Tyrant's Toxin

Tyrant's Toxin Tyrant's Toxin Bomb

Cluster Bomb
Oryx demanded his alchemists make a poison capable of killing more rapidly to satisfy his impatience. The resulting brew proved rather explosive.

Tier UT
MP Cost 150
On Equip +3 ATT, +3 DEF, -5 WIS
Damage Boost Initial Bomb:  %
Effect(s) Cluster Bomb: Initial poison bomb creates 3 cluster bombs 1.5 tiles from its center.
Alchemical Boon: On ability use, 33% chance to restore 50 MP on self.
Throw Time For all bombs, 0.8 second(s)
Impact Damage Initial bomb: 500; Cluster bombs: 550
Damage Over Time Initial Bomb Only:  damage
Duration 2 second(s)
Radius Initial Bomb:  tiles
Cluster Bombs: 2.5 tiles
XP Bonus 7%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 700
Dismantling Value 30 Rare Material / 40 Common Material

Obtained Through Consuming a stack of 15 Shards of the Intern
Exchanging a stack of 30 Shards of the Intern at The Tinkerer

Part of the Agents of Oryx Abilities.

While it has quite a longer effective throw time, this poison’s special cluster-bomb properties allow it to do up to 2,400 damage in one use, which beats the Bottled Medusozoan by 600 damage while not needing an enemy to stay in the area for a long time. It suffers from the highest MP cost of all Poisons as a result, but its special effects give a 1/3 chance to restore a third of the cost on use.

As the full damage of the Poison is reliant on the delayed cluster bombs also hitting the main target, it’s even less effective than most Poisons against enemies with fast movement or frequent invincibility times.

The particle color of the cluster bombs:

Before Exalt Version (Nov 2020), this ability had a proc called Alchemical Inhibtion, which gave a 33% chance to decrease SPD by 20 for 5 seconds upon ability use.

Before Exalt Version (Mar 2022), this item had a throw time of 1.2 seconds.