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Account under maintenance? (19)
Graphical bug: Status effect symbols appeared halfway up my character (3)
In my guild (Violets) it says tisgeh left the guild but he did not, please fix this (4)
CDepths Faulty Spawn (14)
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Issue with exalt's (6)
Third Dimension Mark in wrong Vault category (4)
Exalt Client crashing on start up (3)
Christmas Skins are missing from list of skins (6)
Jack Frost doesn't drop all three gifts if there is an obstacle in the way (6)
Vault doesn't show correct number after dismantling items until you Nexus (4)
Some Easter Uts and Sts have forge points and some dont (4)
Realm Queues Bug (3)
Ally Hit Particles (3)
Border Glitch Or Pc Problem (12)
Incorrect max mp on a new wizard just created (6)
Helpless Souls not disappearing (10)
Incorrect stats shown in character selection menu (14)
Vertical Oryx Announcement (9)
Loading/Disconnection Glitch (7)
Geb wand and oryx scepter nova bug (6)
Exalt minimap glitch (3)
Quality Assurance for major updates (10)
List of players missing (6)
Secret 9th slot? (14)
Black Friday Ample Pack Not Working? (3)
Missing Resolutions (2)
Tunnel rat fame bonus is bugged (5)
Bugs on Macbook - Minimap and item sprites (3)