Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.

Wand of Death

Wand of Death Green Magic A fearsome wand that fires bolts of penetrating death magic.

Tier 8
Shots 1
Damage 115–155 (average: 135)
Projectile Speed 18 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.5 seconds
Range 9 tiles
Effect(s) Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
XP Bonus 1%
Feed Power 100

The Realm Eye says:
The Wand of Death, a fine weapon to inquire about.
These require true dedication to wandcraft, for they draw magical bolts from entropy itself.
Given the sheer difficulty of tapping into such a thing, its true potential is far removed from what it can do now.

Before Exalt Version (Sep 2020), this item had a damage of 80-125.