Conducting Wand

Conducting Wand Directed Explosion This wand is powerful at conducting magical energy into a devastating blast.

Tier UT
Shots 1
Damage 100–175 (average: 137.5)
Projectile Speed 17 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.471 seconds
Range 8.01 tiles
Rate of Fire 125%
On Equip +4 DEX, +4 WIS
XP Bonus 6%
Feed Power 800
Forging Cost 45 Rare Material / 90 Common Material / 400 Forgefire / 1 Mark of Dr Terrible
Dismantling Value 15 Rare Material / 30 Common Material

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Horrific Creation
Standard Quest Chest
Obtained Through Current offers on RealmEye’s trading pages

Blueprint Conducting Wand Blueprint
Drops From Oryx the Mad God 1
Mid-high level dungeons
Obtained Through Grand Bazaar ( Fame 4200 /  Realm Gold 525)

The Conducting Wand’s +4 DEX and high rate of fire gives it enough DPS to even slightly outdamage the T14 Wand of Retribution until 49/41/33 DEF, and beats the T12 Wand of Recompense at any reasonable DEF. The extra wisdom also boosts the Priest’s and Sorcerer’s abilities. This power comes at the cost of range (1 tile shorter) and piercing; it is recommended to keep a tiered wand for when those traits are helpful.

The Condu, in turn, is outdamaged by the Wand of the Fallen (and many other UT wands) at all levels of defense. This weapon has the advantage of being tradable and easier to obtain.

The Conducting Wand used to have this sprite:
Conducting Wand (old)
Before Patch X.33.1.0 (May 2020), this item had 900 feed power.
Before Exalt Version (Sep 2020), this item dealt 60-150 damage.
Before Exalt Version (Aug 2021), this item was soulbound.

April Fools Version
For April Fools 2017, the item was temporarily resprited to its earlier version.