Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.

Arcblast Scepter

Arcblast Scepter Tiered Scepter Blast A glittering golden scepter charged with magical lightning.

Tier 3
MP Cost 60
Damage \left\{\begin{matrix} 200&wis<50 \\ 200 + (wis - 50)*8& 50 \leq wis \end{matrix}\right. \text{- 25 for each subsequent target}
Range 9 tiles
Targeting Cone 30°
Targets 5 (+1 for every 10 WIS over 50)
XP Bonus 1%
Feed Power 45

Before Patch X.32.7.0 (Feb 2020), this item had an MP cost of 70.