Ice Tomb

Last updated: X.20.0
Ice Tomb
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5

The Ice Tomb is a high-level dungeon consisting only of a boss fight against reskinned versions of the Tomb of the Ancients bosses. The dungeon was released for Christmas 2016 and Christmas 2017 and accessible via the Court of Oryx during Winter 2016-17 and Winter 2017-18. As of Release X.20.0, was readded to the game for the 2017-18 holiday season.

As of Release X.32.0.0, this dungeon now has a chance to drop from the Permafrost Lord Event Boss.


Ice Tomb Key The Ice Tomb Key was available in the Nexus for 200 Realm Gold.

The Realm Eye says:
During a great ice age several millennia ago, three demigods found themselves trapped in a massive glacier.
Each lacking the full power of a god to free themselves, they bided their time by mimicking the ancient gods they idolized.


Layout of the Ice Tomb

Layout of the Ice Tomb



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Frimar (Bes reskin)
Polaris (Nut reskin)
Glacius (Geb reskin)

Upon defeat, each boss will leave a soul behind. Once all three bosses have been defeated, the souls will each drop their respective boss’ loot.

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Drops of Interest (needs updating)

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Tips and Strategies

  • As a warrior, do NOT speed buff yourself and touch the wall. You will be flung into the bosses and artifacts making for a very dangerous experience that could end up getting you killed.
  • The bosses do not announce when they go into their rage phase, be wary!
    – It is suggested that you stock up on healing consumables before actually going into the dungeon (if you are in a small group that can’t “insta-kill” the bosses within seconds), the ice and lack of walls make it hard to dodge/evade shotguns. Priests are recommended for small groups due to this.

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