Haunted Cemetery

Last updated: X32.1.0
Haunted Cemetery
Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4
Teleportation Disabled

The Haunted Cemetery is a medium-high level dungeon. Enemies and bosses are weaker at first stages but are increasingly stronger after each wave. The dungeon consists of five stages: the Haunted Cemetery, the Gates, the Crypt, the Graves, and the Final Battle. Each stage consists of five rounds against enemies, with the fifth round being a boss encounter.

This dungeon is intended for medium level players (Suggested Level: 20). A great dungeon to get spare gear, as the dungeon drops lots of Tier 5 abilities and Tier 9-11 weapons, as well as armor. The dungeon is a major source of Potions of Speed, with up to five potions potentially obtainable in a single run.

Entrances to the Haunted Cemetery are dropped from Headless Horsemen, an uncommon enemy in the Mountains.


Cemetery Key The Cemetery Key is available in the Nexus for 100 Realm Gold.


See the Haunted Cemetery Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.

  • This dungeon does not have to be completed to earn the ‘Tunnel Rat’ fame bonus.
  • The Haunted Cemetery has 5 stages, each with 5 waves: 4 waves of enemies and finally a boss battle. You will commonly see people saying “1/5”, “2/5”, “3/5”, “4/5” and “5/5” or “boss” to keep track of each wave, so that when the boss comes around, everyone is ready to take it out quickly.
  • As many people search for this dungeon, many discourage calling out in chat when the portal opens. However if you are a less experienced player, feel free to get help to complete the dungeon. On average, the best number of people to complete the entire Haunted Cemetery is 4 or 5, depending on experience and equipment of the characters.
  • There must be at least one named player to do the dungeon, because one person must say “ready” in chat at the start of each round. Unnamed accounts cannot use chat.
The Realm Eye says:
Many years ago, adventurers such as yourself would commonly have their graves robbed by fellow explorers.
To prevent this desecration, body collectors would move the corpses of the most legendary heroes to an enclosed cemetery.
Grave robbery was eventually outlawed, so the graveyard fell to disuse. The heroic spirits littered within attracted Skuld, master of the afterlife, to take residence.




Cemetery2 Layout


Haunted Cemetery


Troll Pathfinder

First Stage Boss:

The Troll Matriarch will spawn at the top of the map but move, invulnerable, to the middle of the map. Then she will start her phases and be damageable.

Haunted Cemetery Gates


Haunting Spectre

Haunting Spectres occasionally go “invisible” and your shots will not damage them. Apparitions are the easiest enemies kill in this area and are a minor threat

Possessed Child

Be careful not to stand at the edges where the enemies spawn at the beginning of a wave. Possessed Children can surprise you and deal a heavy blow to you should you be standing exactly where they spawn. If you are unmaxed, this will likely kill you or inflict more than half of your health in damage. This should be focus down first, as they can be a nasty surprise to an unmaxed character. 2 of these will spawn at the boss

Second Stage Boss:

The Ghost Bride is essentially 3 different enemies, as she takes control of the 2 statues in the room. After both statues have been destroyed she will remain damageable until she dies. Note that damaging the other two bosses (Fate and Glory) do NOT account for soul bound damage for the Ghost Bride.



Haunted Cemetery Crypt


Grave Spider Risen Mummy Vengeful Vampire


Third Stage Boss:

Pumpkin King

After spawning, the Pumpkin King will remain invulnerable for a couple seconds and then spawn 4 Jack-o’-lanturns. In order to damage the Pumpkin King, you must first destroy these four Jack-o’-lanturns. Then he will chase you while being vulnerable.




Haunted Cemetery Graves


Risen Archer Risen Warrior Risen Brawler Risen Mage

The Mages in this round should be targeted first as they heal other enemies in a specific range, as if you don’t, it will be a hard time for you to kill the other enemies with the mages around. Also, don’t stay AFK in this round, as the Archers tend to stick around corners and shotgun you or deal decent damage to you, or the Brawlers/Warriors can come up to you at pretty fast rates. The Brawlers hit hard with a 110 damage shot, and with all 3 shots hitting, it will be a 330 damage shotgun, which can be deadly for a character with low DEF. However, they have a low rate of fire, and won’t be too much of a hassle with proper dodging/speed.

Fourth Stage Boss:

Grave Caretaker

As with the other bosses (except Skuld), this guy will spawn at the top of the screen. But don’t get intimidated, even though he is the fourth boss, he is probably the easiest boss with decent speed. He travels in a linear, predictable pattern until reaching low HP. Then he will move around sporadically, but he is at low HP, so the fight is not that bad. Be warned, he can armor break you and if enough Forgotten Souls sit on you, even an 8/8 character will die.


Forgotten Soul

The Grave Caretaker spawns these, and they rush at you in an attempt to blow up on top of you. They shoot multiple shots dealing 60 damage, and can be deadly to unmaxed characters. If you get blinded by the Caretaker, don’t freak out. If you continue moving about and shooting him you should be fine.

Haunted Cemetery Final Battle


Classic Ghost
Zombie Hulk

Be careful of this guy’s armor break. It has very short range so be especially careful if you are a melee class. If you get armor broken it is wise to back off for a bit or go focus on some weaker enemies until it wears off.
Werewolf Cub

The Werewolf constantly spawns Werewolf Cubs, and since they drop HP potions quite often, they are a great way to get ready for the final battle.

Final Stage Boss

Skuld constantly teleports all over the room, and she is only vulnerable when she is in the center. Her shots paralyze, and the giant green shots cause massive damage. Usually when in a group of good players, they will all stand in the same spot and just focus all fire at Skuld, until she goes into Phase 2.

See her page above for more info, including on the chance for the elusive Pumpkin Master.

It is not recommended to solo Skuld unless you are very experienced.

An uncommon but not-unheard-of way to die against Skuld can happen when attempting to grab loot from Skuld too quickly after she is defeated. Wait for the large shots to return and disappear before grabbing your loot, or you could take massive damage or even death from carelessness.

Flying Flame Skull

Skuld spawns a few of these, and as they are invincible, just avoid them. Note: If they do hit you with all their shots, you will likely die.

Blue Zombie

These spawn constantly during the fight with Skuld, and without a piercing weapon, it is very easy to get surrounded by a massive horde of them.

Easter Eggs & References

SpongeBob Squarepants Reference

After reaching the 3rd room / the graveyard one particular gravestone stands out from all others. All the way up in the left corner of the graveyard a gravestone can be seen resembling “#1” which is a reference to the television show ‘SpongeBob Squarepants’.

During SpongeBob Squarepants Season 3 Episode 5 titled “One Krabs Trash” the story of Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen is featured. Werbenjagermanjensen is a deceased fictional character that wears a soda cap that says “#1”.

The grave of Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen.

Screenshot of the gravestone in Haunted Cemetery:

Drops of Interest


The Haunted Cemetery used to have these layouts: