It is an abominable dagger that is alloyed from feliron and infinitium. These are rare metals found only in the unforgiving Orclands.
Oryx’s reign of terror in those lands spilled much blood, which has corrupted the metals and materials found here with the hatred of hundreds of lost souls.