Ghost Bride

Last updated: Exalt Version (June 2021)

She spent MONTHS picking out that gown! And yet, her betrayer… a familiar face, perhaps?

The Ghost Bride is the second boss of the Haunted Cemetery, appearing during the fifth round of the second level of the dungeon, the Haunted Cemetery Gates.

The Realm Eye says:
Brutally cut down and murdered on the day of her wedding, the soul of the Ghost Bride remained sorrowful even in the afterlife.
Although tragic, this injustice made her spirit an ideal candidate for serving as the arbitrator of fate.
She reluctantly acts as a judge of which lives deserve to be remembered with glory, hoping to one day reunite with her would-be husband in the afterlife.



Base HP: 11,250 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 30
EXP: 6,000
Location: Haunted Cemetery

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Paralyze
Levitates off Ground
Counts towards God Kills
Counts towards Undead Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Ghost Bride Attack 1
Blood Drop Bleeding for 2s
Ghost Big Blast
Ghost Bride Attack 1
Blood Drop Bleeding for 3s
Boomerang Shots boomerang


  • She spawns in the top center of the room, in the middle of the two statues. She will fire rapid pairs of white shots around her while slowly moving towards the nearest player. After some time has passed or upon taking enough damage (needs confirmation), she will jump extremely quickly to the left statue and then disappear, at the same time spawning Fate in her place.

  • After Fate is killed, she will reappear where it died and repeat the same behavior with the addition of an aimed cleaver attack. This time, she will jump to the right statue and spawn in Glory.

  • After both statues are killed, she will reappear where Glory died and chase the nearest player while shooting the same pattern as before. Note that her cleaver attack now boomerangs and deals more damage. This phase lasts until death.


Fate Fate

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Tips and Strategies

  • The first few modes are relatively easy for any class. The bride’s “Glory” mode though does a decent amount of damage. Make sure that you find the pattern of the shots to dodge them and it is recommended to use a long range class.
  • Two Possessed Children will always spawn at the right and left walls of the room at the same time as she spawns. If you have low defense, it is highly recommended to target and kill these first as they can be extremely dangerous during the boss fight; additionally, they can heal the Ghost Bride for 300 HP rather quickly, potentially dragging out the fight.

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