Obsidian Dagger

Obsidian Dagger Blade A dagger with a blade made of volcanic glass.

Tier 6
Shots 1
Damage 35–65 (average: 50)
Projectile Speed 14 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.4 seconds
Range 5.6 tiles
Rate of Fire 150%
Feed Power 47

A rather peculiar dagger considering its tiered status; unlike the other tiers, the Obisidian Dagger has an increased rate of fire. However, it is lacking in damage compared to higher-tier daggers, making it not really worth using, with the one exception being accuracy farming.

The Obsidian Dagger’s average damage falls short of the lower tier Golden Dagger versus enemies with upwards of around 40 DEF.

This dagger was added in Build 65 (Jan 2010).

The Obsidian Dagger used to be the only weapon to have an increased rate of fire until Build 122 (Feb 2012), when the Staff of the Crystal Serpent was added.

The Realm Eye says:
So you wish to learn of Obsidian Daggers?
Weapons made from obsidian are among the sharpest of any nonmagic weapons, naturally being remarkably sharp and thin.
It is common practice to stack them together and throw many of them in one quick volley, though this technique is looked down upon by more professional assassins.