Conducting Wand

Conducting Wand Directed Explosion This wand is powerful at conducting magical energy into a devastating blast.

Tier UT
Shots 1
Damage 60–150 (average: 105)
Projectile Speed 17 tiles/second
Lifetime 470 milliseconds
Range 8 tiles
Rate of Fire 125%
On Equip +4 DEX, +4 WIS
Fame Bonus 4%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 900

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Horrific Creation


The Conducting Wand is a powerful wand. Its sheer attack speed compensates for its lower base damage compared to the Wand of Recompense or the Wand of Ancient Warning. It shines when tackling boss enemies of low to moderate defense (up to 58 defense), and its wisdom boost will prove to be marginally useful on the Priest or Sorcerer classes, whose abilities become stronger relative to the amount of wisdom the class possesses.

The Crystal Wand is a more viable choice against enemies with relatively higher defense (approximately >30 defense, but may vary based on the user’s Dexterity and Attack).

After patch 25.0.0, the Conducting Wand (as well as the Crystal Wand) have become significantly less useful. Even though the DPS of the Conducting Wand is greater than Recomp’s from below about 62 def and greater than Cwand’s at below about 47 def, the greatest inhibiting factor of the Conduct, as well as the Cwand, are their lack of piercing. On sole enemies, their DPS is greater than Recomp at certain defense levels. But Recomp can pierce, and does not have that much less DPS at those certain average defense levels.

For example, the Cube God and Oryx the Mad God. Even though the Conduct and the Crystal Wand would do more damage to the Cube God and Oryx, they both have minions or other spawns that inhibit non-piercing shots, effectively blocking consistent DPS. Other examples include the Skull Shrine and Lord of the Lost Lands.

However, the lack of pierce does have its perks in situations where pierce acts as a detriment. Piercing tiered wands can hit multiple enemies in the Tomb of the Ancients’ boss rotation, which can help you secure soulbound damage quicker, but can also lead to early activations and a tougher tomb experience. Switching to a wand like the Conducting Wand (or, alternatively, the Crystal Wand), however, can help maintain a clean, far less dangerous tomb. Granted, you might want to get your damage in early, before a boss spawns their artifacts, making it harder to hit them without switching to a piercing wand, which risks dirtying the tomb.

Projectile is smaller in-game than shown here.