Ghost of Skuld

Last updated: 27.7.X7

The Ghost of Skuld is the final boss of the Haunted Cemetery. She appears throughout the dungeon to announce incoming waves of enemies and will spawn on the final wave of the final room as an enemy.

The Realm Eye says:
Skuld is the master of the afterlife, ultimately deciding what is done with each passed soul.
Many are sent to Septavius or Malphas for use as undead minions or demons respectively.
However, the spirits of those who lead especially noteworthy lives of good or evil are taken by the Void Entity, facing a much more uncertain fate.



HP: 36,000 (+20% [7,200 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 15
EXP: 2,000
Location: Haunted Cemetery

Immune to Stasis

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Ghost X
Paralyze for 2.2s
Ghost Cross
Giga Ghost X
Paralyze for 1s
Piercing, Boomerang, Passes through Obstacles


  • When first spawning, she shoots a large ring of small, low damage paralyzing shots and will then proceed to enter Phase 1. Afterwards, she will change between each phase randomly.

Phase 1
She stands stationary in the middle of the room while firing 4 Ghost Cross shots at the nearest player every second or so. Every few seconds, she will fire hard-hitting boomerang shots in the 4 cardinal directions.

Phase 2
Randomly, Skuld will turn invulnerable and teleport to one of a few set locations (she will pick the nearest one to the player) and fire rings of paralyzing shots around herself. She will repeat this 3 times before teleporting back to the center and resuming Phase 1.


Blue Zombie
Flying Flame Skull

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Tips and Strategies

  • Often, before Skuld starts her first phase, all the players will gather in one spot to shoot at her. This way, after the wave of paralyzing shots, everyone can continue shooting at Skuld without much threat. Make sure that you do not stand in one of the cardinal directions as that is where she will fire her boomerang shots.
  • It is possible to kill Skuld without her moving to phase 2. This way, she will spawn very few zombies and will be a much easier fight overall.
  • When Skuld teleports, she becomes invulnerable. The zombies and flying skulls will be more dangerous during this phase. DO NOT stand where she teleports, lest it spell your instant death.
  • After maxing, the zombies are little threat, though they can be annoying when they swarm.
  • The skulls tend to stick around the edge of the dungeon, so as long as you stay relatively close to the boss, you should be fine.
  • Knights should not have to worry much in this battle, as long as you have a few mana potions, a good pet and a good shield, you can chain stun her and deal massive damage.
  • You should especially look out for the large rotating flipper bullets, which fly out from Skuld and fly back in again. They paralyze and hit for massive damage so be careful of getting killed on the second pass. After Skuld dies, the boomerangs will all fly towards the loot bag. If you get hit by all of them, you will die.
  • After a while, the zombies can become a threat when clumped in huge swarms. If you have a weapon that pierces through enemies, you can circle around the map and defeat Skuld very easily.
  • If the zombies group up too much, it will start to lag even a decent computer. This is the reason why you have to kill Skuld fast before she spawns too many zombies. Otherwise, if Skuld does not die fast enough, there’s no point of fighting anymore as you’re either lagged out, or the zombies are just an annoying meatshield for Skuld.
  • If you are a warrior and get to the phase 2 with a swarm of zombies annoying you,there’s a good strategy to hit the boss. Try to push the zombies to a corner of the map, and when you see that Skuld has teleported to the center of the map, buff yourself and go hit the boss!
  • It should be noted that zombies will only spawn from graves once a player has come within close proximity of said grave. It is possible to only have zombies spawn out of one grave the entire fight in the player doesn’t move from the spot they started the fight in.

Soloing Tips

  • Rogue is one of the easier classes to solo this Dungeon on as many of the enemies will simply go dormant when you cloak. This lets you cloak and walk around mowing down enemies. On the final boss fight try to do as much damage to Skuld as fast as possible but short detours will be necessary to clear the group of zombies that will eventually form. Recommended to be at least 4/8.

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