Archon Sword

Archon Sword Fire Bolt A sword pulsing with the powerful magic of ancient beings.

Tier 10
Shots 1
Damage 210–255 (average: 232.5)
Projectile Speed 10 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.35 seconds
Range 3.5 tiles
XP Bonus 4%
Feed Power 159
Base Reroll Cost 15 Green Dust

Before Exalt Version (Mar 2021), this item had a feed power of 212.

Before Exalt Version (Mar 2022), this item had a 3% XP bonus.

The Realm Eye says:
Ah, quite the blade, the Archon Sword.
The Archon were a group of magistrates who enforced magical law, and hunted practitioners of forbidden spellcraft.
Little is known of them but the very weapons that they used and the abandoned laws they wrote long ago.