Test Chest

The content that is the focus of this page has been removed from the game. All information here is historical and does not apply to the current release.

Last updated: Patch X32.4.1
Test Chest

The Test Chest is an “enemy” that used to spawn after the death of certain bosses, and would have a chance of dropping loot when destroyed, in place of loot dropping directly from the boss. As of Release X32.4.1, all remaining Test Chests have been removed, and loot directly drops from the bosses which used to drop chests.

The initial purpose of Test Chests was to allow players to obtain soulbound damage without necessarily having to damage the boss sufficiently during the fight, which would benefit support classes. Starting with The Shatters, nearly every boss added during the later Kabam period had a Test Chest; these were phased out during DECA’s ownership, and soulbound thresholds were made minimal across the board.

Some bosses do have a “chest phase” when they reach critical HP that essentially serves the same function as a Test Chest, in that they allow players to freely shoot the boss and obtain soulbound damage without being attacked by anything. These include:

  • The Ivory Wyvern, who turns into a harmless golden statue upon reaching critical HP.
  • The Void Entity, who turns into a harmless purple flame that wanders in place upon reaching critical HP and doing a “dying animation”.
  • Oryx the Mad God 3, who crumples to the ground (similar when staggered) upon reaching critical HP and doing a “dying animation”.
  • The Genie, who leaves behind a destructible lamp that can drop loot when defeated.
  • The Forgotten King, who does a “dying animation”, regenerates 10% HP, and leaves behind a harmless crown when defeated.



HP: Varies

  • 60,000 (+20% [12,000 HP] per player in Dungeon) for Shatters Chests
  • 100,000 (+?% [? HP] per player in Dungeon) for Ice Tomb Chest

DEF: 35
EXP: 0
Location: None (removed from game)

Immune to Stasis (Shatters Chests)

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Does not attack.


Does not attack or move. Remains stationary until destroyed.


Used to spawn from:

The Forgotten SentinelThe Forgotten Sentinel
Twilight ArchmageTwilight Archmage
The Forgotten KingThe Forgotten King
The Puppet MasterShaitan the Advisor
Janus the DoorwardenJanus the Doorwarden
The Puppet MasterThe Puppet Master
Oryx PuppetOryx Puppet
Feargus the DementedFeargus the Demented
Pyyr the WickedPyyr the Wicked
Nikao the DefilerNikao the Defiler
Limoz the Plague BearerLimoz the Plague Bearer
Ivory WyvernIvory Wyvern
Esben the UnwillingEsben the Unwilling
FrimarPolarisGlacius Spawned after Frimar, Glacius and Polaris die

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See drops of the bosses of The Shatters and Ice Tomb.

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Tips and Strategies

After the death of each boss above, a Test Chest will spawn, holding the potential loot for all who managed to survive the fight. It has extremely high health and a low soulbound threshold, so all who succeeded in each boss fight should have a fair chance at attaining loot.

In each boss room of The Shatters, the chest will spawn in differing locations.

  • After the fight with The Forgotten Sentinel, it will spawn roughly in the middle of the room.
  • After the fight with the Twilight Archmage, it will spawn near the exit of the room (the side opposite from the entrance).
  • After the fight with The Forgotten King, it will spawn directly over the red carpet tile towards the back of the room.
  • After killing all the Ice Tomb bosses, it will spawn in the center of the room.
  • In other areas, it will spawn on the location of the boss’ death.

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