Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
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The Forgotten Sentinel

Last updated: X.15.0.0
The Forgotten Sentinel

The Forgotten Sentinel is the first boss of The Shatters, located on a long bridge after the first section of the dungeon.

The Forgotten Sentinel can only be activated once all the Titanums are cleared from the boss area; however, the Paladin Obelisks should also be cleared as soon as possible.

The Realm Eye says:
The stalwart sentinel positioned at the main gate of the Shatters was once the head of the royal guard.
He was among the first to sense something wrong with his lord. When the possessed king was finally ready to launch his assault on the realm, the sentinel knew what must be done.
As the crystal clear waters of the castle moat were devoured by a purple sea of Pure Evil, the sentinel jammed the drawbridge of his castle, locking the king inside.
The effort was not enough to prevent the villagers of the kingdom from being consumed, but he was at least able to stop his king from reaching the realm.



Base HP: 56,250 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 70
EXP: 20,000
Location: The Shatters

Counts towards Humanoid Kills
Counts to God Kills
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
White Bullet
Large White Bullet
Archmage Shield
Slowed for 3s
Confused for 3s
Unstable for 3s
Boomerang Shots boomerang


Titanum Phase

Once players have gotten onto his bridge, there will be 4 unique Titanums and 2 Paladin Obelisks. The entrance to the bridge will then slowly close off, trapping any players still left behind.

The Titanums will then all taunt “DO NOT WAKE THE BRIDGE GUARDIAN!” and begin to fire a grid of 250-damage white bullets along with the Obelisks. Once they are done, they become vulnerable one after another in a set pattern (top left, top right, bottom left, then bottom right) and spawn a Stone Knight and a Stone Mage, while the Obelisks spawn a Stone Paladin. Then they will repeat this. Once the 4 Titanums have been destroyed, the boss battle begins, but it is heavily advised that you take out the Paladin Obelisks as well.

Phase 1

Taunt: “Who has woken me…? Leave this place.”
The Forgotten Sentinel will awaken and fires a few semicircular waves of white bullets outwards. He then taunts “Go.” and fires a massive oscillating wave of large white bullets. He then turns vulnerable and taunts “Good. Pests must be gone.” and stops firing until it reaches 75% HP.

Phase 2

Taunt: “You live still? DO NOT TEMPT FATE!”
The Forgotten Sentinel will taunt “CONSUME!” and begin to spawn an unending wave of Blobombs from the outer part of the bridge. The Sentinel himself will not attack until he reaches 30% HP.

Phase 3

The Forgotten Sentinel continues to spawn Blobombs, but will now constantly fire massive shotguns of white bullets as well as the oscillating stream from before. This phase lasts until he is reduced to 5% HP.


Taunt: “I tried to protect you… I have failed. You release a great evil upon this realm…”

The Sentinel stops firing and then explodes into a nova of white bullets, leaving your loot behind. Note that all Blobombs remain alive even after he dies.

Throughout all phases of the battle, he will fire short-ranged radial boomerangs around him constantly. DO NOT touch or run over the boss, as his radial attack deals massive damage and inflicts various status effects, as well as being stacked.



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Tips and Strategies

Go towards the upper left Titanum first, then stand in the spot designated in the Titanum Tips & Strategies page. Continue by going up towards the boss and staying with the group to kill the second Titanum OR quickly head to the upper Paladin Obelisk to get in some damage before standing by the Titanum. Be careful to avoid the white projectile grid while all of the Titanums are being killed.

TIP: Since the Sentinel is not immune to daze, Archers can reduce the number of white bullets being shot, and make dodging these bullets much easier for the dragger (see below)
Now, line up against the wall and find yourself in a good position with the group. By placing your character at the wall, all but one projectile can be avoided. It is recommended to be on the upper side of the Sentinel, because the the lower side stacks two white bullets instead of one.

Here comes the hard part. The Sentinel will say, “You live still? DO NOT TEMPT FATE!”, “CONSUME!” - During this phase, the one designated ‘dragger’ (see below) will attempt to keep the blobs away from the group. It is helpful to Daze the Sentinel at this point, as the dragger will be able to dodge the high-damaging bullets more easily.

WARNING: If there is more than one dragger, it is recommended to be extremely careful, as one of the draggers could activate a blob from behind the other, causing them to Nexus or take heavy damage.

Small Groups: One person should drag the blobs away from the group.
Large Groups: If there is enough DPS in the group, then the incoming waves of blobs can be destroyed without the risk of explosions.

After he is defeated, he will cry “I tried to protect you…I have failed. You release a great evil upon this realm….”. Be careful, as Blobombs are still active when he says this, and a small group of new ones will spawn from each side of the arena.

WARNING: If, at any moment when the Sentinel is active/shooting, you begin “rubberbanding,” NEXUS OR CLOSE OUT OF REALM IMMEDIATELY. The Sentinel will pierce through other players and kill you very painfully with stacked shots.

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Until Release X32.4.1, the Forgotten Sentinel spawned a Test Chest which, when destroyed, provided a chance at loot. The chest has since been removed and any loot will drop directly from the boss upon its death.