Oryx's Chamber

Last updated: 32.4.1
Oryx's Chamber
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5
Teleportation Disabled

Oryx’s Chamber is a large, round arena meant to house the penultimate encounter with the Mad God himself. Many portals lead out of the chamber and the only cover to be found are large, concentric pillars with Oryx himself at their center. Even this dungeon is somewhat randomly generated, the size of the room and amount of pillars may vary. Majority of enemies drop only health and mana potions in this area.




Oryx’s Chamber Boss

Oryx the Mad God

Oryx the Mad God

Once completed the Oryx’s Castle and entered the Oryx’s Chamber portal you must face your own doom and challenge Oryx in his chamber to free the Realm!

When Oryx escapes to the Wine Cellar, all the minions in his chamber die, as the Mad God is no longer powering them.

Oryx himself has 85,000 HP and does massive amounts of damage and multiple status effects. This Oryx is just a simulacrum, as he quaintly puts it.

On April Fools Day…

Giant Oryx Chicken

Giant Oryx Chicken

The Giant Oryx Chicken is an April Fool’s Day-centric boss which temporarily replaces Oryx the Mad God within Oryx’s Chamber every year on April 1st.


Before release 32.4.1, the sprite originally looked like this:
Old Oryx's Chamber Sprite