Scepter of Storms

Scepter of Storms
Scepter of Storms: An ancient druidic scepter created by the nature gods themselves, embodying all the fury of the megacosm.

Tier: 6
MP Cost: 90
Damage: \left\{\begin{matrix} 300&wis<50 \\ 300 + (wis - 50)*8& 50 \leq wis \end{matrix}\right. \text{- 40 for each subsequent target}
Range: 9
Targets: 5 (+1 for every 10 WIS over 50)
Stat Bonus: +2 VIT, +2 WIS
Fame Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 380

Individual Chance of Tier Grouped Drops:
Oryx the Mad God 2
Esben the Unwilling
The Forgotten Sentinel
Twilight Archmage
The Forgotten King
Marble Colossus
Void Entity

The Scepter of Storms is similar to the tier 5 Scepter of Skybolts, with a damage boost over it that scales with wisdom: it does 20 more damage + 1 per Wisdom over 50 (it gains 8 damage per point of Wisdom, instead of 7). It also adds two Wisdom itself, for another small damage boost. Both tier 5 and tier 6 Scepters now do significantly more damage than the Scepter of Fulmination.