Healing Tome

Healing Tome A holy tome of healing prayers.

Tier 0
MP Cost 60
Effect(s) Party Effect: Red Cross Healing for  seconds

Party Heal:  HP

2.5% less effectiveness (([Party Heal] x 0.3) HP minimum) per ally healed

Range:  tiles
Feed Power 5

Obtained Through Creating a new Priest character

This is a starter ability for the Priest class. It does not drop from enemies.

With very high WIS, this is actually the most MP efficient tome in the game, as all tomes have the same WisMod. It beats all other tiered tomes on a maxed WIS Priest, and beats the Tome of Purification at 90 base WIS or higher.

Before Exalt Version (July 2020), this item had the following sprite:
Healing Tome (old)

Before Exalt Version (Sep 2020), this item had an MP cost of 50, no Red Cross Healing buff, a range of 3, and a heal of 70 HP. This item also received new WisMod formulas.