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Ceremonial Merlot

Ceremonial Merlot Those who wish to be hallowed among Oryx’s legion are required to drink the wretched concoction within this chalice, a mix between the Mad God’s poorly kept wine and his own sentient bile.

Tier ST
MP Cost 110
Effect(s) Party Heal: \left\{\begin{matrix} 100 & \text{wis}<30\\ 90+\frac{3\cdot\text{wis}}{5}& 30\leq\text{wis}\\ \end{matrix}\right.  HP

Range: \left\{\begin{matrix} 5 & \text{wis}<30\\ 5+\frac{\text{wis}}{30}& 30\leq\text{wis}\\ \end{matrix}\right.  squares

On self: -5 DEF and +20 ATT on self for 3 seconds (edit)
Reactive Proc Sommelier’s Gamble: 1% chance to become Wine Bottle Drunk for 2 seconds after taking at least 50 damage.
Fame Bonus 4%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 1,300

Loot Bag Assigned to Orange Bag
Drops From Oryx the Mad God
Obtained From Mystery Boxes
Mystery ST Chest

An unusually sprited “tome” that offers a large increase in DPS at the cost of their own defense. By using it with the Tome of Holy Furor, a supposedly low DPS class can become quite the damage dealer. It’s also worth noting that this tome has 1300 feed power, making it good to feed it to your pet if you think this tome isn’t worth using.