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Oryx's Chamber

Last updated: 32.4.1
Oryx's Chamber
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5
Teleportation Disabled
Music: Heresy

Oryx’s Chamber is a medium to high-level dungeon that consists entirely of a boss fight against Oryx the Mad God’s first incarnation. This dungeon is a source of medium to high-tier equipment, Potions of Attack, Potions of Defense, and the Ceremonial Merlot tome, which is one piece of the Mad God’s Messenger Priest ST Set.

An entrance to the chamber is a guaranteed drop from the Stone Guardians, the bosses of Oryx’s Castle.



Many portals lead out of the chamber and the only cover to be found are large, concentric pillars with Oryx himself at their center. Even this dungeon is somewhat randomly generated, the size of the room and amount of pillars may vary.

Oryx's Chamber Layout
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Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

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Oryx himself has 60,000 base HP and does large amounts of damage and multiple status effects. This Oryx is just a simulacrum, as he quaintly puts it.

After Oryx is defeated, he will leave behind a Nexus portal and a locked Wine Cellar portal. Using a Wine Cellar Incantation will unlock the portal for the entire group and grant access to the Wine Cellar, where Oryx’s second, stronger form can be fought.

April Fool’s Day Event Boss


The Giant Oryx Chicken is an April Fool’s Day-centric boss which temporarily replaces Oryx the Mad God within Oryx’s Chamber every year starting on April 1st for a few days. The Oryx Chicken has all of Oryx’s drops in addition to three vanity untiered weapons.

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Drops of Interest

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Daily Quests

Oryx’s Chamber is part of the Mighty Quest pool from the Tinkerer and has two associated quests.

Name Description Items Needed Reward
The Mad God Defeat Oryx the Mad God in his chamber. Mark of OryxMark of OryxMark of OryxMark of Oryx Mighty Quest Chest
Double Trouble Put a stop to Oryx and his Doorwarden! Mark of OryxMark of OryxMark of Oryx
Mark of JanusMark of JanusMark of Janus

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Before Patch X.32.4.1 (Jan 2020), the portal sprite looked like this (the default portal sprite, same as the Pirate Cave portal):
Old Oryx's Chamber Sprite

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