Kendo Stick

Kendo Stick Kendo Slash
Kendo Stick: Suitable for practice.

Tier: 1
Shots: 1
Damage: 30-75 (Average: 52.5)
Range: 4.75
Feed Power: 7

Loot Bag Assigned to Pink Bag
Tier Grouped Drops Pirate
Bandit Leader

This Katana has been said to bring forth luck and abundance to its wielder if he hilts it on the 7th slot of his bag inventory. Using or moving it elsewhere will not bring you luck, but rather you’re just keeping a now-mediocre Katana in your inventory. This even stretches to backpack rules, as hilting it in the 7th slot of your Backpack means your luck is hidden by regular means, and thus the gods won’t grant you the bonus by then.

Specific as this legend is, many have spoken of the wondrous pot drops and nearly-unseen white bags granted by the luck of the Kendo Stick.

Its heavier counterpart would be the Fire Sword, which also shares the same legend as this Katana. Alas, they don’t stack with each other’s luck due to having to share the same slot.