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New loading issue after D'oh (1)
Being sent to the home screen when nexusing (18)
kongregate flash player account (3)
Big DC glitch? (9)
Weird bug when looking at players list (Stars are dislocated) (3)
Realm bots? (3)
Regarding Speedy and Hexed in the Mad Lab (3)
Partial ST bonuses don't render in your character screen (3)
Realmeye go home, you're drunk. (Realmeye character death glitch) (3)
If you're hexed in a lab and hold spacebar on a ninja, then the blue goo won't unhex you (4)
Vault Purchase location (9)
Very weird glitch? (6)
Shots crawling across floor instead of flying (3)
Constant perma quiet and perma silence bug? (5)
Players can change the name of the Realm in quest box ( 2 3 ) (42)
Non-existent status effects bug (2)
Why the Deca servers are so shit? ( 2 ) (31)
Austarlia Possible Ddos? [likely to be Golden Dagger bug in Library] ( 2 ) (31)
The Golden Dagger bug (3)
I have this glitch, wondering if anyone could help [floating potion graphic] (5)
Speedy bug when quieted on ninja (5)
Bug when trying to purchase a mystery box (6)
Being offered Beginner's Pack when switching account (12)
May package (7)
Clothing Dye Remover Preview (4)
Missing icons/art (15)
The Machine dungeon not being counted on stats (9)
Issues with Pet interface screens (11)
Heroic UDL completions not tracked (5)
What's up with black tile lag nowadays (6)